juraisprite 's Pokemon Image gallery

JuraiSprite's Pokemon Image Gallery!

Welcome, you've arrived at the Pokemon Image Gallery. I'm still working hard to get this site perfect, but I already have tons of pokemon pictures, and I add so many on every day.Enjoy.^_^

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Here are a few pics of the main characters. More to come soon.

Our Hero, Ash.

Miss Misty in a classic and cute pose with Horsey.

Brock with his trusty mike.

Ash's fave pokemon

Pikachu(of course).

Bulbasaur in action.

happy charmander.

squirtle(one of my favorites).

Brock's Pokemon

brock's buddy, vulpix.

Other Pokemon

Raichu,looking mean.

The Bad Guys(Team Rocket)

Jessie in a proud pose.

meowth, looking not so sneaky.

classic meowth picture.

Here are some of my fave team rocket pictures

A sneaky james, and a sarcastic jessie.

happy James.

James as a child.

Here are some pictures from"Pikachu the movie"

Pikablu, the cutest.

squirtle challenges Pikablu to a swimming contest.

Pikachu challenging raichu.