From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 20

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications. Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Taeuchi.

                           A Different Viewpoint pt 20

    Johnathon entered the Tendo house with trepidation, his senses alert for any sign of a raging Ranma stuck in the Cat fist.  There was no sign of Ranma, the house was relatively quiet.  Kasumi came hurriedly out of the living room and sighed upon spotting him.

    Kasumi spoke quietly, just loud enough for him to hear.  "Johnathon, you really shouldn't have come."  She smiled softly.  "You are as foolish as you are brave, my love.  I knew there was nothing you wouldn't risk for me."  Kasumi waved to Johnathon for him to follow her.  She led him into the living room.  "Johnathon, I want you to promise me that you will remain calm, and not provoke Ranma."

    Johnathon nodded.  "That would be quite stupid of me.  I'm no match for Ranma, especially in when he's in the Cat-fist.  I'll be careful, but I won't promise to do nothing when I can help."

    Kasumi sighed.  "I know, Johnathon.  Ranma has already returned.  Akane decided to calm him down..."  She paused, looking distressed.  "I hope she doesn't come to regret what she has chosen to do."

    Johnathon frowned.  "What?  Kasumi, what has Akane chosen to do?"

    Kasumi looked uncomfortable.  "Akane was frightened for your safety, when Ranma returned, she led him into the bathroom.  I believe she has decided too... Oh my, this is difficult..."

    Johnathon looked worried.  "Oh, Akane.  She wouldn't...?  She would, wouldn't she."

    Kasumi nodded.  "Akane can be quite, determined at times... I, I think she's doing what she has chosen to do for more reasons than to just keep you safe.  If only..."  They both froze at the sound of the bathroom door opening.

    After a moment Akane's voice came from the hall.  "Ranma, wait!  Come back here!"

    Ranma entered the living room on all fours and padded over to Johnathon and Kasumi.  Akane followed anxiously.  Kasumi gave off a little eep sound as Ranma sniffed her.  Ranma gave Johnathon a casual sniff as well, then padded over to Akane.  Ranma rubbed his head against his fiancees legs affectionately.

    Akane patted her fiancees head, looking relieved.  "Looks like he doesn't hold a grudge Johnathon."

    Johnathon let out a breath that he hadn't been aware of holding.  "I'm quite glad to hear that."

    Both he and Kasumi looked at Akane with worried expressions.  Kasumi spoke.  "Akane, are you alright?"

    Akane nodded calmly.  "I'm fine, really."  She was slightly surprised to find that she meant it.  < It wasn't that bad.  Strenuous, but pleasant actually.  It wasn't how I pictured our first time, but that isn't all that important.  It's Ranma that worries me.>  Akane looked down at her love.  "But, Ranma's still a cat.  I don't have any idea how to bring him out of it."

    Johnathon sighed.  "This is bad.  We need help, but who can we go to?"

    Akane sat down across from Johnathon and Kasumi.  Ranma put his head in her lap and she stroked his hair while she spoke.  "Dad wouldn't be any help, and Ranma would just attack Mr. Saotome."

    Johnathon nodded.  "Cologne might have been able to help, but she probably won't now.  Especially if she finds out what... happened."

    Akane blushed bright red then gasped.  "Oh no!  She can't ever find out!  She'll never cure Kasumi if she does!"  Akane started to cry.  "Kasumi, I'm sorry.  I should have realized what would happen.  I just thought that, Ranma would kill Johnathon if he came back.  I thought if Ranma was... if we had..., that he'd calm down, and come out of the Cat fist.  But he still hasn't and it's all for nothing!"  Akane sobbed.  Ranma meowed anxiously at her in concern.

    Kasumi went over to her youngest sister and put her arm around Akane's shoulders.  "There, there, Akane-chan.  It's alright.  You meant well.  Ranma is calm now, and he didn't attack Johnathon.  As for the rest, well, we won't let Cologne find out.  You and Ranma will get married eventually, that hasn't changed, and we will find a way out for Shampoo."  Kasumi smiled at her younger sister tenderly.

