Press Release of Afghan Youth Organization (AYO)
For Immediate Release 14th Sept 2001
It is with profound shock that we see events unfold at the scene of the
heinous crimes in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. We, at the
Afghan Youth Organization (AYO) would like to express our deep sympathy
to everyone who has been affected by these crimes.
(AYO) believe that these crimes are not only committed against the American
people but also against the whole of humanity. (AYO) urge the World Community
to join hands in a struggle against these inhuman acts of terrorism carried
out by individuals, groups or States around the globe against humanity.
(AYO) also voices concerns over recent backlash against Muslims in North
America and the Anit-Muslim and Anti-Afghan rhetoric. Islam does not condone
violence. Even when at war, Muslim soldiers are forbidden to kill a woman,
a child or an old person, nor are they allowed to cut a tree. Attacks against
innocent civilians are clearly anything but Islamic.
Our condolences go to those who are affected everywhere. We ask God to bestow
patience and perseverance on the families of the innocent victims and bring
the perpetrators to justice.

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