In Memory of Seiya
A few days ago, I was alerted of horrible news. The seiyuu of Seiya in the Sailor Moon SailorStars Season, Shiho Niiyama has recently passed away from suffering from a form of leukemia. 1970-2000 I was very shocked at this news. She was born on March 21,1970. Since this tragic information has struck me, I am going to start a shrine dedicated your choice- Seiya, or the Starlights. Please vote below. I just checked the voting today to see who won, and surprisingly, one person cheated. Although, it must have been hard work for that one person to vote that many times getting on and off the internet (Let's hope), so my decision is to make a all starlights page (since they were leading yesterday, and provide another site all about Seiya. You can see the results here All right, whenever I have the page finished or started, I will provide a link for you on this page. I am also going to start a Seiya dedication list. If you want your name in memory of Seiya, please e-mail me and I will put your name on the list. Please proceed to my site below. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


BREAKING NEWS!! Today, I was just alerted that another seiyuu of The Sailor Moon R Series, Shiozawa Kaneto have passed away on May 10,2000. He was the seiyuu of Prince Demando. He was born on January 18,1954. I wish I can start a shrine, but that will be impossible for I already have 4 sites, and only one is barely complete (this site) Maybe later.. This is a great tragic year for sailor moon fans. 2 deaths in 5 months, both from Sailor Moon. Unbelievable. Within the Seiya Dedication list, I will also start a Demando dedication list. If you see a @--. This mean the person was in honor of Demando. If you see a *, it was in honor of Seiya. Let's all pray for their family and friends.
Seiya and Demando Dedication List
Rachael O. *://:Daisy
Sarah M. *://:Moon Garden
Peko @-- * ://:Generation Venus
Crystal M. *://: None provided
Alyson Rhodes *://: Cystal Moon Palace