From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 21

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications. Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Taeuchi.

                    A Different Viewpoint pt 21

    Usagi screeched.  "Luna!  What's going on?"

    Johnathon moved forward quickly.  "Usagi, shhh!"

    To late, the bucket wielder was checking on the noises below.  "Sorry about that... Oh my god!" Johnathon slipped off his jacket and put it around Luna's shoulders.

    Johnathon scooped up the transformed ex-cat in his arms.  "Let's get out of here."  He hissed quietly, then quickly took his own advice, jogging around the corner.  Makoto followed after with a questioning expression.

    Ami followed a second later, slapping a fist into her palm.  "Jusenkyo, of course!"

    Usagi sat wide eyed, till her friends were around the corner.  Then she shot to her feet.  "Hey!  Wait for me!"

    Upstairs, the girl who had casually tossed water out the window had come back with several friends.  "Look out there, you will never believe what I saw!"

    They looked out.  "What?"

    She joined them incredulously.  "They're gone!"

    Makoto led Johnathon into an equipment shed.  He set Luna down on a pile of mats.  Ami followed them in, and a few seconds later Usagi came in, out of breath.

    Makoto shot a glance at Luna then turned angrily at Johnathon.  "OK, you had better have a good explanation for this!"  Johnathon grimaced but he didn't back down at her glare.

    Luna spoke.  "It's not his fault Makoto."  Luna's voice had remained almost exactly the same, and everyone looked at her incredulously save Johnathon.

    Ami peered at the strange girl with Luna's voice.  "Was it a Jusenkyo curse?"

    Luna nodded.  "Administered by an evil little man called Happosai.  He's an old perverted martial arts master.  He was planning on using the water from the spring of drowned girl on Ranma, but I interfered."

    Usagi gaped at her.  "You got changed into a human?"

    Luna gazed at her levelly.  "No, a cabbage.  What do I look like you moron?"  Usagi looked like she was about to cry.  "Don't cry you..."  Luna controlled herself with an effort.  "Usagi, we came here because we need Sailor Moon, so pull yourself together."  Usagi nodded, wiping her eyes.  Johnathon looked confused but kept silent.

    Ami asked.  "Why do you need Sailor Moon?  She can't reverse the curse, can she?"

    Luna shook her head.  "There's another problem.  You remember why we were in Nerima in the first place?  Artemis and I were helping Ranma overcome his cat phobia."

    The girls nodded and Makoto asked.  "Did something go wrong?"

    Luna sighed.  "You could say that.  Happosai, the little freak of nature that cursed us, used a hypnotic incense to suppress Ranma's conscious mind.  His cat personality surfaced, and Ranma's been acting like a cat ever since."

    The girls looked shocked, and Ami nodded.  "You want Sailor Moon to use her healing power on Ranma, to bring his normal personality back,"

    Luna smiled.  "Right.  Johnathon is here getting "Dr Mizumi" to cure Ranma"

    Ami nodded again.  "I understand, but how will we get Sailor Moon to Ranma?"

    Johnathon looked thoughtful.  "Is this healing thing what you hit me with?"  He looked at Usagi questioningly.  She nodded.  "That's quite a light show.  Noisy too.  No way to conceal it really."

    Luna nodded.  "I know.  We'll have to let them know about Sailor Moon.  "Dr. Mizumi" can introduce Sailor Moon to them.  We'll say that Sailor Moon saved the Doctor from a Youma once and she learned about Sailor Moon's healing powers.  It is a little far fetched, but I don't think they will complain."

    Usagi grinned.  "Sure, that will work!  The beautiful Sailor Moon saves lives and protects the innocent!  I'll be glad to help!"

    Makoto broke in suddenly.  "Luna. you said that Happosai had cursed "us"  Who else got cursed?

    Luna sighed.  "Artemis.  He was cursed first."

    Ami's eyes went wide.  "Oh my."

    Usagi looked curious.  "He becomes a human too?  Is he cute?"

    Luna shook her head slowly.  "Usagi, Usagi..."

