From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 22

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications. Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Taeuchi.

                                    A Different Viewpoint Pt 22

    Kasumi had put down the phone, having just finished talking.  "That was Johnathon."  She told Akane cheerfully.  "He was at a shrine in Juuban.  He's found Doctor Mizumi.  He told me that she's going to bring a very special specialist to help Ranma."

    Akane nodded, petting Ranma's head distractedly.  "Oh?  What kind of specialist?  And when is he getting back?"

    Kasumi shrugged.  "Johnathon said they would be about an hour.  And about the specialist, all he said was to expect the unexpected."

    Akane looked up from Ranma, who was getting steadily more affectionate.  "Down!  Down!  Good kitty.  What's that?  Expect the unexpected, I wonder what he meant?"

    Kasumi blushed as Ranma shoved his head into Akane's  chest and pawed playfully at her hips.  Kasumi stood and backed away.  "Oh my, I, I think I might have left something... in the kitchen."

    Akane blushed back while trying to slow her fiancee's amorous advances.  "Kasumi, could you um, keep everyone out of... eep... out of here for, ah, ahh... a while.  I don't think I can't make him wait... Ranma!  Bad kitty!  Yikes!"  Kasumi had averted her gaze halfway though Akane's request.  Ranma had started shoving up Akane's blouse with his nose and pulling down her skirt with his hands.

    Kasumi left quickly, and collapsed against a wall.  "Oh my."


    Cologne returned to the Cat Cafe after staying away all night.  < What can I do to convince them of my sincerity?  Shampoo must marry Ranma if she is to go on with her life.  There is no other way.  They do not understand what lengths I will go to in order to protect my only heir.>

    The lights were off and the trap door in the floor was open.  Cologne called out.  "Shampoo, where are you, child?"

    From the trap door Shampoo's voice came faintly.  "Great grandmother come help!"

    Cologne jumped down, prepared for a surprise attack.  The room was misty.  < Is someone using my illusionary smoke?  No, there is a strong odor... Where have I smelled that scent before?>  Cologne sensed a presence behind her and spun.  < It's only Mousse.>  "What's happened, boy?  Speak up, quickly!"

    Mousse nodded.  "Yes.  I was told to tell you something."

    Cologne looked at him suspiciously.  "What was it, boy?"

    Mousse's expression was cold.  "You are getting very sleepy."

    An instant later Cologne had bashed him into a wall with her staff.  She yawned and staggered.  "No... a trap..."

    A familiar voice laughed.  "Yes, now sleep, Cologne-chan."

    Cologne fought against the command with all her will, but could barely keep her eyes open. "Who?"

    A tall shape, wearing a gas mask, loomed over her.  "It's your own sweet Happi.  Don't you recognize me?"  Cologne shook her head once then lost consciousness.  Happosai chuckled.  "It took every bit of the hypnosis incense I had, but now my true revenge can begin!"  He flexed his newly acquired muscles and laughed evilly.  "I should have though of this years ago.  I really must thank Kasumi-chan's new husband properly for bringing me this wonderful water."  He easily picked up Cologne and brought her into the large room farther back.  Ranma had first fought Cologne for the Phoenix pill back here, months ago.

    Inside the huge indoor bath, Tatiwati and Kodachi Kuno sat listlessly, and Shampoo lay curled up in a ball.  Shampoo and Kodachi were both clad in expensive silken panties and bras.  They all awaited his command to act.  He had Mousse come in and Happosai began to give new commands to his hypnotized subjects.  With the amount of hypnosis incense each had inhaled, simple commands were easy.  He was cautious against giving any commands that would go against their basic personalities.  After using the water from the spring of drowned young man, emphasis on the young, Happosai felt like a teenager again.

    Happosai had convinced Kodachi and Shampoo that he was really Ranma and with the help of the incense they had fallen, hook line and sinker.  He still burned with the power that access to their willing bodies had given him.

    Kuno had been more difficult, but he had kept his commands to that one simple so far.  Mousse had been manipulated in Shampoo's name.  It seemed there was literally nothing he would not do if he thought she wished it.  Cologne would be harder, but he planned on using her repressed anger against Ranma.  That and her need to control those around her were plenty to get her to act as he wished.  Happosai was counting on her help.  He laid out his plans, talking quietly to each subject so as not to damage any of their commands.

