3-19-01: Sorry about the technical difficulties. I heard people couldn't get in because of my Flash intro, so I moved it. In anime news, I got the Sailor Moon S: Heart Collection I DVD, and it was great! SMS Heart Collection II is coming out on April 10th, so pre-order it early. DBZ is finally starting to release DVD's again, after a long delay, and is currently releasing the Perfect Cell saga and Great Saiyaman videos. Cartoon Network is picking up a handful of anime series for this year, including Mobile Suit Gundam and Dragon Ball. More on this later. Well, until next time. §¿§ Ja ne.

12-4-00: Today I started my big update. Keep watching the site to see the changes! Also, ADV Films is releasing DiC's Sailor Moon dubs on VHS, and Pioneer will release Cloverway's Sailor Moon dub's AND subs to VHS and DVD in Febuary. Endless Waltz is also coming to video and DVD in Febuary.

9-16-00: Hey, for those who don't already know, new Dragon Ball Z episodes are currently airing on Cartoon Network. They go from the Trunks saga (where Frieza comes back) to the end of the Cell Saga. Also, here's some interesting rumors to check out in the upcoming weeks. Sailor Moon SuperS is supposed to start airing on September 26th, and there should be about thirty-nine episodes. Gumdam Wing: Endless Waltz is supposed to air on October 20th, which will be the return of Toonami movies, so keep watching it, because they're supposed to have other anime movies in there, too, such as the DBZ and Sailor Moon movies. Well, that's all for now. I plan on doing bigger and more frequent updates in the future, but I would like more feedback. Tell me what you want, so I can put it in here. Send all comments, ideas, fanfics, pictures, or whatever else anime-related you can think of to me, and I promise to read every letter, and consider everything. Thanks, and tell your friends ^_^ Seeya soon.

8-15-00: Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie: Black Dream Hole came out today!

7-1-00: Added a new song the the Lyrics section. It's from the new Sailor Moon episode "Birthday Blues Part 2". The song, to my knowledge, has no title yet, so I'm gonna call it "Soldier of Love" until I find out it's real name. If I made any errors in the lyrics, or you find out the real name, let me know. Also, if you want me to add lyrics to a particular song, or you would like me to include Japanesse lyrics, e-mail me, and I'll take your suggestions into consideration. Well, seeya later §¿§.

6-21-00: Changed Quizlet question and posted results of the old one.

6-20-00: Added new pictures and links.

6-5-00: It happened today!!! The announcement for the new Sailor Moon episodes appeared on Toonami today saying that the new episodes start next Monday, June 12th on Cartoon Network at the regular time (4:00 PM). They also announced Tenchi is officially starting on July 3rd. Keep checking back here for the latest coverage on many of your favorite anime shows. (And if your favorite show isn't on here, tell me, so I can fix that. ^_^. Till next time. §¿§ Ja ne.

6-1-00: Happy Anniversary!!! To celebrate, I plan to do a big update in the near future, so keep checking here. Rumor has it that Tenchi Muyo starts July 3rd on Cartoon Network, along with Toonami being extended to three hours long, and possibly the start of new Sailor Moon episodes (don't quote me just yet, though). Another rumor I hear is that the final three OAV episodes of Gundam Wing (Endless Waltz) may appear as a movie-type special on Cartoon Network later this year, along with the Sailor Moon movies. If you haven't heard yet, Burger King's latest Kid's Meal toy's are DBZ figures with a game card, and if you buy 6 of them, you can get a free DBZ video, that isn't available in stores. I know there are alot of unhappy Ronin fans out there, but don't get that mad yet, wait until July to see if they come back on with the three hour Toonami. Card Captor Sakura is gonna premere on the WB this month. Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie: Black Dream Hole is supposed to come out on August 15th, thus concluding the Sailor Moon movies. Expect to see me back again soon, because I have some new links, pictures, fanfics, a possible touch-up on the look, more news, and maybe more, if you request it. (Like I said, there's a big request for Gundam stuff, so I need to know what kind of stuff you want the most.) I hope that this summer will be a great one, for anime and this page alike!! Keep on writing. ^_^ Ja ne.