    Johnathon smirked wryly.  "Yup, she is pretty cute, although I don't think Artemis appreciates turning into a cute girl."

    Usagi nearly fell over.  "G-girl?  He turns into a girl?"  She started to giggle, then laugh uncontrollably.

    Ami nodded somberly.  "Of course, Luna said they were cursed with water from the spring of drowned girl."

    Makoto shook her head.  "Poor Artemis, turning into a girl."  She tried to maintain a straight face, but lost it, joining Usagi in a spate of giggles.

    Ami tried to look stern.  "Its not funny.  Poor Artemis is probably, probably..."  Ami lost it and the shed was filled with barely restrained laughter.

    After a bit, Makoto looked at her watch.  "Hey, school's starting"

    Johnathon shrugged.  "Ranma can wait for awhile, you shouldn't miss school."

    Luna agreed.  "Go ahead, we'll meet you at Rei's shrine after school."

    Ami frowned.  "What about you Luna?  Don't you need some hot water?"

    Luna looked down at herself.  "I think I'll practice being human for awhile."

    Ami nodded.  "You'll need some clothing.  You can borrow my gym clothes."

    Usagi spoke up.  "I need a change of clothes too.  These are soaked.  I have to go home, so I can get Luna something to wear."

    Johnathon nodded.  "OK, that'll work.  Usagi, you get permission from your teacher and come back here, we'll wait."  The three girls went out, closing the door behind them.

    Johnathon held out a hand to Luna.  "While we're waiting, why don't we start teaching you to walk."

    Luna reached out for his hand and Johnathon blushed and looked away.  "Um, as soon as you have that jacket on properly."  Luna fumbled for a minute, then sighed in frustration.  Johnathon looked down at her.  She was squirming around, trying to get her arms in the sleeves.  Johnathon sighed.  He sat down next to her and helped her get the jacket on.  He held each sleeve out so she could put her arms in.  Johnathon carefully didn't stare at all the exposed skin she was showing in the process.  Finally he slid around behind her and showed her how to work the zipper.  Luna was clumsy with her new fingers, but managed to figure it out after several tries.  Johnathon stood up and offered her his hand again.

    "Thanks."  Luna smiled up at him.  "You're a nice guy Johnathon."

    He took her hand and pulled her to her feet.  She teetered forward immediately and he hugged her to himself to keep her from falling.  Johnathon set her back on her feet, keeping one hand on each shoulder to keep her standing.  Johnathon concentrated on keeping Luna upright and tried not to think about the glimpses he had gotten of her body, or the fact that she was only wearing his jacket.  Luna grabbed on to his shirt and watched her feet, trying not to fall.  She gradually stabilized and was standing relatively upright.

    Luna spoke softly.  "Johnathon, is there something wrong?"

    He closed his eyes and pictured Kasumi's smiling face.  "No. nothing's wrong."  He opened his eyes and looked calmly at her face.  Luna was looking back quizzically.  He kept his expression calm.  "Are you standing OK?"  Luna nodded slowly.  "OK then, I'll let you go, slowly.  You can try standing on your own."  She looked uncertain, but nodded again.  Johnathon released her shoulders slowly and gently took her hands in his.  Luna released his shirt and wobbled a bit, but remained standing.

    Johnathon grinned.  "You're a natural!  A few days and you'll be walking, no problems!"

    Luna smiled weakly.  "I hope so."

    Johnathon slowly stepped back and released her hands.  Luna teetered, then started to tip toward him.  She reacted quickly, reversing her direction, then overbalancing backwards.  Johnathon lunged forward.  There wasn't room to go behind her.  So he just grabbed her and spun underneath her, so that he landed first below her.  Luna fell on to him with a startled gasp.  Johnathon blew out a relieved breath, then became conscious of Luna's voluptuous shape laying on top of him.

    Luna looked into his face with a wry smile.  "Maybe in a few weeks."  Just then the door opened.

    Usagi gaped at them for several seconds, then spoke.  "Johnathon, are you having fun playing with my cat?"

    Luna stammered.  "Usagi, it's not what it looks like!"