    Happosai fondled Shampoo gleefully.  She didn't resist at all, believing he was her beloved.  "Shampoo, my darling, you must do only one thing to prove your love to me.  Defeat Akane Tendo.  Humiliate her and bring her to me, alive."

    Shampoo nodded, and returned his lecherous fondling with a passionate kiss.  "Shampoo do anything for beloved husband."

    Happosai went to Kuno next.  "You will be given the opportunity to defeat the cat-demon that plagues this city.  Glory and honor will be yours, and the loves of your pig tailed goddess and Akane."

    Kuno nodded, his eyes lit with fiery passion.  "Yes, honor, glory and my loves.  I will defeat the monster!"

    Happosai moved on to Kodachi.  "It is me, your beloved.  Aid your brother in defeating the demon and I am yours forever."

    Kodachi nodded fervently.  "Oh my love, share sweet bliss with me again!"

    Happosai shuddered.  He had discovered her thoughts on "sweet bliss"  < I'm just not in to that sort of thing, no matter how nice the package that goes with it.>

    He went to the Amazon elder next.  "Cologne, Ranma has broken Amazon law for the last time.  He must be punished."

    She nodded slowly, sweat streaming down her brow.  "He must be punished."

    Happosai pressed the point.  "You are angry at him, are you not?"

    Cologne's voice was a monotone.  "Angry at him."

    Happosai blinked.  < My, my, she's quite strong willed isn't she.>  "I will aid you in smiting Ranma.  He will be forced to join the Amazon tribe, or else."

    Cologne nodded with some animation.  "Or else."

    Happosai nodded, satisfied and finally went to Mousse.  "You will aid us in punishing Ranma."

    Mousse nodded with a grin.  "Punish Ranma."

    Happosai stepped back and spoke loudly.  "Now, all of you, prepare yourselves for battle and follow me!"  The ancient perverted master led his servants to the Tendo Dojo quickly and over the fence to the shogi doors in back.  He quietly opened the doors and his eyes went wide at the sight.  Ranma was naked, as was Akane, and Ranma was busily...  Happosai laughed, and Ranma's head snapped around to face him, his gaze feral.  Ranma hissed at the intruder and Akane shrieked and scrambled out from under Ranma.  Akane's distress made Ranma furious and he attacked the stranger instantly.  Happosai dodged. using the speed of a young body combined with hundreds of years of skill.  His pipe flipped Ranma through the roof, and high into the air.

    Happosai cackled at Akane.  "On the floor, like a cat, with a cat?  Akane, Akane, Akane.  Who's the pervert now?"

    Akane was hurriedly buttoning up her shirt.  < That voice, it can't be...>  She looked at the man.   < Purple Gi, leering grin...>  He pulled out a round explosive and chucked it outside, then followed it with several more.  "Happosai, but how?"

    Outside Cologne and Mousse were distracting Ranma as he fell.  Ranma was falling right toward Happosai's growing pile of bombs.  Happosai cackled some more as he watched Ranma and Cologne both drop into the bombs, which went off, sending them both back into the sky.  Mousse fell to earth a second later, shredded robes and pieces of broken metal falling around him.  Happosai grinned at Akane and bent to scoop up her discarded underwear.  When doing so he grimaced slightly at the pain of the cuts along his right arm.

    "Hmmph, boy's gotten faster."  Happosai shrugged and wrapped Akane's panties around the wound for a bandage.  < Low quality cotton anyway.>  "Thank your new brother in law.  It was the water he brought back from China that..."  Kasumi rushed into the room, and interrupted him with a scream.

    A second later an angry voice yelled her name from a distance away.  "Kasumi!  I'm coming!"

    Happosai chuckled.  "I see I'll be able to thank him myself!"  He nodded to Shampoo.  "Deal with Akane, remember, no killing."  Shampoo nodded, and attacked.  Happosai turned away and tossed a dozen bombs outside at Chestnut-fist speeds.  The bombs sailed over the koi pond just as Ranma and Cologne splashed down in it, barely conscious, but still fighting.  The explosion emptied the koi pond, leaving an unconscious Ranma naked, female, and scorched at the bottom.  Cologne had been blow out of the yard, not being quite at the center of the explosion.

