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(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed and the links provided
herein are my own and do not necessarily express the
opinions of or the links that would have been provided
by the Center for Language and Speech Processing)

I am going to graduate soon!!!
I know, I can't believe it myself! By this August I should
be done with my PhD. Writing the thesis and looking for a
job. Please check out my resume (below) and see if I may be
useful for your firm.

I am interested in...
Continuous speech recognition for large vocabulary tasks.
For the last three or so years I have been working on theory and implementation of task specific
speech recognizers. Can not be more specific right now...got to finish the rest
of this page! Here's a bit more about my academic interests.

My resume in various formats

Resume.HTML Resume.PS Resume.PDF Resume.TEXT

In case you want to reach me... My Address

Summers of '96 and '97... I worked at the Bell Labs. In case you didn't know, they are the research arm
of Lucent Technologies. It is a great place and I'd recommend you visit their home

My Family.. .

Golden undergraduate days were spent here.. .

What do I do in my spare time...

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Vaibhava Goel <vgoel@jhu.edu>