This is the updates page. ^_^
Hey, he~y!!! ^_^ This is, obviously, where I'll post notice of when new stuff has been added. ^_^

April 25, 2001(11:24 am)
Whoa... and yet another blur of months passes by without an update... geez, I'm seriously slipping. ^^;; Ah, I can remember a time when I used to update practically every day! Now it's more like every couple of months, and that's getting sketchy, too... Ah, well, good news, people. ^_^ In a week(but don't seriously hold me to it), I'll be updating the fic section!!! ^_^ So... please stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel. ^_~

December 8, 2000(4:46 pm)
Yikes! Okay, my e-mail address *did* change. It's now Any and all mails that have been privately mailed to me between now and... two days ago(December 3), roughly, have probably been lost. Sorry. I *am* trying to reply to all mails sent, but I've been *so~o* backlogged. Once again, sorry. Um... small fic update in around... two weeks? Maybe less?

Thanks for being so patient, everybody! BTW, I haven't gotten a chance to update all e-mail links yet, so please remember the change. Thank you! ^_^

November 21, 2000(4:08 pm)
Okay, this isn't really an update. This is just a head's up saying that yes, I'm still alive. Yes, I'm still ever-so-slowly working on my piddly fics/art. Oh, and that my e-mail address might change sometime.

October 9, 2000(2:14 pm)
New pic!!! ^_^ A 2+3 piece, b&w... and I have no idea where to put it, so I'll just leave it floating around here until I get a new fanart section up, 'kays? ^_^

Duo and Trowa

September 26, 2000(10:09 pm)
A new teaser in the songfics page... that really shouldn't be a teaser since I should've had it finished so long ago!!! ^^;;

September 23, 2000(12:49 pm)
There's a little Heero vignette in the Dark/Angst Fics section of the fanfiction page. And there's a new randomness piece: little skits featuring the Gboys!!! ^_^

September 22, 2000(12:05 am)
I added the first part to an experimental fantasy fic I'm writing to the AU section of the fanfics. ^_^

And hey, if anybody's interested in reading it, I have a Sailormoon fic I just finished writing for a friend. Let me know if I should post it, okay? ^_^

September 21, 2000
I just reshuffled the Dreambook entries around a bit. If anybody wants to see the old entries, the link is:
Past Dreambook Entries

September 20, 2000
Ye~ow!!! It's been *ages* since I last updated!!! Whoa... scary to see just how time passes...

If anybody still comes, there's a new fic!! YAY!!! ^_^ It's a short, little Heero and Duo vignette. ^_^

Oh, yeah. It's in the AU section since, frankly, I didn't know where else to put it. It's not really dark or angsty, but it's not exactly humour, either. But then again, it's not really an AU since it's supposed to be in the GW timeline!!!

Sigh. It's called "Gonna Last Forever". Please tell me what you think.

December 26, 1999
Did everybody have a merry Christmas? ^_^ I hope so!!! ^_~

Kyaa!!! Sorry for the long absence, but I was *extremely* busy in RL. ^_^ I'd've waited on updating today, but since I already did have stuff HTML'd, I felt kinda guilty that I didn't post notice. ^^;;

The new stuff can be found in the Guest fics and Songfics section, and I hope you all enjoy!!! ^_^

November 23, 1999
More new fics to read in the Guest Fics section! ^_^ Remember to send tons of encouragement and wheedles and bribes and anything else you can think of to persuade Aquarii to keep on writing!!! ^_~

November 7, 1999
Man, that Nyquil really knocks you right out. ^^;;

New fics in the guest section, and the fluffy fics section.

