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This site has a shorter address now! Yay! (When you type out this new address don't forget to include the periods! T.C.A.L)

Is T.C.A.L in need of a new look? Or should it stay the way it is? Any suggestions and/or comments are glady welcomed! (Email please) Should T.C.A.L keep its oringinal look? Or change? T.C.A.L is also going to have its own domain name!
Yay! ^_^

Hi!! The library that you are about to enter is full of info,pics,fanart,free stuff,fanfics,downloads,and more on various animes. In order to enter the library,please choose a SailorSenshi link below to get a crystal~card. (you need a crystal~card to enter the library.) Have fun!
The "Bannerbook" is only for banners. Don't know how to add a banner in a guestbook? Click here. Do you have fanart or image~poems? I would love to have your art on my page! :) This page has an "Anime Quiz"! You can click here to take it. You could win an award!

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Yay! And thank-you!!! :)

Please choose a crystal~card to enter the library:

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T.C.A.L's Picture Book
T.C.A.L's Picture Book
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Hello! I'm a librarian at T.C.A.L Enjoy your visit!

Latest Updates!

12-17-00 New fanart added! ^^

12-6-00 New fanart added to the "Fanart Section".

Please go to this site! You won't be sorry! This site has episodes 5-126,that you can read and see pictures from the actual original Japanese episode! Even download some realaudio clips from the episode! (Check out episode 108. You can hear the scouts speak english at a formal party! Very Cool! :) )

***I made this background,guestbook image,logo,banners,buttons (etc) Please, don't take them! Only take things that you are allowed to. (If you are wondering about which things you are allowed to have,email me :) ) 1 part of my site that you can take things from. Click here to get free things. I did not make the senshi-symbols. This is the site where I got them: SM Toolbox.

I also didn't make the transparent pics. This is the site where I got them:The Transparent GIF Gift Shop. The pic of SailorMoon below,I got here. I do not own the scan of the SailorSenshi on the crystals. I did get permission but I lost the URL and email address of the owner. If this is your image,please email me!! Thanks guys!!! ^.^

I do not own SailorMoon,DragonBall Z,WeddingPeach,Magic Knight Rayearth,Ranma 1/2,Pokemon,Ah! My Goddess!!,and Fushigi Yuugi. But I do own this page. Please,do not copy it in any way!! I also own SailorAurora because she was my own creation. I would like to thank all the people who made the animes listed above. Because without you guys I wouldn't be an anime-fan. I love the animes listed!!!!!), this page wouldn't exist,and I wouldn't know how to draw. (My first real picture that wasn't a stick person was a pic of SailorMoon.) Plus the animes helped me to learn about Japan and it's cultures,art,people etc.
I would also like to thank everyone who visits my page! You cannot believe how happy you guys make me. :) :) :)

Arigato!! (many thanks) sooooooooooooo much!


Last Updated: December 17th 2000

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