    Akane's sobs stopped and her tears trickled to a halt.  "OK, Kasumi, I hope you're right."  She paused.  "But what if I get pregnant?"

    Kasumi sighed.  "I don't know Akane.  We will have to deal with that if and when it comes."  She paused and added.  "As for Ranma, why don't we ask Dr. Tofu for help?"

    Akane nodded.  "That's a good idea.  Why don't you call him, Johnathon?"

    Johnathon blinked, then stood.  "Right."  He headed into the hall then called back.  "Um, what's the number?"

    Kasumi stood and went into the a hall.  "I know it!"  Johnathon handed her the phone and smiled.

    Akane grimaced.  < If, Kasumi calls him...>

    Kasumi dialed the number and waited.  After several seconds she spoke into the phone.  "Hello Doctor?  Yes.  Could you come over?  Ranma's been stuck in the Cat-fist for hours and... Yes, thank you doctor."  She listened for a few seconds then hung up.  "He'll come right over."

    Akane crossed her fingers.  < Dr. Tofu has been showing more control.  I hope he'll be alright.>

    In the hall, Johnathon was following Kasumi back towards the living room when a meow from the stairs caught his attention.  He stopped and saw Luna peering at him intently.

    Kasumi paused and looked back at him.  "Johnathon?"

    He glanced at Kasumi quickly.  "Oh, Kasumi, I'm going to check on a couple of things upstairs.  I'll be right back."

    Kasumi smiled and nodded, then went into the living room.  Johnathon hurried up the stairs, following Luna to Ranma's room.  He closed the door behind him as he entered.

    Luna spoke.  "Artemis and I have been tracking down Happosai."

    Johnathon's eyes widened.  "That's great!  Did you find him?"

    Luna nodded.  "Yes.  He was unconscious when we found him.  He was about a half mile from here."

    Johnathon nodded.  "Good work!  Take me too him!"

    Luna shook her head.  "He's not there now, but we did find something interesting.  Let me explain.  When we found him, we did so by following a strange scent.  It was some kind of incense.  Happosai had a hole in his pocket and he had dropped some as he went.  When we found him he was pretty mauled, but alive.  The smell of that incense was strong.  Artemis checked his pocket and pulled out an incense burner.  It was quite strange looking.  We dragged it away and just as we got out of sight, Happosai woke up.  He felt himself and suddenly yelled out that he had lost his magic hypnosis incense."

    Johnathon looked intently at the small black cat.  "Magic Hypnosis incense..."  He repeated.  "So that's what happened."

    Luna shrugged.  "Happosai ran off then, while we hid.  I left Artemis with the incense burner and came to get you.  It was too awkward to drag it the whole way back here."

    Johnathon nodded.  "Right, show me the way."

    Luna led him out the window.  Just as they leapt to the ground it started to rain.

    Johnathon grimaced and stopped.  "Um, Luna?"

    Luna turned around.  "What is it?"

    He pointed at the sky.  "It is raining."

    Luna looked confused.  "Why does that matter?  Oops!"  Luna had just gotten wet enough to activate her change.  A naked girl with black hair sat back on her legs.  "Oh yes.  I can't believe I forgot that."

    Johnathon's eyes widened.  "Oh no!  Artemis!"  Johnathon had changed to his half-cat form as well.

    Luna looked panicked.  "On no!  This is bad."  Johnathon grabbed her and picked her up.  "What are you doing?"  Luna looked slightly scandalized.  Johnathon didn't answer but ran up to Ranma's window and jumped with her in his arms.  He just managed to clear the window.

    "We can't go out like this."  Johnathon set Luna down.  "I'll get some hot water and my umbrella."

    Luna nodded.  "Hurry!"

    Johnathon ran to Kasumi's room and grabbed his umbrella from his pack.  He went down to the kitchen and turned on the faucet, thankful that Akane had turned the water back on earlier.

    The tall English teacher called out to the living room.  "Kasumi, I've gotten an idea.  I'm going out, but I'll be back soon."

    Kasumi noticed that Johnathon's voice was the throaty purr he had as a half-cat.  "Johnathon, are you going out like that?"

