Welcome Otaku once again to the ! This is Masume-Kun, and for many of you wondering where I have been for the last 4 months or so, suffice it to say I am back. Last you saw, I was happily on my way to AWA last year with press pass in hand, but unfortunatly, the second day I was there I was ni a car accident. Fortunatly, me and my wife survived, but my wife had severe whiplash, and due to problems since then, I have been unable to get back to my little up and coming zine here. Well, now I am back, since things have gotten better, and here to tell you that I am hard at work revamping the sight as you see this, with far more than it had before, so stay tuned. For all of you dropping me lines and fan art, please continue to do so!! You will see it quite soon I assure you. Keep checking back, and please be patient. I will be updating the as soon as possible, so if you have any ideas or something you'd like to see on this site, just e-mail: masume_s@yahoo.com. I hope you enjoy it!!!


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