    Usagi giggled.  "I know, how does it feel to be the clumsy one for once?"

    Luna shook her head in exasperation.  "You'll never change."

    Johnathon pushed Luna into a sitting position and got out from under her.  "I bet you thought up that line as you were coming back here."

    Usagi giggled and held up a bag.  "I've got some clothes."

    Johnathon stood up and walked outside.  "I'll wait out here."

    Usagi closed the door, still giggling.  "No peeking!"  Luna growled at her, Johnathon just laughed.  Usagi opened her bag and brought out a pair of gym shorts.  "This is neat, playing dress up with a full sized doll."

    Luna sighed.  "Just help me get dressed, alright?"

    Usagi giggled some more and unzipped the jacket Luna was wearing, helping her take it off.  "Wow, Luna, you're bigger then Makoto!"

    Luna looked confused.  "I don't think so, I'm shorter than you, Usagi."

    Usagi shook her head and pointed at Luna's chest.  "I meant those."

    Luna looked down.  "Oh."

    Usagi slipped the gym shorts on Luna's legs and pulled them up.  With a little effort she got them all the way on.  "Good, those fit."  She nodded in satisfaction and brought a tee shirt out of her bag.  Usagi instructed Luna to put her arms up over her head.  After a little struggle Usagi got the shirt on her.  Luna's chest filled it out impressively.

    Luna complained.  "This is a bit tight."

    Usagi nodded.  "We'll have to borrow one of Makoto's shirts, mine won't fit very well.  I never thought I would be less developed than my cat!"  Usagi shrugged.  "OK, Johnathon, you can come in now."

    Johnathon opened the door and stared for several seconds before shaking his head.  "OK, let's get going."  He scratched his chin thoughtfully.  "I've got an idea."  Johnathon pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and knelt by Luna.  He started to tie it around her ankle.  "This will explain why you're having trouble walking.  There, one fake bandage."  Johnathon put his coat over Luna's shoulders again.  Taking her hand he pulled her to her feet, then draped her left arm around his neck.  "Hey, Usagi, get her other side eh?"  Usagi nodded and imitated his actions.  Together they supported Luna out of the shed.  Johnathon grinned at the two girls.  "Now Luna can get some practice walking and we won't get any funny questions."

    Luna smiled back.  "Good plan."

    Usagi nodded.  "Yup!  Now let's go.  I wanna get something to eat at home!"

    Luna groaned.  "Usagi, you really never will change, will you."

    Usagi stuck out her tongue and Johnathon chuckled at them.  They started walking.  Luna's human crutches were of different heights, and Johnathon was doing most of the work.  Never-the-less Luna was able to watch them both walk and work on imitating them with her own feet.  By the time they got to Usagi's house Luna could do an acceptable stagger.  Usagi left Luna and Johnathon outside so they wouldn't have to come up with an explanation for her mother.

    Usagi came out quickly with a new school uniform on and a bag of clothing for Luna.  "Let's go to Rei's shrine.  I'm too worked up to go back to school anyway."

    They went to the shrine without incident and stopped outside.  Usagi got out some socks and shoes for Luna and tried them on.  The shoes were just a little big, but not enough to matter.  For the next two hours while they waited for the rest of the girls to arrive they helped Luna practice walking.  By the time Ami, Makoto and Minako arrived Luna was walking.  She was crossing slowly, unassisted, from Johnathon to Usagi.  Minako looked on incredulously as Luna collapsed into Usagi's hug.

    Johnathon clapped.  "That's great Luna."

    Makoto gave a little cheer.  "Good work Luna!"

    Minako went over to the transformed ex-cat.  "I can't believe it!  Luna?"

    Luna nodded.  "Yes, it's me."

    Minako shook her head.  "The others told me, but this is incredible.  Is Artemis, is Artemis really, did he... He becomes a girl too?"

    Luna nodded.  "Yes, with white hair, the same color as his fur."

    Minako shook her head again.  "Incredible, I've got to see him."

    Ami spoke up.  "Why don't you come?"