5-23-00: Sailor Moon S: The Movie: Hearts in Ice came out today, along with two Trunks DBZ videos. On the 29th, Burger King will have a DBZ promotion, which will include a limited edition video. Well, June 1st is this site's first anniversary, so in honor of that, I hope to add more to the page. So, for the next few weeks, I'd really appreciate requests for what to add, and the most popular requests will most likely be added. So, e-mail me, or post requests in the guestbook, and I'll look them over and see what I can do. You can also submit fan art, fan fics, acctual pics from the shows, news, or anything else you can think of. (BTW, I'm gettijng alot of Gundam requests, but I need to know what kind of stuff to add.) I'll take everything into consideration, so submit anything anime-related. Seeya on the 1st!

3-26-00: Well, I have some more anime news! Sailor Moon S: The Movie: Hearts in Ice (dubbed) is supposed to come out on May 23rd. If you haven't seen it yet, Gundam Wing is Cartoon Networks latest anime show, and now they're airing it again at midnight UNCUT! Keep your eyes out for it. Well, I hope to stop in again soon with more anime news, so stick around. §¿§

2-8-00: Just thought I'd stop and say that Sailor Moon R: The Movie: The Promise of the Rose (dubbed) came out today!!!! Also, I've heard straight from Funimation, that Trunks will be seen on U.S. TV this fall, it DBZ's fourth season. That's all the news for now. Seeya. §¿§

1-19-00: Well, I have some Ranma 1/2 news! Ranma 1/2-Martial Mayhem: Daddy Dearest is coming out on the 25th and Ranma 1/2-Martial Mayhem: One Lump or Two is coming out on February 25th. I'm gonna fix up the format of the page ASAP, and I'm gonna add a section for winners of my awards! ^_^ Till next time.

1-6-00: OK, I have found out the official date for the Sailor Moon R movie! February 8th. I also updated the lyrics page!! Well, I know that's not much, but it's all the news I have at the moment, so till next time! §¿§ (PS: If you have any news that I don't know of, send it to me, and I'll put it in here, and give you credit. Also, if you have any lyrics, pictures, fanfics, or anything else anime-related that could go on a web page, send them to me, too! §¿§)

1-1-00: Happy Y2K!!!! Well, it seems we still have power. §¿§ Good thing, too, because I have lots anime news! First off, the new DBZ episodes shall be coming out as follows: on January 18th, Frieza: Eleventh Hour, and Garlic Junior: Black Water Mist are coming out. On February 15th, Frieza: Fall of a Tyrant, and Garlic Junior: Sacred Water are coming out. On March 14th, Frieza: Namek's End, and Garlic Junior: Vanquished are coming out, and that'll be it for now. Season 3 will be over. I'll keep you informed on when Funimation starts Season 4. Sailor Moon R the movie should be coming out dubbed this month, so keep your eyes peeled. That's about it for now. Sorry about the time gap, but I plan to make up for it with another update to my lyrics section, and possibly some fine tuning of the page design. You'll have to keep watching to see. §¿§. Happy New Year/Century/Millenium!

10-3-99: OK, it's been a little while, but I've got some good anime news! The Pokémon movie is coming out on November 10th, so mark your calenders, three Dragon Ball Z videos are out (Frieza: Clash, Frieza: Desperation, and Frieza: Super Saiyan Goku), for Ranma 1/2, "Ranma 1/2-Martial Mayhem: Marry me, Akane." is out, and "Ranma 1/2-Martial Mayhem: Tea For Three" is coming out next month. For those who didn't know it, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z are now on WB11 on weekdays starting at 6:00 (except DBZ isn't on Fridays). If anyone finds anime news before I do, e-mail me, and you'll get credited. For example, Bo Bonds just sent me two pics for my Pictures section. Oh yeah, I won another award, §¿§. Till next time!