    Johnathon shook his head, coming into the living room with a kettle of water.  "No.  I'll explain later, no time for it now."  He ran upstairs and poured some water on Luna.  He pushed his umbrella out the window, opening it, and nodded to his shoulder.  "Hop on, and don't get wet."  Luna jumped on to his shoulder and he dropped to the ground outside Ranma's room.  Once he was on the ground he poured some hot water on his own head, while keeping the umbrella up.  "This is kinda tricky.  Now tell me which way to go."

    With Luna providing directions, Johnathon set off.  He walked quickly, umbrella in one hand, kettle in the other, and a black cat on his left shoulder.  Luna hung on to his shoulder with her claws as he turned a corner.

    Johnathon winced.  "Um, Luna, that hurts."  He stopped walking and Luna positioned herself a bit better.

    "Sorry."  The black cat shrugged helplessly.

    Johnathon nodded and continued walking quickly.  Luna kept giving him directions.  Soon enough he knew he was at the right place, because of all the early morning commuters that were pointing off in one direction.  A naked, white haired girl, crouched miserably on the ground between two bushes, had attracted quite a commotion.

    Johnathon ran over.  "Artemis."  He looked around.  < Too many people to just change him back into a cat.  I can't just leave him/her like that though.>  Johnathon sat the kettle down and knelt by Artemis.  He glanced at Luna.  "Get on my knees."  Luna nodded and jumped down on to his knees, being careful to stay under the umbrella as well as off the wet ground.  Johnathon started striping off his shirt with one hand while keeping the umbrella above him with the other.  He had to switch hands a few times, juggling the umbrella back and forth to keep off the rain, but managed to get the shirt off without getting himself or Luna wet.  Johnathon handed his shirt to Artemis.  "Where's the incense?"

    Artemis fumbled with the shirt, not sure how to put it on.  "I had it till it started raining.  I changed and some old lady shouted "A naked girl!"  I guess the old letch hadn't gotten very far, because he showed up in a flash.  He grabbed on to my chest for awhile, then grabbed the incense burner and took off."  Artemis wasn't having much luck with the shirt and Johnathon assisted her with his free hand until she finally got it on.

    Johnathon stood, moving Luna back to his shoulder, and held out his hand to help Artemis to her feet.  "Come on, lets go."  Artemis grabbed his hand and Johnathon pulled her into a standing position, noting gratefully that his shirt was long enough to cover her modesty when she stood.  Artemis teetered and fell almost immediately after achieving a standing position.  Johnathon shook his head.  "Of course.  You've never had just two legs before."  He knelt with his back to Artemis.  "Climb on, I'll carry you."  Johnathon paused to grab the kettle as Artemis put her arms around his neck from behind.

    Johnathon slowly stood.  Fumbling with a kettle in one hand and keeping an umbrella upright with the other while trying to give Artemis a piggy back ride was far from easy.  < Damn, this is ridiculous.>  He somehow managed to get his forearms under her legs while not dropping the kettle or umbrella, or unseating Luna from her perch on his shoulders.  < Whew.>  Johnathon started to quickly carry his passengers down the street.  He nodded to the curious bystanders as he passed them.  "I'll take her home, poor girl's not right in the head."  They looked slightly dubious, but nodded and he hurried out of sight.

    Artemis hissed indignantly.  "Not right in the head?"

    Johnathon looked over his shoulder at the white haired girl.  "What was I supposed to say?  I'm sorry, this is a moon cat that becomes a human girl when splashed with cold water?"

    Artemis grimaced.  "No, I guess not."

    As Johnathon hurried back to the Tendo Dojo he glanced back at Artemis and Luna once more.  "Remember, you're normal cats."  He knocked and Kasumi opened the door after half a minute.  Her eyes widened a bit upon seeing her husband, shirtless and carrying a buxom young girl on his back.  Johnathon stepped inside and put Artemis and Luna down.  "They got out the window."  He explained.  "Then it rained."  Kasumi nodded, recognizing the girls white hair now that she wasn't holding on to her husband.  Johnathon poured some hot water on her and she disappeared into his shirt.  Artemis crawled out after a moment, looking slightly embarrassed.