    Makoto grinned.  "We'll all come, I've got to see him myself."

    Johnathon nodded somberly.  "It is a good idea.  Ranma might be, difficult for Sailor Moon to handle alone, if he gets spooked..."  Reminded of their real reason for their impending trip to Nerima, the girls grins faded.

    Ami asked.  "Is Ranma really that dangerous?"

    Johnathon nodded.  "Yes, you all had trouble with me, and I wasn't attacking.  Ranma's faster and stronger than me, and can use claws of pure chi from a yard away."  He frowned.  "Ranma's no killer, even as a cat.  If you don't provoke him we'll be fine.  Still, just in case..."

    The four girls nodded with deadly serious expressions.  Johnathon was struck by the sudden transformation.  They had changed from playful girls into experienced warriors in an instant.  It was in the eyes, and the way they held themselves.  Then the moment passed and they were four ordinary teenage girls once again.

    Just then a girl with long black hair started coming up the stairs to the shrine.  "Everyone?  What are you all doing here?"

    Luna stepped free of Usagi and called out to her.  "Hello Rei, we've been waiting for you."

    Rei walked up quickly and took a good look at the strange girl.  "Do I know you?"  She asked hesitantly.  < That voice is familiar, but I just can't place the face...>

    Luna nodded.  "Yes, although you may not recognize me now."

    Rei blinked, and started at her some more.  She walked around to the side to catch the girls profile.  Luna let her, then turned to face Rei after she had gotten a good look.  Rei looked at her friends faces, they were smiling, enjoying some private joke.

    Rei frowned.  "No, I'm sorry, I don't remember you."

    Luna grinned.  "I'll give you a hint.  I was the first one to call you by your other name, Sailor Mars."

    Rei gasped.  "What?  How did you...?"  She looked at her friends.  If anything it looked like they were trying not to fall down laughing.  Rei looked back at the strange girl.  "It can't be. L-Luna?"

    Luna nodded and tapped her nose.  "Bing bong!"  She started to piroet.  "How do you like... yikes!"  Luna tripped and fell before she could manage to spin all the way around.  "Ouch."  Rei rushed over as did Johnathon.  The four other girls broke down laughing uncontrollably.  Luna shrugged sheepishly at Rei.  "I'm still getting used to two legs."

    Johnathon helped her too her feet and chuckled.  "I think you'd be able to convince anyone you're a normal girl, if a clumsy one."

    Rei reached out to touch Luna's face, then brought her hand back and chewed on her fingernails.  "Luna, how, how did this happen?"

    Luna took a deep breath and started to explain once again.  She told the story from the beginning and left nothing out.  (Except what Akane had done to calm Ranma down, and why.)  All five girls listened, catching details they hadn't known before.

    When Luna had finished, Rei nodded.  "I'm coming too.  Besides, I want to find that old pervert and shove a burning mandela..."  Rei left her statement unfinished but no one had to ask what she meant.  Similar thoughts had crossed every mind present.

    Johnathon checked his watch.  "We'd better get going, if we want to get this done before it is too late.  Rei, can I use your phone?"  Rei nodded.

    Luna looked down at herself.  "I'd better change clothes before we go.  I'm a little underdressed for the train."

    Rei smiled.  "I'd think so, you can use my room to change.  Johnathon, I'll show you the phone."  Everyone trouped inside.  Rei showed Johnathon the phone and the girls all went into her room.

    Usagi got out a blouse, sweater and skirt out of her bag, and then a bra and panties.  "I think these might fit, Luna"

    Luna sat down carefully on the floor and started trying to untie her shoes.  She was having a little trouble so Ami went over to help her, sitting by Luna's feet.

    "Here, I'll show you how."  Ami took Luna's hands in her own and moved them to the right places.  "OK, grab the laces here, and pull, like this."  Ami pulled Luna's hands apart slowly and the shoe came untied.  "Now just loosen the laces, like this..."  Luna got that shoe off and took the second off without help.  Ami smiled.  "You're learning very fast Luna."