    Water from the koi pond rained down as Johnathon charged into the living room.  Johnathon, Mousse, Shampoo, and Kasumi all transformed instantly.  Akane had been fighting for her life, and was pretty sure she was toast when her opponent suddenly became a small white and pink cat.

    Happosai waved the Kuno's forward.  "There's your demon!  Get him!"  Inwardly he winced.       < OK, so I forgot one little detail, sheesh...>  He winced again when Shampoo crawled out of her clothing and Akane punted her toward downtown Nerima.  "Drat Shampoo, dodge better next time!"  Happosai pouted a bit as he turned to face Akane, ignoring the melee going on between Johnathon and the Kuno's.

    Akane faced off with the ancient pervert, now youthened by the so called curse of Jusenkyo.  She tried not to let the fear get to her eyes.  Johnathon desperately fought the Kuno's while Kasumi wisely ran away, but Akane couldn't take her eyes off Happosai.

    She waited for him to make a move.  < He'll take me out in an instant if I drop my guard.>  Akane couldn't think straight.  < Who am I kidding?  He'll take me out easily if I'm on guard or not.  What would Ranma do?>  The master of Anything Goes just stood there silently.

    Happosai was trying not to drool, the water had made Akane's blouse almost transparent.  < I can see everything!>  He thought happily, captivated by the sight and starting to breathe heavily.

    Suddenly his pleasant reverie was interrupted by a loud female voice.  "Those who would terrorize innocent girls, and take their joy in their innocence with violence, I cannot forgive.  Even if those who so suffer forgive you, I never will!  I am Sailor Moon, and I will punish you!"

    Her voice was joined by four others.  "And we are the Sailor Senshi!  We will punish your evil!"

    Happosai tore his eyes from Akane to see the five lovely young girls in skimpy sailor fukus.  "This must be a dream."  He muttered.  "A really great dream!"

    Akane's aura flared blue and she charged at his back.  "Ignore me will you!"  Happosai casually flipped her into the backyard.  Akane landed in the empty koi pond next to Ranma with enough force to stun her.

    Happosai chortled in joy and went out to "play" with the Sailor Senshi.  They responded with their signature attacks, and the battle was on.

    Inside the Tendo living room Johnathon continued to fight the Kunos.  He was bloody from half a dozen nicks by Kodachi's ribbon and bruised in almost as many places from Kuno's bokken.  He was fighting on an adrenaline high, but knew he wasn't going to last much longer.  He finally managed to get inside Kuno's guard with a series of kicks.  Kodachi's ribbon was swirling around him but he ignored it long enough to finish Kuno off with a full strength, full speed series of punches to the head and body.  A second later his arms were pinned to his sides by Kodachi's ribbon.  Johnathon was flung into a wall with great force.  He was stunned by the impact and was surprised to still be conscious a few seconds later.

    Kodachi had been about to finish him off when  a white cat, followed closely by a black one, leaped upon the insane gymnast, clawing.  Kodachi screeched and flung them away, but the pause gave Johnathon enough time to act.  He popped his claws and turned his body so he could reach her ribbon.  He clawed it and spun away from Kodachi, cutting her ribbon and getting loose all in one motion.  Johnathon tore free just in time to dodge a volley of thrown clubs.  He ducked and leaped, jumping for her in a lightning fast pounce.

    Johnathon knocked her arms to the side with a forearm smash and put his claws to Kodachi's throat.  "Surrender!"  He hissed angrily.

    "Never!"  Kodachi screamed back and tried to pull something out from behind her.  Johnathon hit her in the jaw as hard as he could, even as a burst of sleeping gas caught him in the face.  He dropped, as did she, joining Tatiwati Kuno on the floor.

    Outside, the battle was going nowhere near as evenly.  Happosai bounced around, dodging everything the senshi could throw, effortlessly.  He kept up a constant monologue as he did so.  "Young girls shouldn't fight!  You shouldn't play with fire young lady, you'll hurt yourself!  Electricity is dangerous!  Be careful!  Can't we just be friends?"

