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There are several sections to this page, but they're in no particular order ^_^ :

Ranma   Sailormoon   Gundam Wing   Yu Yu Hakusho   Webrings   Miscellaneous

Ladeeda... so I *like* putting little messages here. ^_^ And Kurama is looking over his shoulder to say a sad 'goodbye' to you. ^_^

Ranma Links
These are the Ranma fanfiction sites that I like. ^_^
Now, in Ranma, I don't like yaoi. I'm a Ranma-Akane, Ryouga-Ukyou person. ^_^

Becka's Fanfiction
Despite the simple name, it *is* a great site. I'm not sure if this counts as a Ranma-Akane site, since she hasn't finished some fics yet, but they were *so* good that I didn't care. ^_^

Paradise Lost
A Ranma-Evangelion fusion, absolutely fantastic!!! ^_^ It *is* a Ranma-Akane, but I don't know yet who Ryouga's going to end up with since it isn't finished yet. ;_;

The More Things Change
A *must* for any Ranma fan. ^_^ Ryouga-focused, but it's a *very* good thing!!! ^_^ And yes, it *is* Ranma-Akane, Ryouga-Ukyou. Or at least it's setting up to be. ^_^

Ill Met By Starlight
Oh, *wow*!!! This is an absolutely *fascinating* piece of Ranma fanfiction!!! ^_^ And after you're done chewing your nails off, check out the other fics they wrote. ^^;; Of course, you'll need to buy fake nails right afterwards, but it would be *so* worth it. ^_^

I should probably say something meaningful. But I don't wanna. ^_^

Sailormoon Links
These are the Sailormoon sites I like.
In Sailormoon, I'm a half-yaoi fan. ^_^ Why half? I like Usagi and Mamoru together
{even though he's *such* a brainless dork in the anime sometimes -_-;;},
but I also like Zoisite and Kunzite. Therefore, half are yaoi sites, and half are non. ^_^

Come over to the dark side!!! ^_^
Featuring Kunzite & Zoisite, two of the coolest villains in anime! ^_^ I *love* the "Tears of Crystal" series!!! ^_^

The Scrumdiddlyumptious Dark Kingdom Love Revival ^^;;
What a name, ne? ^_~ But it is an absolutely *fabulous* Zoisite-Kunzite focused page. ^_~ How can I not like it? ^_^ I absolutely *adore* the veryvery*very* haunting "Hello, Neighbor". Seriously creepy, *very* fabulous!!! ^_^ Actually, *all* the fics are!!! ^_^

The Home For Sailormoon Villains
Some of the best Dark Kingdom and Black Moon fanfiction. I especially like Amberlin's and Celeste Goodchild's fics, which is good since it leads to...

Gotta worship that Prince Dimand!!! ^_~
They're the absolute authority on Black Moon fanfictions. ^_^ Absolutely *amazing* fics!!! ^_^

The Best SM Fanfiction on the Net
It does just what it says. ^_^

A Sailormoon Romance
THE Sailormoon archive. It's hard wading through for fics to catch your fancy, but I *especially* like the fics by Lilac Summers and Joe T. Tune Jr. ^_^

Renee-chan's Hearthfire
Go straight to the "Fushigi Yuugi" section if you even remotely like Nuriko. ^_^ Uh, why is this link here? Because it also has some of the best Zoisite-Kunzite fics in the Sailormoon section. ^_^

Shaeydra's Anime & Manga Gallery
Here's a nice little place{or soon to be, anyways ^_~} to look for absolutely *fabulous* Sailormoon fanart. ^_^ I do have one gripe, though. {objects}Nagging? {sniffs}I rather think not. {tosses hair back}I like to call it... encouragement. ^_~

Just one more to go... ^_^

Gundam Wing Links
And *these* are the Gundam Wing sites I like!!! ^_^
Needless to say{but I will anyways ^_~}, these are *all* yaoi. ^_^

I don't even know why I'm putting these, *everybody* knows these sites by now. But I will anyways, just to be thorough: ^_^

Talya's Gundam Wing Universe
My absolute favorite has to be the RFO. ^_^

WhiteCat's World
I'm *so* waiting for the next part of "Tomodachi" already!!! ^_^