    The ex-cat blushed.  "I'm so clumsy, like a little kid."

    Makoto shook her head, having been observing Luna's progress.  "Don't worry about it Luna!  You're doing great!  I can't imagine how hard it must be, learning to use a new body."  The other girls nodded. sincere pride and admiration on every face.

    Luna blinked back a tear.  "OK, no time to sit around."  She reached down and started trying to pull the tee shirt up.  Usagi helped her get it off then helped her with the gym shorts.  Luna put on Usagi's panties and Usagi brought the bra up to Luna's chest.

    "Um."  Usagi paused looking at her small bra and at Luna's large breasts.  "I should have remembered.  I don't think this will fit."  The other girls took a good look at Luna, then everyone else looked at Makoto.  Usagi giggled.  "I thought you were around the same size, but Luna's actually bigger."

    Makoto looked at her own chest then at Luna's comparing.  "Hmm, a bit.  I think my bras would fit you though.  I'll let you borrow one later, until you get your own."

    Luna nodded.  "Thank you Makoto, but is it really necessary?"

    Minako nodded.  "Yup, if you don't want them to sag.  Anyway, the guys will notice if you don't wear one."

    Luna sighed.  "Right."

    Outside, Johnathon walked up to Rei's room and knocked.  "Hello?  I called home.  Kasumi will be waiting."

    Usagi called out to him.  "OK, John-san, wait out there alright?"

    "OK."  Johnathon stood with his back against the wall, waiting.  Inside the girls got back to dressing Luna.

    Minako took charge.  "OK, raise your arms, we'll try that tee shirt under the sweater, it should be fine."  After a couple of minutes they came out with a nicely dressed Luna.  Minako had even pulled her hair back into a pony tail and tied it with a hair ribbon.

    Johnathon nodded appreciatively.  "Good, you look fine.  We should get going."  The six girls and one guy headed for the train station.  Johnathon talked as they went.  "OK, Ami, you should be Dr. Mizumi again."

    Ami nodded.  "Right, and I'll explain about Sailor Moon"

    Johnathon shook his head.  "I hope you have a good story."  He looked at Luna, who was carefully walking between Usagi and Minako.  "What should we do with Luna when we get there?"

    Luna looked at him.  "What do you mean?"

    Johnathon shrugged.  "Kasumi and Akane will recognize you, and how will we explain..."  He thought about it, taking another good look at her.  "Now that I think about it, Kasumi only saw your human form once, in the dark, and for a very short time.  Akane saw you even less.  I don't think either one saw your face.  With that ponytail, they probably won't recognize you at all."

    Luna nodded.  "Right, I'll be able to help.  I think I know more about cats then anyone else.  Maybe I can pose as Dr. Mizumi's daughter."

    Ami giggled.  "I never thought I'd have a daughter at my age."

    Usagi laughed.  Now you get to know what it feels like."  Johnathon quirked an eyebrow at that, but said nothing.

    He looked around.  No one's around Ami, why don't you change."

    Ami nodded.  "OK.  Usagi?"  Usagi handed over the disguise pen and Ami transformed into an older version of herself, in a business like suit and skirt.

    They boarded the train and headed for Nerima.  On the train, the girls gaily chatted about school, boys, and food.  Johnathon sat by himself, a slightly sad expression on his face.  Luna was quickly bored by the other girls conversation and went over to sit next to him.

    "What's wrong Johnathon?"  She peered at him in concern.

    He shook his head and tried to smile.  "Nothing."  He looked at her and sighed.  "That's a lie, and I guess that's part of the problem."

    Luna patted his shoulder.  "I'm sorry you have to lie to your wife Johnathon."

    Johnathon shook his head slowly.  "Don't apologize.  Keeping your secret is important, that's not really what's bothering me."

    Luna quirked her head.  "What is it then?"