    Jupiter knocked him off her chest again angrily.  "No!  Jupiter, Thunder, Crash!"  Nothing happened, Happosai twirled her tiara in one hand.  In the other hand he held the gem that had been attached to her bow.  As a matter of fact, it was still attached to her bow, and a large section of her top.  "Eek!"

    Happosai dodged again as Mars and Venus's threw more attacks.  "Oh!  So your power's in these huh?"  He charged around in a blur of speed.  Sailor Mercury gasped in shock as she felt the front part of her fuku get ripped away, bow, gem and all.  She fell back, covering her breasts, and saw the same thing repeated with Mars, Venus and Sailor Moon.  "Rripp!  Rripp!  Rripp!"

    Sailor Moon cried out in shock.  "He's got the Silver Crystal!  And my Cutie Moon rod!  And my tiara!  And my,,, eep!"

    Mars stood back up, covering her chest with her arms.  "And your top!  We know you idiot!"  She looked at Happosai, who was stuffing his stolen items into a sack.  "Don't count us out yet you pervert!"

    Akane had shaken herself awake finally, after plowing head first into Ranma.  She quickly took stock of the situation.  The girls in the fukus, well, mostly in fukus, were getting trounced, if the state of their clothing was any indication.  Akane suddenly remembered what Ranma would do in her situation.

    Akane stood and faced the master of Anything Goes Martial Arts.  "Oh Master Happosai!"  She called sweetly.  He turned, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head as Akane tore open her blouse, giving him a great look.  He pounced, arms wide.  "Hotcha!"  Akane punted him straight up.

    From the Dojo gates, a young woman cried out commandingly.  "Now!  Everyone hit him now!"

    Sailor Moon tried, but was powerless without the Silver Crystal.  Jupiter tried to summon the lightning and managed a small charge, but without her tiara it was hard to focus.  Mars, Venus, and Mercury threw their signature attacks as one, getting around the limitations of their devices with ingenuity, skill, or sheer willpower.  Their attacks all merged and the power grew exponentially, then hit the now descending Martial arts master.  There was a flash of light, an explosion, and a puff of steam all at once.

    Down fell a tiny little old man, securely wrapped in Venus's chain, and unconscious.  The Sailor Senshi cheered, then quickly covered themselves with their arms again.  Akane wrapped her blouse around herself, holding it shut, as she had torn off all the buttons in her little show for Happosai.

    Jupiter walked over and prodded the old pervert with her foot.  "What is it?"

    Akane laughed hollowly.  "Just an incredibly perverted old martial arts master.  Who happened to splash himself with water from the spring of drowned young man."

    Jupiter looked nonplused.  "Oh."  She grabbed the bag and rooted through it.  She found her tiara, and put it on.  "Hey guys, I found your stuff!"

    Akane suddenly remembered Ranma.  She dropped to her knees beside the red headed girl and checked her over.  Ranma?  Ranma are you alright?"  The smaller girl was breathing, her injures seemed non life threatening.

    The Sailor Senshi looked over from where they were collecting their power items.  Sailor Moon looked over at the red headed girl Akane had called Ranma, then over at Luna.  Luna nodded silently.

    Sailor Moon nodded back.  "Right.  Now's as good a time as any."  She coughed.  "Excuse me.  I believe I can help."

    Akane looked over at the blond girl with the funny looking balls on her head.  "What?  Oh can you?  I don't know why your here, but thanks for helping.  If you can help Ranma, then please do."

    Sailor Moon smiled gently.  "We'll be glad to.  Stand to one side, and I will do what I can."  She placed her tiara on her head and started to tie the her bow holding the Silver Crystal clumsily around her chest.  The Crystal in place, she began her healing power.  Sailor Moon stopped and clutched her chest.  "This is too embarrassing."

    Rei (Sailor Mars) groaned.  < Just when I was about to be impressed.>  "Sailor Moon, we're all girls.  Now hurry up and heal Ranma."

    Usagi (Sailor Moon) blushed.  "Well, it's still embarrassing."

