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Asian pride is in my mind,
Asian blood is in my kind,
so step aside and let me through,
cuz it's all about the Asian crew,
Asian luv is all around,
for my fellow Asians
never let me down,
show your pride and say it true,
cuz Asian blood flows through you..."
Asian pride 4 eternity
We r Asian, We are proud
In one voice, we shout out loud
our voices in da wind will neva have died
When we yell out Asian pride
Ever since the start
us Asians have fallen apart
but this day in age
is when we display
our Asian Pride
It brings us together
making us rise forever and ever
and you can't stop what we've done
cause face it,
we've already won
We know how to do things right
we know how to put up a good fight
It's our Asian Pride
that helps the Asian side
Each year has passed
now it's time for you to see the Asians last
cause we've got pride
and Asians are on the rise
So don't even try
cause we'll make you cry
Bend down and beg for the mercy you need
bow down to the ones you should obey indeed
We've done a great job
taking over this city
if you ain't Asian
you've got my pity
Cause I feel sorry for you
for not being Asian true
It's your own fault for being like this
Asians are the ones who are truly blessed
The Asians have already conquered this town
when you talk to us
better bow down
cause you can't come up to us
showing your own pride
cause you know it's all about
the Asian Pride!