    Johnathon frowned.  "It's just, it's all a big pattern.  I have a problem, but I keep it to myself thinking I can handle it.  Then things fall apart, because I didn't ask for help till it is too late.  I mean, look at what happened recently."  He held up a finger.  "I try to cure Ranma's cat phobia, and blow it, because I didn't ask for help."  He held up a second finger.  "I escape from cultists in China, but keep it to myself because I figure I handled it.  So Kasumi gets kidnapped by them, then cursed."  Johnathon held up a third finger.  "I bring a stash of water from Jusenkyo, because I think it might be useful, but instead I get Kasumi cursed.  And now you and Artemis get cursed, because I thought I knew all the answers."

    Johnathon's voice had went from sadness to anger.  His lip was curled in a snarl.  His voice was deep with self loathing.  Luna was glad he had kept his words at a whisper, but was worried about Johnathon's growing depression.

    Luna placed her hand on his back and whispered to him earnestly.  "No, Johnathon, don't think like that.  You did the best you could, you had the best of intentions."

    Her words seemed to depress him further.  "The road to hell..."  He said softly.

    Luna looked puzzled.  "Johnathon, what?"

    He looked at her wryly.  "Just a quote.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions."  He nodded slowly to himself.  "It is true enough, isn't it."  Luna was unable to speak, she had no idea what to say.

    Finally she just put her arms around his waist and hugged him.  "You're a good man, Johnathon Dwire.  Please, believe in yourself.  I believe in you."

    Johnathon sighed, his depression slowly lifted a notch.  He put his hand on her head and spoke gruffly to her.  "Just what I need right now, an ego boost."  He said sarcastically.

    Luna looked up at him and released her hug, then nodded.  "You're right, you don't need a bigger ego.  It has too be pretty big for you to think you caused all those things to happen.  Give me a break.  You may be overconfident, but don't think you alone could have done all of that.  You aren't in control of the world.  No one is.  You are as effected by fate and chance as the next man.  Next you'll be telling me that it is your fault that the Jusenkyo springs exist, or that Tokyo had an earthquake."

    Johnathon's eyebrows were raised, and he looked bemused.  He shook his head then he looked thoughtful and slowly started to nod.  "Now that you mention it..."  Luna punched him in the side.  "I'm kidding!"  He looked at her again.  Most of the depression had lifted from his face.  "Thanks Luna, you're a good friend."  He sat back and closed his eyes.  "Wake me at Nerima.  I haven't gotten enough sleep recently."  Twenty minutes later they reached their stop.  Johnathon rose to his feet without being prompted and they piled off.  Johnathon lead the way.

    The tall gajin looked back at Luna.  "So what should we call you?  We can't call you Luna in front of people who know you as a cat."

    Luna nodded, then shrugged.  "I don't know.  I hadn't thought about it."

    Minako spoke up.  "How about Diana?  I always wanted to be called that."

    Luna shrugged again.  "Fine with me, Diana it is."

    As they got closer to the Tendo Dojo.  Johnathon looked around.  "Um, you girls should change before we get there."  He paused.  "How do you do that anyway?  Is it like the disguise pen?"

    Ami shook her head.  "Not really, it's more of a power up.  We look the same, to each other at least, although the transformation makes everyone else unable to tell.

    Johnathon wrinkled his brow in thought.  "A power up?  Then you can't use your powers without changing?"  Ami nodded.  Johnathon looked interested.  "Sounds pretty cool.  I'd like to watch the transformation, see if I can..."

    All the girls blushed and Ami shook her head.  "I-I don't think that's a good idea."

    Johnathon looked puzzled.  "OK, if you say so."  He thought back to the girls transformation back to normal from their Senshi forms.  < I wonder what's wrong with their transformations?>

    They headed in the direction of the Tendo Dojo, looking for a secluded spot to transform before they got there.  When they were a block away a series of small explosions came from the direction of the Dojo.  Johnathon's eyes went wide and he broke into a sprint, heading down the street at a dead run.  The girls looked at each other.

    "What was that?"  Usagi exclaimed.

    "Trouble."  Makoto answered simply.

    Luna pointed at a deserted side street.  "That way, transform, hurry!"

    The five girls ran out of immediate sight and transformed, then they charged toward the Tendo Dojo.

                                    End Part 21


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