    Luna shook her head in exasperation, then pulled her sweater over her head.  She handed the garment to Sailor Moon.  "Here, now you can do it without being embarrassed."

    Sailor Moon pulled on the sweater and smiled apologetically.  "Moon, Healing, Activation!"  Sailor Moon sprayed Ranma with the healing light.

    The red head sat up suddenly.  "What?  Where?  What's going on?"  Sailor Mercury peered at Ranma interestedly through her visor, and Akane ran to Ranma and collapsed against her.

    "Ranma.  Oh Ranma!  I'm so glad you're back!"  Akane's voice broke into a sob.

    Ranma looked around puzzled, then blushed bright red at all the partially covered female flesh.  Her fiancee was hugging her, bare skin pressed up against her own entirely naked body.  Six other girls stood around them, four covering their chests with their arms.  (Mercury wasn't doing a very good job of that as she was busy taking readings with her visor.)

    Sailor Mercury nodded to herself and pointed at an unconscious duck.  "That is a Jusenkyo curse victim as well."  She pointed at Ranma.  "Ranma had some sort of magical effect on her until you healed her, in addition to the curse.  It's gone now, but that duck is effected by it."  She pointed at the house.  "Hmm, the man in Kendo garb and the woman in the leotard aren't curse victims, but do have the other magical effect on them."

    Akane looked puzzled.  "What magic?  Oh I know!  The hypnosis incense!  Happosai must have used it on all of them!"

    Mercury nodded, and belatedly covered up her breasts again.  "Sailor Moon, you should use your Moon healing on those people, and the duck."

    Akane gasped.  "Shampoo, and Cologne!"  She pointed.  "Shampoo went that way, she's a cat.  Cologne landed over there, I think.  She's a little old lady in a green robe.  They were probably drugged too!"

    Sailor Moon nodded.  "Right, I got it, a cat and a little old lady..."

    Inside, Artemis woke slowly with a splitting head ache.  He noticed everyone in the room was unconscious.  Then he noticed the black cat laying near him.  Still only semiconscious, he staggered over to her and tapped her gently with his paw.

    "Luna."  Artemis whispered.  "Luna, are you OK?"  The little black cat looked at him as she woke up.  Artemis suddenly noticed that she did not have a little crescent moon on her forehead that only certain individuals could see.  Kasumi meowed in confusion and all Artemis could think to say was.  "Oops."

    Sailor Moon activated her healing beam again and swept it over Mousse and the Kunos.  She turned to go, then stopped.  "What does the cat look like?"

    Akane froze.  < Shampoo, and Cologne, they are both under the influence of the hypnosis incense.  Maybe we can get the Phoenix pill from Cologne?>  She looked at Sailor Moon.  "Um the cat is white with pink socks, but when you get her and Cologne, don't use your powers on them right away."

    Sailor Moon looked confused.  "What?  Why not?"

    Akane looked pleadingly at her.  "Please, it's very important.  I promise I'll explain, just please trust me."

    Sailor Moon looked at her questioningly.  "Alright, I'll trust you."  She hopped over the fence to find Shampoo and Cologne.

    Ranma coughed lightly, having failed to figure out what had happened on his own.  "Um, Akane, what's going on?"

    Akane turned to Ranma and blushed.  "First let's get some clothes on.  Then I'll explain everything."  She led a blushing Ranma into the living room and they quickly dressed.

    Johnathon started to wake up as Ranma and Akane were getting dressed.  He surveyed the situation.  Ranma was acting normally again.  There were four of the Senshi outside with their backs to the house and their arms covering their...  < Oh my.>  The Kuno's were still unconscious and there were two cats over by him.

    "Artemis, Luna, are you..."  Johnathon froze in horror.  Kasumi's clothing was in a pile on the floor, and the black cat wasn't Luna.  "Oh no, Kasumi!"  He rushed over to her and knelt by her.  "Kasumi..."

    Akane and Ranma, now dressed, turned to look.  "Kasumi?"  Akane quickly realized what had happened.  "Oh no!  The koi pond!"