On Shinigami's Wings
And in this one, the "For Life Eternal" series. *Definitely*. ^_^

Kit-chan's page!!! ^_^ 'Kitsunehi's Garden'
Wai! Wai!!! ^_^ This is just *too* cool!!! ^_^ If you want edgy, somewhat dark fics, go here. If you want spoofy laugh-riots, go here. If you want mushy angst-fests, go here as well!!! ^_^ Oh, hell!!! Just get there already!!! ^_^

My Barely Mediocre Page of GundamW Junk
Uh, right. Do *not* pay attention to the self-deprecating title, this is a truly *awesome* site!!! ^_^ *Love* "Bad Boys Unbound" even more than the original. ^_~ {laughs}Just take a look. ^_^

Ice Angel's Arctic Cloud
Kyaa!!! "Trowa and the Angel" is just too cute!!! ^_^

Gundam Wing On Acid
Filled with the absolutely, positively, most *kawaii* fics ever!!! And they're Heero-Duo!!! ^_^

Katya Mitchell's Fanfiction Archives
Wai! Wai!!! ^_^ She's the cool person who made me my banners!!! ^_^

Reishin's Corner of Insanity
Right, like you don't already know this spiffy page. ^_~

Kellryn's Gundam Wing Fanfiction
*Way* awesome Heero and Duo fics!!! ^_^

This site has a great Heero-Duo fic in the works!!! ^_^

The Limbo Lounge
Maki changed her site on me yet again. ^^;; It was a case of "Same bat time, different bat channel." ^^;; But the content's as great as ever!!! ^_~

Spandex and Braids
Hm, a site dedicated to my most *favorite* couple *ever*... of *course* I'd put it in!!! ^_^

Wing's Small World of GW Fanfics
Everything but what the name implies. ^_~

And... we're done!!! ^_^

Yu Yu Hakusho
These are the Yu Yu Hakusho sites I like.
Predominantly yaoi, but a few non-yaoi can be found in the sites. ^_^

Tears of Koorime
An absolutely tear-inducing fanfiction site. ^_^ *Fantastic* fics!!! ^_^

The Yu Yu Hakusho Fans Forum
Well... it does what it says. ^_^

Utopian Trunks' YYH Fanfics
I *love* the fics there!!! Especially the "Kyuu na Chigai" series!!! ^_^

This is just a bonus. ^_~

These are all the webrings I joined!!! Aren't they great? ^_~

This Boys' Heaven: The Yaoi Web Ring
site is owned by Denise.

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ThisThe Anime Fan Fiction Ring
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See what I mean? ^_~

These are just random sites that I like, or have to put in. ^_~ May or may not be yaoi. ^_^

This is *such* a great site!!! ^_^ You can get practically *anything* free there for your page!!! ^_^

The place to get free webspace. ^_^

A *very* nice place to look for manga pictures and stuff. ^_^

This is the *humongous* links page -- that undoubtedly -- *everyone* knows by now. ^_^ But I'm still putting it in. ^_~

Time Disorder
Kyaa!!! ^_^ This is a truly awesome original manga site. ^_^ {sobs}It makes me feel *so* bad that I can't draw half as well. ;_; I personally like "Your Half" the best. ^_~

Mink's Ronin Yaoi Cake Archive
I don't know much about the series in focus, but I know that I like the fics. *Especially* Tsubaki's fic!!! ^_^ My only complaint is that it doesn't come fast enough. ^_~ In the meantime, there *are* a lot of fics to whet your appetite on. ^_^

And this is just a figment of your imagination.  Maybe you ought to keep a closer watch on what Kurama gives you. ^_~

Where do you want to go next? ^_^

And back to the beginning. ^_^ Why Youko Kurama if this is a GW page? Uh, the den needed a fox? ^^;;My teeny, tiny, singular doujinshi. ^_^Fanart, with the ever droolishous Duo!!! ^_^Scans, focusing on Heero and Duo. ^_~ With a few of the other characters as well, even Trowa. ^_~Fanfiction, of course. Watch out for the psychotic characters running around. ^_~