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That's me sleeping, good thing it was a short sleep else
I would have broken my neck like Torrey.

That's Truong sleeping, nigga looked hella comfy.
He was supposed to stay up and keep the driver awake.

That's Torrey sleeping, haha,
sorry Torrey we couldn't take a better pic.

James looking hella cheesy with his smile, haha.
Some bright ass shoes though.

While they thought I was sleeping, Truong and Torrey were...

Having fun playing Uno,
or so it seems.

That's how anh Bi looks naturally, and that's
how I eat naturally, nothing spectacular.
The hell was Hoang looking at...

I wasn't posing people, they really were choking me.
Just Torrey and Truong and they got
3 of us in headlocks, embarassing.

I ACCIDENTALLY pushed Thuy, but anh Bi caught
her half way there. Then Torrey and Truong had
to come to help, Thuy was THAT heavy.

Here are the guys from PQ, well most of them anyway.

MyLy, Thuy, An and Me. Stupid sun.

The Do family, looking good before looking...bad.
Or was it the other way around.

There's a sign that says coi chung te' lol

I guess I should put up at least
one scenic pic eh. Lake Shasta in Oregon.

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