    Ranma put two and two together a second later.  "Kasumi got splashed?  Damn it!"  The Sailor Senshi looked over at them, still covering themselves.

    Jupiter, concerned, came inside to find out what was wrong.  "What's happened?  Can we help?"

    Akane turned to her.  "I hope so.  I'm not sure why you're here, but you cured Ranma from being stuck as a cat, so maybe you can help."

    Jupiter smiled.  "That's why we came.  We'll help if we can."

    Akane looked at Jupiter, then at the other Senshi.  "Um, why don't I get you and your friends some shirts, and I'll tell you everything."  Akane paused.  "How did you know about Ranma's being stuck in his cat personality?"

    Johnathon coughed.  "Dr. Mizumi and I brought them here.  They live in Juuban.  I've run into the Sailor Senshi before."

    Akane looked impressed.  "Wow!  Johnathon, why didn't you mention that you knew them?"

    Johnathon shook his head.  "I really couldn't, until it became important enough to do so."

    Akane looked at him.  "OK, Johnathon, I trust you, I won't press."  < For now.>  She headed for the stairs.  "I'll get those shirts, be right back!"

    Ranma looked at Johnathon questioningly.  "Johnathon, is that what happened?  I turned into a cat and..."  He looked around in shock.  "I did all this?"

    Johnathon was quick to correct him.  "Oh no, Ranma!  Happosai did all this.  He released your cat personality with a hypnotic incense, last night.  It was an accident we think.  Later he returned with the Kunos, Shampoo, Mousse and Cologne.  As far as I can tell, they were hypnotized as well."  Johnathon looked around, Sailor Moon had returned carrying Cologne, while Diana (Luna) followed her carrying Shampoo.  Johnathon explained further.  "I missed the end of it, but apparently Happosai turned himself young with the water from the spring of drowned young man."  He pointed at the old master, who was in obviously too large clothing, still unconscious and wrapped in Venus's energy chain.  "I beat the Kunos with help from Kasumi and Artemis.  I quess the Senshi defeated Happosai."

    Ranma looked impressed.  "Wow, a young Happosai, huh?  Yeah it does look like they fought him."

    Johnathon nodded.  "Akane beat Shampoo, I think, although Shampoo did get changed into a cat first."  He paused.

    Jupiter shrugged.  "Actually, Akane defeated Happosai.  We were getting trashed until she, um, distracted him and punted him into the air."

    Ranma nodded knowingly.  "Oh, flashed him her..."

    "Ranma!"  Akane's voice came down ahead of her.

    Ranma flinched.  "Oops, sorry Akane."

    Akane came into the living room with a pile of tee shirts.  She handed them out to the Sailor Senshi, who quickly put them on.  Sailor Moon had laid Cologne out on the floor next to Happosai.

    The Senshi of the Moon looked at Akane.  "OK, why don't you tell me why you don't want me to use my healing power on this old woman."

    Akane just stammered.  "Um, well, I thought..."

    Johnathon slapped his fist into his palm.  "Of course!  If she's been effected by Happosai's hypnosis, then perhaps we can get her to give us the Phoenix Pill for Kasumi!"

    "Diana" stepped in next to Sailor Moon, still holding an unconscious Shampoo.  She caught his eye and subtly nodded.  Sailor Moon's eyebrows raised and she waited to hear the story.  Johnathon quickly filled the Senshi in on the details of Cologne's cursing Kasumi with the Full Body Cat's Tongue.  As he did so he picked up his wife and held her to his chest gently, occasionally looking down at her sadly.

    With the story told, Mercury spoke first.  "I understand.  You wish to get Cologne to give you the Phoenix pill to cure Kasumi, while Cologne is still under hypnosis."

    Akane nodded.  "I'm not sure exactly how to go about it..."

    Sailor Moon looked sad.  "Being cursed to be a cat forever is terrible.  We'll be glad to help."  She looked determined.  "I could try my healing... but I don't know if it would work."

    Johnathon sighed.  "Well, you can't cure the curses with it.  Otherwise I wouldn't still be a half-cat."

    Sailor Moon sighed.  "That's right, I already used it on you."

    Johnathon nodded.  "You thought I was a demon."

