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The focus of this page is yaoi. Well, shonen ai, really. I don't think I have
anything that's really yaoi. For that matter, anything that even *borders*
on yaoi. I'm sure most everybody knows what that particular acronym
stands for, but just in case you don't, or simply want a refresher, here's a
link to my own freaky take on the word: My Definition of Yaoi.

And... you're back!!! Or you never left at all. ^_~ Understand what yaoi
is now? Good. We don't want to get this poor{extremely ;_;} person in
trouble now, do we? ^^;;

Here are the disclaimers and warnings for the page.
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The updates page. ^_~ Pretty self-explanatory, ne? ^_^
Last updated:Dec. 05, 2000(4:46 pm)
The randomness page ^_^
This is a page that showcases stuff I don't know how to categorize. ^^;; Like, rants, weirdness, and... stuff. ^^;;
About me! ^_^
This is a little front page about me, just in case someone was curious about the nutcase who runs this page. ^_~
The links page ^_^
And... tada!!! The ever-present links page!!! Oh, and there's a webring or three in there. ^_^

My little doujinshi page. ^_^ Doujinshi made by me ^_^
These come from some doujinshis I have. 
Anybody want to help me translate?
{birds chirp}Hello? ^^;; Scanned doujinshis
Fanfics written by yours truly about the fabulous 
world of Gundam Wing. ^_^ You know, just stuff about
whatever catches my attention at the time. 
Warning: I have a very short attention span. ^_~ Fanfics I've written about GW
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