Glomp Fest 2000 NO DA!
Park your rear ends, weary travelers, and welcome to....

Glomp Fest 2000!

What's NEW? Last Update: 4/8/00
Irasshaimase ~ Welcome to Glomp Fest 2000!!! It's the MILLENNIUM GLOMP!! Come one, come all, and join us in the massive worldwide glomp of the one, the only, the masked bishounen from Fushigi Yuugi.. CHICHIRI!! The Archive is in full swing, and hals already surpassed that of last year. New Banners have been uploaded; the Rules have been more clearly defined, and the Reason for Chichiri is now up!
Please note: Alot of you GF99 members put "Member of Glomp Fest '99" in your signatures. This year, we ask that you put "Member of Glomp Fest 2000, NO DA!" in your signature, to further idolize the phrase we all love. ^_^v

Glompingly Yours,
Celes Maxwell
It's Chichiri this year, no da!

So what is this Glomp Fest?
I am SO glad you asked. Glomp Fest is our goal to mass the biggest, wildest, and allround craziest glomp EVER! The first Glomp Fest had awesome results! Click Here to see how it all started in 1999 with Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy!

So who's being glomped?
Fushigi Yuugi's very own Chichiri, no da! We felt that it would be good to choose a victim from a well-known anime, thus making him or her even MORE likely to be completely and utterly obliterated with glomps. Aren't we sweet?

Who's running this goofy show?
The masters behind the whole deal, the Founders of Glomp Fest,
Adriana Alexa Valentine and Celes Maxwell. They're both equally insane, so don't worry!

How do I join?
WUNNERFUL! Click here to find out.

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Where do you want to glomp today?

Oi! Psst, you! When you're done sending in your application to join, you can visit us!

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