c . l . o . s . e . d .

Air Balloon is now closed. There are many reasons why I closed it. One, as many of you probably noticed, I did not update or even touch this page in forever. I basically lost interest in the page, I lose interest fast. :( And there were so many much *better* Team Rocket homepages on the internet. I feel I didn't spend enough time on this page, although I love Team Rocket. And so much more space for my page would be nice. I might decide to re-open Air Balloon if enough of you Suggest it, or, I could close it forever. Thank you for all your support, fans of this page. I loved getting compliments and e-mails. Oh! Another thing, if you adopted from me, keep it on your page. I'll keep that and the webring up, since the webring is kinda popular. But the rest of the page will be closed unless I decide to re-open it. If you want, you can visit my collective. Please don't be mad at my descision, It *is* mine after all, and you can convince me to open Air Balloon again. Keep on being Team Rocket fans, and thanks once again! ^*^

hugs, Sarah Guilbeaux

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