Updated 15/9/08
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Kitakyushu City at night, from Mount Sarakura

Welcome to the homepage of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme in the city of Kitakyushu, on the south western island of Kyushu.

This website is designed for (and by) JET participants of Kitakyushu City's Municipal Board of Education; past, present and future. However we hope that this site might also offer some interest to the casual visitor, whether they be planning to visit or just puzzled (understandably so) as to why so many foreigners have been descending on this unsuspecting city for so long now.

The City Board of Education employs about 21 JETs as Assistant Language Teachers in Junior High Schools throughout the city, in addition to a few Coordinators for International Relations, who perform a wide variety of roles at the city's International Village Centre or City Hall.

Who are we?
Please feel free to have a good laugh at the hideous group photograph of us all, and wonder about the mysterious origins of the cryptic comments. This page will keep you up to date with who's who in the JET world here, and also 'who's was'! Another purpose of this page is to provide contact e-mail addresses for all ALTs, which will be retained in future years, to allow former JETs to keep in touch with events here, and with each other. We're always on the look out for bigger and better photographs, so if you have any, please send them our way.

What do we do?
These are details of the playgrounds in which we work, and a rough sketch of the wide range of tasks we handle. This is intended to be more illustrative than the general overview provided by the JET programme, since it is probably unique to this city. This page also features a link to an index of teaching ideas and activities, with full explanations, lesson materials and regular additions.

Nice place?
Invaluable (maybe?) for both brief visitors to our city and for those planning to live here for any length of time, this is a guide to living in our fair city (including our arguments as to why it's worth coming!). It also includes maps of the city, the central Kokura area, and its main features, and the details of our accommodation (for new arrivals). And yes, it even gives a begrudging mention to our nearby big cousin, Fukuoka city!

Coming soon...
This is a handy guide to upcoming events in the calendars of Kitakyushu ALTs. It describes a basic outline of what you can expect in the coming months, and the activities you can get yourself involved in. Hopefully you might also find the second part useful: the newcomer's guide to what you should (and should not) bring with you when you come. Also included are a For Sale board of items offered for exchange or sale, some helpful advice for buying used scooters, tips on how to learn japanese fast, an explanation of the funky bilingual TV and VCR systems in Japan, how to use your computer as a webphone to call home cheaply, and a computing guide about language and accessory compatibility issues. If you have any questions or queries about topics not covered by these guides, please feel free to drop us a line (see bottom of page), and we can put you in touch with whoever of us knows what they're talking about (if, indeed, we really do!).

Related sites
A whole load of links to other internet sites and homepages that you might find useful for extra information. We've included links to sites of local interest (including available Junior High School homepages), as well as sites related to the JET programme and its organisations. Since this homepage is also intended for former, present and future JETs, we've included links to some useful teaching-related sites, and a link to the ones on this site too. We hope they're of help.

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