    Johnathon retrieved his shirt and put it back on.  "Is Doctor Tofu here?"

    Kasumi smiled calmly, having had time to accept Johnathon's story.  "Yes, he's in the living room with Ranma and Akane."

    Johnathon smiled back.  "Good, I think I've figured out something that might help."  He winked at Artemis and Luna, then headed for the living room.  Dr. Tofu was examining Ranma while Akane petted him and talked softly into his ear, encouraging him to remain still for the Doctor.

    Dr. Tofu sat back.  "I can't find anything wrong with him."

    Johnathon spoke.  "I may know what happened."  Dr. Tofu looked over at him with faint surprise.

    Akane looked hopeful.  "What is it John-san?"

    Johnathon sat down before explaining.  "When I was in Ranma's room I noticed a strange scent.  I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't been in my cat form, but I did.  I just remembered where I smelled that scent before."  He paused, improvising quickly.  "It's a very unique scent.  When I was in China I came across a shop.  One of the things I remember was that incense.  The shop keeper told me that it was a hypnotic incense.  Very potent, is how he described it.  Of course I had no use for such a thing, but I remember the smell.  Like I said, it was unique."

    Dr. Tofu pushed his glasses back on his nose with one finger, thoughtfully.  "That fits.  Hypnosis could explain why Ranma hasn't come out of the Cat-fist."  Something was bothering him about the situation, but it had nothing to do with the problem at hand, so the Doctor put it aside for the moment..

    Johnathon nodded slowly.  "Perhaps Happosai used the incense on Ranma, but why would he want to bring out Ranma's cat side?"

    Akane looked from one man to the other.  "That doesn't make any sense.  Whenever Happosai has tried something like this, he's tried to bring out Ranma's girl side."  Johnathon frowned in thought.

    Dr. Tofu looked thoughtful.  "Perhaps he tried to do so, suppressing Ranma's conscious mind in an attempt to bring out his female personality.  He might have let Ranma's cat persona out by mistake."

    Johnathon nodded in understanding.  "Right!  We've been suppressing Ranma's cat personality with his anti phobia training.  So when Happosai tried to bring out Ranma's female personality..."

    Tofu finished the thought.  "The cat broke loose!"  The two men looked triumphantly at each other and nodded.

    Akane cleared her throat.  "So how can we help Ranma?"

    Dr. Tofu looked at her.  "If hypnosis brought out Ranma's cat personality, hypnosis can bring Ranma's normal consciousness back."  He frowned.  "With Ranma's current condition however, normal methods of hypnosis won't work."

    Akane looked at Johnathon.  "Dr. Mizumi!"

    Johnathon started.  "What?"

    Akane repeated.  "Dr. Mizumi, she's a psychologist, and she works with cats, right?"

    Johnathon nodded slowly.  < Uh oh.  Ami isn't really a psychologist.  What should I tell Akane?>  He felt a small head bump his leg.  Johnathon looked down and saw Luna, she nodded emphatically at him.  < What?  I should call Ami?  Maybe Luna knows something I don't.>  Johnathon looked at Akane, thinking quickly.  "Right, I'll call her right away."  He stood and went to the phone.  Dr. Tofu and Kasumi followed him.  < This won't work.  If I call Ami's house and ask for Dr. Mizumi, I'll get Ami's mother.  How can I...?>  He hesitated by the phone.

    Dr. Tofu spoke up.  "Did you forget her number?  Perhaps I have her number at my office."

    Johnathon spun around.  "That's it!  I, um, have her number at my apartment, I'll go right now!"  He went for the door, grabbing his umbrella.  "I'll call her right away, and I'll be right back."  He ran out the door.  Luna meowed and went after him.  Johnathon heard her and hurriedly covered her with his umbrella.  "Better stay inside Luna, we can't afford to get you wet."  He picked her up and brought her inside.  < And I can't explain why I want to bring her with me to Dr. Tofu and Kasumi.>  Luna sighed but didn't resist when he put her down and closed the door.

