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26/05/03: hey.. sorry for not updating for a while.. to update ya'all im now back in perth doing a B. Communications degree at Edith Cowan University.. so far so good.. getting back my assignments this week.. so yeah we'll see how i go ^^ oh yeah ive got a new car! its a mazda6 -- i got this assignment to make an e-porfolio using flash i decided to put it up here, i will be working on that as my next project.. to make VID as a fully flash site ^^

12/9/02: hey, what sup guys? ^^ been a while hey since i updated, been pretty lazy.. gomen ^^;; i've been playing WarCraft III lately, and yes.. its a very good RTS game... i luv it =) playin in is indeed challengin'.. if u do play on and in Kalimdor(Asia) realm, give me a whisper on "ViperIce", ill b sure to reply n happy to have a game with you :) anyway .. the MP3 page is just bull, ive got to admitt it, im really sorry, its been 'poor" since i've created this site, anyway if you want some MP3 just contact me, ill be sure to send it to you! u got my word on that!

02/5/02: yoh!! good news for u people looking for MP3s, i'm really dissappointed at my mp3 section.. so i decided to update it .. really now its got meaning.. point is check it out, n well now i've got ADSL, if u want anything sent to u directly, just let me know, n well for the mp3's, u'll need to have a lil bit of FTP knowledge... i might add manga to my FTP server too .. if people do use my FTP server then i'll add more things to it.. for now its only mp3s...

29/3/02: hot damnn!! been bout 6 months since i last updated.. gomen-ne.. well story is that i finished high school .. went back to indo for 3 months which i couldn't be bothered updating this site.. then i moved to sydney.. i'm doing an information systems degree at UNSW .. its bit hard at the moment since i have to settle and start studying again .. well its now easter break so i've got some free time.. NOT! i've got like 3 assignments and 2 quizes due on the week after... anyway check this pic i made using photoshop.. made it yesterday using quite a lot of different pictures that i had in my collection, here's a link to it

05/10/01: heya! ^.^ finisheeeddd my examss muahahaha ^o^ i'm heppy .. dunno bout the results though .. pray for me plz ^^ anyway a small update .. did a cd cover while trying to help a couple of my friends last nite .. use this link by the way.. i might start uploading files about the manga to got a free 30mb space waiting to be filled .. thing is .. I can't use an ftp client to upload the files >.<

02/10/01: hiya! ^^ ogenkidesuka ? heh .. an update after two months.. gomen2 .. i've been busy with my exams .. actually i'm on exams rite now .. got one tomorrow .. wish me luck ^^x anyway another update on the pics zone.. two new pics.. well somother time i might try post up some manga so keep on checkin' ja!

10/8/01: got bored of studying .. since it's a friday night ^^ well i decided to update the pics zone go check it out ^-^

09/8/01: heya .. just an quick update.. I made a new wallpaper ^^ well it's nearly its completion .. when I do really finish it.. then I'll post it up again.. well check it out by clicking here its a 1024x768 and please give me some feedbacks ^^

12/7/01: ayaa...been 5 months since I updated .. gomen ne...well .. so long for the last update .. 3 months now it's 5 months .. he he he ^^.. well I haven't got much time since now I'm in Yr. 12.. well at the moment I'm in holidays, so I've got some spare time.. well here's what I came up with a wallpaper!! ^_^ nothing to do with anime though .. just a wallpaper from my random mind ^-^.. you can get the 800x600 by clicking here or you can get the 1024x768 by clicking here


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