Later on today, I really might get a doujinshi done. ^^;;

November 2, 1999
Uh... gomen. ^^;; Nothing new except for the hysterical ranting on the front page. And if you haven't read *that*{why haven't you? ^_~}, I was just saying that for *anyone* I promised *anything* to, please e-mail me again because my computer wiped all my e-mail and stuff and I can't remember for the life of me who I owed e-mail/fics/pics to. ^^;; Please check again on the 5th for new stuff. ^_^ And an actual update that time, too. ^_~

October 30, 1999
Dudes! Halloween weekend is here, and I'm not going to be{woo-hoo! Visiting some people for the weekend!!! ^_^}, so here're some updates for everybody! ^_^

Actually, all of the updates are in the fanart section. The new pics are in the fanfic-inspired, guest pics, and individual shots section. ^_^ They're all near the top of the page. If you've been there before, I guess you can tell which is new or not. And if you haven't, then I guess it really doesn't matter since *everything* will be new anyways!!! ^_~

And... {waves}That's it for now, have fun everybody!!! ^_^

But... {whispers}expect some text updates next time. That is, new fics and stuff. ^_~

October 11, 1999
Gyaa!!! >_< School is definitely eating up my time, gomen. ^^;;

Anyways, as you can see, I redesigned the page to support frames. Please report any broken links or stupidities floating around to me. ^_^;;

The new fanfics can be found in the newly reorganized "Dark/Angst Fics" and "Guest Fics" section. ^_^

Oh, and a preview of a doujinshi I'm working on is on the Doujinshi Page. ^_^ Sorry, no text available yet. ^^;;

September 4, 1999
The first parts of both "Sore wa Himitsu desu" and "Shi no Tenshi" are up in the fanfic section.

There's also one new fanart pic for the death of summer. ;_;

And the links page has a whole bunch of new links, and a couple of banners{provided by the great Kat Mitchell!!! ^_^} in case you want to link to mine. ^_^

August 28, 1999
In the fanfic section, "Moments..." is completely and totally done!!! ^_^

New gift pics and new solo shots in the fanart section.

And... {drums roll} the doujinshi section has *finally* been updated!!! ^_^

Oh, and can everybody please take a moment to take the quizlet? ^_^ I'd really appreciate it!!! ^_^

August 09, 1999
Well, this week has new part for the "Moments..." arc, but beware. It's very contrived and cheesy, even by my standards. ^^; So now we're moving on...

To new gift pics in the fanart section!!! ^_^ And... {gasp}there's even a Wufei pic!!! ^_~ {sweatdrops}Now I remember why I don't like drawing the guy. {moans}That hairline...!!! ^^;;

And finally, the dj scans page has the Degital Papa section updated. ^_^

July 23, 1999
Oops, only one new thing this week. ^_^;; It's a little fanart thing for another Dreambook signee. ^_^ {waves}Hey, hey, Saint Erythros!!! ^_~

Oh, {snaps fingers}and my Zechs adoption certificate is up. ^_^

July 17, 1999
Tons of new doujinshi scans. ^_^ Including one veryvery*very* sweet, kawaii doujinshi short translated by Joyce!!! ^_^ Wai!!! Wai!!! Isn't she the absolute coolest?? ^_~ The translated pages are flipped, so they read from left to right. ^_^ Little updated signs show where to find the new scans, okays?? ^_^ Oh, and a couple of new links have been added. ^_~

July 10, 1999
Um, new fanart up. And yes, the Heero-Duo section has a couple of new pics up!!! ^_^ As with the individual pics section. ^_^

What else? Oh, yes. New fic up in the oneshots section. ^_^ I've decided to keep notices of new fics up for two updates, so the *really* new fics have a little sign in bold, lime-green italics, and the *somewhat* new ones have a little sign in plain old lime-green italics, 'kays? ^_^

That's all for now!!! ^_^

July 4, 1999
Hey, hey, everybody!!! ^_^ Happy July Fourth!!! ^_^ Alright, today, I have a rather massive update!!! ^_^ I'm almost positive that all links are working, but you know the drill. ^_^ Let me know if some don't ne? ^_~ On with the show. ^_^

First up, the scans page index is done!!! Not all sections are up, but now that I know how the layout's gonna be, it'll be faster going from now on!!! ^_^

Second, a front page telling everyone about the greatness that is me!!! ^_^ But since nobody cares about that, onto...