8-11-99: Sorry, it's been awhile. With school and band and everything starting, I've had to find time to get on and get news. And I have a LOT of news! First, new Pokémon episodes have started and are on every weekend. New Dragon Ball Z episodes start on Monday on Cartoon Network, and two new videos are out (Frieza: Revealed and Frieza: Death of a Prince). The Sailor Moon dubbed movies should come out in January, March, and May of 2000. I also have news for shows I haven't had news for before, and I hope to continue posting news for them as it comes. The Ronin Warriors shall be joining Cartoon Network on Toonami on the 27th of this month. Ranma 1/2 has a bunch of seasons out on video, and a new video comes out about once a month. This month, the video is "Ranma 1/2-Martial Mayhem: Buns of Steel," and next month, it shall be "Ranma 1/2-Martial Mayhem: Marry me, Akane." Well, that's it for news for now, I'll update as soon as I find more news, and I'll add anime shows as I find them (it's hard to get ahold of anime where I'm from). Till next time! §¿§

7-8-99: Added "Webring" section, along with links to my club, my RPG club, and my RPG boardroom. If you are interested in joining my RPG, join my RPG club, and post there who you'd like to be. And if you just want to join an Anime club, join my other club. The RPG link is a link to where my RPG is acctually taking place. You can veiw what's going on there, but please join my RPG club, and have me verify if your character is taken, before you post in the boardroom! Oh yeah, a bit of Anime news! the Pokémon movies are hitting theatres on November 12th, and the Sailor Moon subtitled movies should come out this Tuesday, and the dubbed movies are being delayed till sometime next year. Oh yeah, and a special thanks to Allisan Lindblom for the buttons for my frames!!

7-6-99: Added frames!! Now the music can be enjoyed with out it stopping every time you switch pages!!

7-27-99: Added another webring, and a picture.

7-25-99: Won another award, and set up a "Win My Award" section!

7-15-99: Won another award, setup a boardroom, and started a survey. Still waiting for any important Anime news. ^_^

7-13-99: Won 3 awards today!

7-12-99: Good news Pokémon fans! Two new Pokémon movies are on there way, entitled "Pokémon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back" and the short, "Pikachu's Vacation"! I'll give exact movie dates when I get them. Also, the release date on the two DBZ videos is July 20th, so mark your calanders! I also added a webring.

7-5-99: GREAT NEWS!! I HAVE MORE ANIME NEWS!! Right now, two new DBZ vidieos are available to pre-order from Funimation. They are Frieza: The Summoning and Frieza: Transformation! That's it for now. Till next time!

7-3-99: Just updating little pieces in all the sections.

7-2-99: Added Award Page, and won an award!

6-29-99: Added "Lita Kino's Lightning Link Exchange"! Please help make my link page nice and big!

6-20-99: Added to the lyrics section, and fixed that stupid indenting problem. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my page, send them to me. There's not much to report concerning Anime other than what I reported on the 11th, so I plan on working heavily on the page structure the next few days. Till next time!

6-19-99: Fixed text and background!

6-15-99: Added lyrics page.

6-11-99: I've finally got the structure of the page finished, now I can get to the Anime news! Funimation is in the process of finishing the Freeza Saga, and already put out two videos (Captain Ginyu: Assault and Captain Ginyu: Doublecross) and the third is on the way. Also, the new DBZ episodes will be aired on Cartoon Network in the Fall. Pokémon should have new episodes this fall, too, with it's next season. Sailor Moon has three movies coming out in Augest subtitled, and near the end of the year dubbed, also, there may be another season of it, too, but I'm not 100% certain on that yet. Till next time.

6-6-99: Started news. Sorry about the heavy construction, but I've been trying to get the music ready because it originally took 10 minutes to load the WAV page. I hope to update this page whenever any Anime news comes along, so bookmark this page and check back constently for the latest Anime news!

6-1-99: Started page!

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