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Greeting!! Welcome to the Moon Palace. My name is Gregory and I live here. I'm currently renovateing the palace right now so I don't have time to give you a tour. So to solve that problem, I've asked Princess Serena to give you the tour in my place. They're all yours princess.

Princess Serena

Don't call me a princess, you know I hate formalities. Hi there. I'll be takeing you on a tour through the palace to show you around. If you have any questions, send an e-mail to Gregory, or send a message by icq no. 56037367 . Where do you want to go first?

Gregory's Room (My fanfics)
Gregory's Study Room (My profile)
Palace Library (other fanfics)
Portal Room (links)
Queen Serenity's Gallery (closed)
Sailor Scouts Training Grounds (Sailor Moon Profiles)
The Ball Room(closed)
Spaceport (Star Wars Fans enter here)
Communications Room (site updates)(4/7/04)

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