The third thing, new fanart!!! ^_^ Trust me, you *have* to see this pair. ^_~

Fourth, a new section. ^_^ It's called, appropriately enough, "Randomness". It's a page to stick all of my random stuff, like rants, and... stuff. ^^;; Kyaa!!! Just take a look, ne? ^_~ Onegai? ^_^

Fifth, the links page has been updated with a couple of new sites. ^_^ Both in the GW section, of course. ^_~

Sixth, MP3s are back up again!!! ^_^

And finally, the fics page has been updated!!! ^_^ "Moments..." Parts 6 and 7 are up, and a little vignette, as well as another one shot. ^_^

I think that Stormloader sometimes doesn't load up. ^^;; So here's a mirror for all the fics. Another for the "Randomness" page, and yet another for the front page. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. ^^;; Anybody know of a pop-up free site that works all the time? ^_^

Now if you'll all excuse me, I have to keel over and die now. @_@;;

July 1, 1999
Happy Canada Day! ^_^ I guess. ^_~ I'm more looking forward to the fourth of July!!! ^_^ {waves flags around}Expect a nice update then in honour of the great American holiday!!! ^_^ Today's update is a spoofy little fic called "Coin Toss", dedicated to Laura-chan!!! ^_^ Now with a title like that, how can it be anything *but* spoofy? ^_~

June 26, 1999
Okay, nothing really new, just wanted to test to see if the new Geocities system was working. ^_^ So far, so good. ^_^ The front page of the scans page is almost done, *way* graphics intensive, but I guess you'd already sort of expect that since it *is* a scans page, ne? ^_~

June 23, 1999
Oof. I moved the fanfics page this time. Same reason as before, damn pop-up ads annoyed me. ^^;; Same plea as before, if you find *any* broken links, pleaseplease*please* tell me. ^^;; Okay, since moving the scans page is taking me so long, I decided to just keep the current page up while I finish the section. Just think of those scans as previews. ^_^

June 22, 1999
{collapses}Gah... I just relocated the whole fanart page... I was checking for broken links, and the constant popping up of the ads irritated me, so then I had the brilliant idea to move everything where there wouldn't be pop-ups. ^^;; That was just really smart, wasn't it? ^^;; Hm, the MP3s are down, and I *think* I managed to correct all the URLs, but if I missed one{or ten... ^^;;} somebody tell me? Onegai? ^_~

June 22, 1999
I'm trying to move the doujinshi scans page, so there're gonna be broken links everywhere, okay? ^_^ But when it does finally work, then I can start uploading even more doujinshi scans and stuff. ^_~ In the meantime, here're some animated GIFs I just made. ^_^ Okay, so there's only *one*, and it doesn't really *move*, but... ^^;;
Here's the smaller version. ^_^
And here's the larger version. ^_^

June 21, 1999
Waaa!!! Sorrysorry*sorry*!!! ;_; The evil known as "finals" sucked me in. ;_; I'm sure you all understand, ne? No? ^^;; Well, if anybody cares, "Moments..." Part Five *finally* went up!!! ^_^

June 07, 1999
Alright, the inspiration for the Duo bathtub-bubble pic went up, both versions of it. ^_^ I am *so* getting the CD when it comes out!!! ^_^
Squeeze Toy - The English version ^_^
Mon Joujou - The French version. ^_^ Both are *very* good. ^_^

June 04, 1999
Part Four of "Moments..." went up. ^_^ Does anybody even read this?? ^^;;

June 03, 1999
Part Three of "Moments..." went up, plus a whole bunch of new pictures in the fanart section. ^_^

May 23, 1999
The Den beta version went up. ^_^

people checked to see what's up. ^_^
{sniffles}You're the only ones who care. ^^;;