    Mercury broke in.  "The Full Body Cat's Tongue is a shiatsu spot, right?"

    Johnathon nodded.  "Yes, that's correct."

    Mercury sighed.  "Sailor Moon's power won't cure that either.  Besides, she's already used it on everyone in the room."

    Akane sighed in response.  "Then the only way is to get the Phoenix pill from Cologne."

    Johnathon scratched his chin.  "OK, let's try it.  Why don't we try a test, try it on Shampoo first.  If we wake up Cologne and she starts fighting, we could be in trouble."

    "Diana" came over with Shampoo.  "Um, hi.  I'm Dr. Mizumi's daughter, Diana.  This is Shampoo, right?"

    Akane looked at her.  "Hello, I'm Akane.  Yes, that's Shampoo.  I suppose your mother told you huh?"

    "Diana" nodded slowly.  "Um, yes, she couldn't make it right away, so I came."

    Akane reached out and shook Shampoo gently.  "Shampoo, wake up."  Shampoo started to wake.  Upon seeing Akane she immediately tried to attack.  "Diana" held on tightly and Akane took a step back.  "Still programmed to kill me I guess."

    Johnathon stepped forward.  "Shampoo, listen to me, you are getting very sleepy, sleepy, your eyelids are getting heavy..."  The white and pink cat continued to struggle, "Diana" was having trouble holding her.  Johnathon quickly stepped in and took her.  "It's not working.  Shampoo's still programmed, but not susceptible to further programing."  He grimaced as he fought to keep the thrashing cat still.  "I should have known.  The hypnosis incense must create the susceptibility to suggestion, so we would need more of it to re-hypnotise her."  He gave a little yelp of pain.  "Ouch.  Sailor Moon, quick, heal her!"

    Sailor Moon wound up and zapped Shampoo with her healing power.  Shampoo stopped struggling and looked up at Johnathon in surprise.

    Johnathon looked back.  "Shampoo, are you OK?"  The little cat looked around in confusion, then back at Johnathon.  "Shampoo, do you know what has happened to you?"  She shook her head.  Johnathon looked thoughtful.  "Alright, I think you'll be OK, Shampoo, would you like some hot water?"  She nodded.  "OK."  Johnathon slowly put Shampoo down, tensing a bit to grab her in case she suddenly went for Akane.  She just looked around and waited.  Johnathon collected Shampoo's clothing from the floor and looked down at her again.  "OK, Shampoo, follow me."  He looked at Akane.  "I'll explain to Shampoo.  I don't think she remembers anything."

    Akane nodded.  "That makes sense I guess.  I'll call Sasuke to pick up the Kunos."

    Johnathon went into the bathroom and started to heat up the furo.  He laid Shampoo's clothing out and looked down at her.  "I'll wait outside."

    Johnathon went into the outer bath, and half a minute later Shampoo came in, dressed and toweling her hair.  "What happen to Shampoo?  Why is Shampoo in Ranma's house, who all strange people?"

    Johnathon took each question in order.  "You were hypnotized by Happosai into attacking Akane.  You are here because he brought you here and we just brought you out of your trance.  The strange girls are the Sailor Senshi from Juuban."

    Shampoo opened her mouth to say something, then closed it.  She shook her head and tried again.  "What?"

    Johnathon sighed and told her the whole story as he knew it.  He took her out into the living room as he did so.  When he finished he looked at Cologne, then Happosai.

    Johnathon walked over to the ancient Master, and started to search through his clothing.  "Ah, here, that must be it."  Johnathon pulled out an intricate incense burner and sniffed it.  "This is the scent alright.  It's faint but..."  Johnathon carefully examined the incense burner.  "There's no more incense left in here."  He started to search Happosai again, more carefully.  After several minutes he gave up.  "Happosai doesn't have any more anywhere."  Johnathon sighed.  "Sailor Moon, you had better heal Cologne.  If we leave her like this she'll just attack again."

    Akane slumped her shoulders.  "That's it then, and she won't give Kasumi the pill until Ranma marries Shampoo."  She shook her head.  "Johnathon's right, Sailor Moon, heal her."

