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The Art of Ninpo is the art of winning. The pages on this site are dedicated to the Men & Women who practice the art of ninjutsu and the higher order Ninpo. The Black Puma ninpo society was formed in the beginning of 1999 in Sweden by two Ninja from the British Isles,One from Ireland and One from the U.K. We hope this site will shine some light on the art of the Ninja and show that it is not a black art as many may think, but the most exiting form of martial art there is.Please Note! Under no circumstances should you attempt to copy the techniques shown on this site without a proper instructor present. Please contact us if you are interested in the art of the NINJA and we can help you get in touch with a Dojo near you. ninjagenbukan@hotmail.com
Our "Family" of Ninja come from all walks of life ,and to pass them on the street or to meet them in a bar you would never know that they have at their finger tips one of the most deadly forms of self preservation around today.We teach the techniques from the Genbukan Style of ninpo (which contains refined techniques from many of the old ninja families and include Togakure,and Koga forms of Ninpo,Plus added to these techniques are tips and tricks from modern day street fighting (as the modern Ninja must move with the times ). The Kurohyo (Black Puma )ninpo style is then passed on to the members of its Family by Black belt instructors with many years training in Ninpo and a solid background in self preservation, between them having worked as both professional bodyguards , special forces soldiers ,and Instructors. Recentley we have been invited to join the Genbukan family of ninja by Grandmaster shoto Tanemura sensei to teach the Genbukan style of Ninpo and we of course proudly accepted the invitation and look forward to many years of Teaching and promoting this ultimate syle of ninpo . Our potential new members in the Black Puma Genbukan Dojo (Kurohyo ninpo bugei dojo) are invited to the Dojo ( we do not advertise our location ) they are then given a talk on the background etc.. of ninpo and a small demonstration of the type of techniques we do.They are invited to join in for the evening and later after their departure the family will sit and discuss the potential new member, ( if anyone in the family feels that the newcomer is not appropriate , then that person will not be invited into the family). We feel that this is the best way to prevent the "wrong element" learning life endangering techniques etc and therefore we do not train up any "Thugs". At the time of writing this we have have only 6 Members ! As I said before we feel that we want to be sure that the people we teach are sensible,non violent, "joe next door" types , in fact we even have one female member.

Following are a few facts about the worlds most formost ninja master alive today ...Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura sensei .

Granmaster Shoto Tanemura sensei whose martial arts names are ``Bi Koku Ryu创( Secret Black Dragon) and ``Ko Gyoku创(Shining Ball) was born on August 28, 1947 in the town of Matsubushi, Japan.He majored in law at Hosei University after which he became a police officer and later an instructor at Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Academy. He has been in Ninpo and other martial arts since the age of 9 years oldand is now ``Soshi创(Grandmaster) of not only Ninpo but also of various Ryu Ha (martial Traditions). Currently, he is teaching Ninpo as the Art of martial arts. His School the Genbukan Ninpo Bugei Dojo has it's headquarters at his home where he also maintains the position of 创Kancho创 ( Head of the Association).

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