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Al's Biography

Gee .. I am bored at the moment .. and I don't feel like studying .. and my friend gave me an idea, why not made an autobiography? Well on my last site I did have my bio posted, might as well do it again.

hmmm .. I'm wondering what should I say here... well I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 6th of February 1984 .. soo how old am I ... count it yourself :) My full name is Albert Gunawan, couple of times I saw someone by my exact same name .. but that's another story.

Let's see .. something about my family .. thankfully my parents are still alive and together and I also have an older brother, no sisters... well I have some friends that I usually call "lil' sister" ... I don't expect you to understand this ... anyway lets move on... 

I lived in Jakarta for around 14 years, I do like it there, especially because I have lots of friends back there, now a days I live in Perth, Western Australia. I have been living here since I finished Year 8 in Jakarta that is. One of the reason I moved to Perth is because of the riots that happened in Indonesia a couple years ago.. I was actually in Jakarta at that time and my parents were away in Germany.. then again it's another story :) I like it here in Perth, it is so much more peaceful compared to Jakarta. I will finish High School here, then most probably I'll move to Sydney for University. I haven't decided on what major I'm gonna take... well I still got around a year to think about it :)

I love dogs, in Jakarta I have 6 dogs, here I have a Jack Russell, indeed they are hyper-active dogs, when ever I release her from her cage she always jump around and greets every one in the house. When ever my parents went back to Jakarta, I usually live alone with this doggy of mine, and once she was not there with me for some reason, and I felt very lonely... one of the reason is ... this house that I'm living is two story high, quite large and it's bloody older than me! anyway... going on...

sports .. what do I like? basketball, soccer, ping-pong (table tennis), badminton, that's about it I guess. I have been playing basketball since I was in primary school, I used to be good at shooting 3-pointers but .. not anymore :( and I used to have private training for ping-pong, I played that against my bro' and my dad around when I was in primary. Badminton .. I usually play single, because when I trained few years ago, I most offtenly play single games against a close friend of mine.. and soccer I just like the fun of it, I was in the school team last year, though we never won a match, but what the hell lah it was a good experience and it was fun :) (reason we never won a match was because .. our school doesn't have that much of a soccer players, our school was good at netball, rugby, and hockey) .. anyway ... that's probably enough hey? man .. I can't believe you read all that, I guess you are pretty bored hehehe ^_^ thx for reading it btw ^-^

Here's a link to some pics that I have put up

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