    Ranma moved over to Akane.  "We'll get her to give up the pill, Akane."  The red headed girl started to put a hand on Akane's shoulder reassuringly.  Akane flinched away.  "Akane?"  Ranma looked worried and surprised.

    Akane smiled nervously and looked at Cologne.  "Um, not in front of Cologne and Shampoo, OK?"

    Ranma nodded slowly.  "OK, sure."

    Sailor Moon wound up and sprayed Cologne with her healing power.  The Amazon elder stirred but did not wake.

    Johnathon looked at Shampoo.  "Um, Shampoo, to prevent a second fight, could you take your great grandmother home before she wakes up?  Tell her what happened and that we'll handle, Happosai, here."

    Shampoo nodded and Johnathon helped her get Cologne on her back.  Shampoo headed out, passing Sasuke and two other Kuno family ninja on the way in.

    Akane nodded at the Kunos.  "Here are your charges.  They aren't seriously injured.  If they want to know what happened, tell them to call first."

    Sasuke nodded and collected the Kuno siblings.  He took a few interested glances at the five Senshi in tee shirts and fukus before leaving quietly.  When they had left, Mousse started to stir.  The duck quacked in confusion as it looked around.

    Akane went over to the white duck.  "Mousse, are you OK?"  The duck quacked and flapped it's wings.  Akane sighed.  "Shampoo is headed for the Cat Cafe, why don't you join her.  She can tell you what happened."  The duck quacked and nodded, then flew away.  That left only Happosai to deal with.

    Johnathon looked at Sailor Venus.  "How long will that chain hold?"

    Venus shrugged.  "Actually I've been maintaining it, otherwise it would have already gone."

    Johnathon frowned.  "I see."  He regarded the still unconscious Happosai.  "What are we going to do with him?"

    Ranma shrugged.  "Chain him to a boulder and toss him in the sea?  The Senshi all looked at Ranma questioningly.  He put up a hand.  "I'm kidding, mostly, although that's what dad and Mr. Tendo would probably suggest."  Johnathon started to pace, thinking.

    Akane sat down.  "I'm beat!  I hope we don't have to fight anyone else today."

    Sailor Mercury looked thoughtful.  "We can't really give him to the proper authorities.  There are too many secrets here he could reveal."

    Ranma shrugged again.  "Besides, no jail could hold him."

    Mars growled.  "Maybe we should just drop him into the sea."

    Sailor Moon looked reproachfully at her.  "Mars!  He is a human being!"

    Venus blinked.  "Are you sure?"

    Jupiter snorted.  "Barely, I guess."

    Johnathon stopped pacing and went over to Kasumi, who was staring at Artemis.  "Kasumi, are you... I know you aren't going to be OK, but are you hurt?"  Kasumi looked at Johnathon, shook her head, and meowed.  She looked back at Artemis and meowed, then looked at Johnathon and meowed again.  Johnathon looked puzzled.  "What is it?"  Artemis looked at him with a worried expression.  Then the white cat looked pointedly at Kasumi and nodded at her.  Johnathon blinked.  < What am I missing.>  He looked at the two cats.  "Kasumi, Sailor Moon's healing power may have helped your Full Body Cat Tongue.  There is some hot water in the furo.  Would you like to give it a try?"

    Kasumi looked at her husband and nodded.  Johnathon reached down and picked her up.  He walked toward the bathroom, Artemis following after.

    Behind him, he heard Akane suggest jokingly.  "Maybe we could mail him to Siberia or something?"

    Johnathon reached the bath and took Kasumi to the furo.  Slowly he lowered her.  "Tell me if it's too hot, just meow once, I'll stop."  As Kasumi neared the water she meowed loudly.  Johnathon pulled her away quickly.  "Too hot?"  The small black cat nodded, tears in her eyes.  Johnathon fought to keep from crying himself.  "You didn't even touch it, the Full Body Cat's Tongue is in place alright."  He put her down slowly.  "Oh Kasumi-chan, I'm so sorry."  Kasumi meowed in a reassuring tone and looked at Artemis.  She meowed again interrogatively at the white cat.

    Artemis sighed  "Yes Kasumi, I did talk."

                                End Pt 22


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