    Dr. Tofu blinked, suddenly figuring out what had been bothering him.  < Why was Johnathon Dwire here at the Tendo house so early in the morning?>  He thought back for clues, something else caught in his mind as he looked at Kasumi.  She was wearing a silver ring.  < Johnathon Dwire was wearing a ring just like that...>  The Doctor's mind froze as that fact came clear to him.  < Oh no.  I never thought things would happen so fast... Johnathon Dwire and Kasumi... are married.>

    Kasumi peered at Dr. Tofu in concern, he seemed to be having trouble breathing.  "Dr. Tofu, are you feeling alright?"

    The good Doctor controlled himself with a great effort.  When he looked at her he was outwardly calm.  It was like he was looking at her from a great distance.  "I'm fine Kasumi.  Just a mild headache, I'll take something for it when I get back to the office."  He swallowed shallowly and nodded at her hand.  "Congratulations Kasumi.  When was the ceremony?"

    Akane watched the doctor, sudden fascination and horror overcoming her face.  < Oh my God, I totally forgot!  How is Doctor Tofu going to react now?  We never even called him about it when it happened so suddenly!>

    Kasumi blushed and smiled.  "It was last night.  Things went rather quickly near the end, but I am very happy about it all."  She paused.  "I'm so lucky to have gotten a man like Johnathon.  We were going to be married today, but when I was affected by the Cat's Tongue, I told Johnathon I wouldn't make him go through with it.  He insisted on marrying me anyway, despite the fact I may be stuck as a cat forever."  Kasumi's eyes were moist.  "I'm so glad I met him."

    Dr. Tofu nodded slowly.  "He sounds like a nice person."  < Oh, Kasumi, please be happy, even if I never can be.>  He turned toward the door.  "I'd better get back to the clinic.  There isn't any more I can do here today.  I'll keep trying to find a cure for the Cat's tongue, Kasumi, I'll call if I have any news."

    Kasumi smiled at his back.  "Thank you Doctor, you've been too kind."

   Akane shook her head slowly as the Doctor turned to leave.  < Oh poor Doctor Tofu, I hope he will be alright, we need him now.>

    Dr. Tofu went out the front door, head bowed into the slight rain.  < Kasumi, I truly hope he can make you happy.  I know now I never will.  Johnathon Dwire, take care of her for me.>

     As Johnathon walked toward his apartment he sneezed.  < I hope I'm not coming down with a cold.  With all the water I've been pouring over my head recently though, I wouldn't be very surprised.>  Johnathon reached his apartment a couple minutes later and went right to the phone.  He immediately called Ami's house.  After several rings an answering machine picked up.  Johnathon hung up and checked his watch.  < She's probably headed to school already.  Now what?>  Johnathon thought hard.  He headed back to the Tendo's, coming up with a plan.

    When he got back Kasumi greeted him at the door.  "Johnathon?  Have you contacted Dr. Mizumi?"

    Johnathon stepped inside.  "The Doctor is out on a call.  I'm going to go get her in person.  I'll return as quickly as I can."  He paused.  "I've decided to take Luna with me.  She's not doing Ranma any good right now, and she may do some harm.  I should explain to the doctor what's happened to her cats, as well as about Ranma.  She has a right to know."

    Kasumi nodded.  "Alright Johnathon, if that's what you think is best."  Luna and Artemis walked up.

    "Come on Luna, come here."  Johnathon called to the black cat and she jumped into his arms.  "Right, lets go and get Dr. Mizumi."  Johnathon kissed Kasumi on the forehead.  "I'll be sure to hurry home."  He went out into the rain once again, grabbing his jacket this time.  Johnathon was careful to hold the umbrella over himself and Luna.  Halfway to the train station the rain stopped.  Johnathon lowered his umbrella and closed it, but continued to carry Luna.  "I'm really starting to get tired of lying."  He told the moon cat sadly.

    Luna looked up at him sympathetically.  "It's not easy for you, is it."

    He shook his head firmly, a frown on his face.  "No it's not easy.  I hate it.  I really hate lying, and to Kasumi is even worse!"

    Luna sighed.  "I'm sorry Johnathon, I wish..."

    Johnathon petted her and shook his head.  "It is not your fault.  I can handle it.  Anyway, I'm not the one who should be mad."  He hesitated.  "In a way it is my fault you and Artemis got cursed.  If I hadn't brought that water back from China, none of this would have happened."

    Luna was silent.  They continued walking to the train station.  They were in sight when she finally spoke.  "I don't blame you.  I don't think Artemis does either."  Luna was quiet after that, not knowing what else to say.

    The trip to Juuban was quiet.  After they got off the train Luna directed Johnathon toward Ami, Makoto, Mina and Usagi's school.  They waited outside for the school's lunch break.

    Luna pointed at a tree.  "Usagi usually has lunch there with Makoto and Ami."

    Johnathon checked his watch.  "That will be in half an hour."  He leaned up against the tree.  The grass was dry so he set Luna down.  "It must not have rained here."  Luna nodded.  They stood in silence for awhile.  Johnathon cleared his throat.  "Would you like to talk?  About the curse?"

    Luna looked up at him.  "Sure.  I guess you would understand what it's like."

    Johnathon shrugged.  "A bit, from the opposite side.  I have to warn you.  A Jusenkyo curse makes you a water magnet.  Avoiding cold water is harder than you think."

    Luna grimaced.  "I can't go outside if it's likely to rain, or I'll get arrested for indecent exposure."

    Johnathon nodded sympathetically.  "That's something like my problem, except I'm more likely to get hunted down as a monster."  He frowned.  "I carry an umbrella everywhere, but you can't, as a cat."

    Luna nodded thoughtfully, then shot him a startled look.  "I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!  I can just walk around as a human!  Hot water doesn't come by accident.  It's much easier to avoid."

    Johnathon nodded.  "That makes sense."

    Luna continued.  "As a human, I won't need to hide the fact that I can talk."

    Johnathon smiled wryly.  "Of course being a human has it's own problems."

    Luna shrugged.  "True, but it does make many things easier.  I have to learn to walk properly.  Two legs are tricky."

    Johnathon smiled.  "You have lots of things to learn.  I'll help as much as I can.  You'll need to get some clothing.  I suspect it will take some practice before you'll pass for a normal girl.  It shouldn't be too hard.  I'm sure the girls will love helping you out."

    Luna groaned.  "Oh no!  What am I going to tell Usagi?  She's never going to let me live this down!"

    Johnathon laughed.  "Don't worry Luna.  Usagi won't make fun of you.  Just tell her the truth."

    Luna looked crossly at him.  "That's easy for you to say."  Johnathon went silent.  Luna apologized  "I'm sorry Johnathon.  It's our secret you are keeping."

    He nodded.  "Apology accepted.  No hard feelings.  It's not exactly easy, living with a curse.  But I'm sure Usagi will be supportive."

    Luna muttered something under her breath that Johnathon couldn't quite hear, although it didn't sound tremendously complimentary.  They waited patiently for the lunch break.  Before long, students started coming out.  Usagi spotted Johnathon and Luna and ran over.

    "Johnathon-san?  Luna!  I missed you!"  Usagi picked up her guardian cat for an impulsive hug.  Luna purred, genuinely glad to see her irresponsible charge again.

    "Not quite so hard."  Luna whispered.  Usagi's hug was tight enough that Luna was finding it hard to breath.

    Ami and Makoto walked over, grinning at the reunion.  "John-san"  Makoto called.  "What brings you here?"

    Johnathon looked around at the growing number of nearby students.  "I'll tell you, but let's get some privacy first, eh?"

    Ami blinked.  "Is something wrong?"

    Johnathon nodded tersely.  "Yes, let's get away from ears."

    Makoto nodded.  "Right.  I know just the place."  She led them around behind the school.

    As they started around the side, Johnathon heard a window open above him.  He had a sudden premonition of...  "Water."  Sure enough, a bucket was emptied out of a third story window.  He dodged back just in time to realize that it wasn't him that had been underneath that window.  Usagi was splashed, and suddenly instead of carrying a small black cat, she was falling over under the weight of a buxom naked girl with longish black hair.

   End Pt 20

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