From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 27

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications. Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Taeuchi.

                               A Different Viewpoint pt 27

    Akane watched Johnathon get onto the train for Juuban with the two cats.  < I know I shouldn't
follow him, but...>  Akane fought with herself.  < I trust him, I do, but if Johnathon is going to see the Sailor Senshi, and fight monsters...>  Akane sighed.  < If anything happens to him, Sis will be heart broken.  I shouldn't follow him, but if it's for Kasumi's sake then it's OK.>  Akane started for the last car on the train.  She was confident that she had stayed far enough back that Johnathon hadn't noticed her.  < If I can just stay out of sight for a little longer...>

    Akane felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped.  "Who is... Ranma!"

    Ranma shook his head at Akane.  "Akane, you told Johnathon you trusted him right?"

    Akane nodded.  "Yes, but..."

    Ranma nodded back.  "I know how you feel, normally I'd be the first one to follow him and find out what's going on.  I bet anything he's going to see the Sailor Senshi tonight."

    Akane nodded.  "And he might be fighting monsters too!  If anything happens to him, Kasumi will..."

    Ranma nodded somberly.  "Yeah, I thought of that too.  Like I said, I want to follow him too.  I would have too, but everything that's been happening recently has got me thinking."  Ranma frowned.  "I'm always jumping in head first you know?  I think that's part of why things have gotten so crazy.  So I tried to think of what might happen if we follow Johnathon.  He might just spot us and get mad.  He's always been honest with us before.  Sure he's kept some stuff back, but everybody does that.  He asked for our trust and we told him we would trust him.  If he finds out we followed him, it's like we lied.  I don't want him to think that of either of us, Akane."

    Akane nodded.  "I don't either, Ranma, but what if he gets hurt?  What about the Senshi?  If there's monsters, then he might need us."

    Ranma shook his head.  "We can't follow him, Akane.  What if the Senshi find out we've followed him?  Would they trust us after that?  Or him, for leading us to them?  They've got secret identities right?  He has to keep their secret, it's a matter of honor."  Ranma shrugged helplessly. "As for him needing our help, well, Johnathon isn't someone who will take stupid risks.  If he really needs help, he'll ask for it.  He's done so before right?"

    Akane nodded finally.  "You're right, Ranma.  As much as I hate to admit it, you're right.  Still, if, Johnathon gets into trouble, I can't just let him go and fight alone."

    Ranma nodded back.  "I'm with you there.  We'll see what happens.  Come on, Kasumi's all alone at home, we should go back."

    Akane shook her head.  "I can hardly believe how much you've changed, Ranma."

    Ranma shrugged.  "I guess I'm just finally starting to act my age."

    They headed back for the Dojo together, both wondering if they had made the right choice.


    Johnathon, Luna and Artemis walked into Rei's shrine just as it was beginning to get dark.  The girls were there having a meeting.

    When they walked into sight, Usagi and Minako jumped up.  "Luna!"  "Artemis!"  The two girls and their guardian cats ran to each other.  Usagi scooped Luna up for a hug, while Minako went to her knees to get to Artemis's level.

    Usagi spun around.  "Luna!  Luna, I missed you!"

    Luna gasped for breath.  "Not... so... tight!"

    Minako lovingly petted Artemis.  "I missed you too, tuna breath."  She said fondly.

    Artemis mock scowled at her.  "I bet you have.  Without me to look after you, I can barely imagine all the trouble you've gotten into!"  The other Senshi smiled at each other and at the reunited pairs.

    Minako smiled at her friend and mentor.  "Oh, you know it, Artemis!  We could never do without you!"

    Luna spoke up. finally having been released from Usagi's strangle hold.  "What's happening? We heard you fought a Youma?"

    Rei nodded.  "Two, actually.  We haven't figured out what they are up to yet."  Luna listened while the girls described what they knew about the recent Youma attacks.

    The black cat shook her head finally.  "You're right, there's not much there to go on.  We'll have to keep our guard up until we figure out what is going on."

    Johnathon spoke up.  "Do you need any help?  I could stick around for awhile and help out.  I'd just call home and tell them I am going to be out late."  The Senshi looked at each other.

    "Well, we have had two Youma's in a row."  Makoto said shrugging.  We were going to patrol tonight."

    Johnathon smiled.  "Then count me in."

    Minako looked over at him.  "We were going to split into teams and cover as much area as possible."

    Usagi nodded.  "We'll pair up and contact each other if we spot a Youma."

    Johnathon grinned.  "We'll it's good that I showed up then.  Now there's an even number."  He looked around at the girls.  "Why don't I pair up with Ami.  That way she can transform me in case of trouble."

    Ami nodded.  "Good idea Johnathon-san, we can have pairs of two."

    Johnathon looked up at the sky.  "It looks like it might rain.  Usagi, Mina, you should take Luna and Artemis home in case it does.  You two can pair up after that."

    Usagi nodded then looked at Luna and giggled.  "Oh yeah, If it rains you'll be arrested for indecent exposure."

    Luna groaned.  "Don't remind me.  That's nearly happened to, Artemis already."

    Minako nodded.  "Right, we'll take them home and meet here, OK Usagi?"

    Usagi nodded back.  "Right, meet you here in half an hour?"  Minako nodded.

    Rei looked at Makoto.  "OK, I guess that leaves you and me, partner."

    Makoto grinned and gripped Rei's forearm.  "Right, partner."  She looked at Ami.  "We'll head for last night's sighting.  You two can take the other spot."

    Ami nodded.  "OK, we should keep in contact and watch watch other's backs."  Everyone nodded and they all set off in their own directions.

    Elsewhere, Usagi carried Luna into her house and closed her umbrella.  Luna jumped down, grateful that for once Usagi had shown some foresight.

    Usagi looked outside.  "The rain's stopping.  I hope Mina and Artemis got back OK."

    Luna looked at her charge with interest.  < Usagi's growing up, finally.  It's nice to see.>  "I'm sure they're fine.  Why don't you meet, Minako at the shrine.  You had better get going too." Usagi nodded and left without another word.  From behind her Luna heard footsteps.

    "Usagi, are you back?"  Ms. Tsukino walked up to the front door.  "I could have swore I heard Usagi talking to someone in here."  She looked down.  "Oh my!  Luna's back!"  She picked up the black cat.  "Usagi's missed you!  Where have you been you naughty cat!"  Usagi's mother started to carry Luna toward the living room.  "You've been gone quite a while haven't you?"  She said to her daughters pet.  "I bet you could use a bath couldn't you?"

    Luna started to sweat.  < Uh oh, this is not good.>


    As they walked, patrolling for Youma, Johnathon and Ami were talking.

    "Ranma and Akane both want to help the Senshi, Ami."  Johnathon said, looking seriously at the short haired girl.  "From what I've seen, you could use some help."

    Ami looked thoughtful.  "From what you've told me about Ranma, and what I've seen, their help would be valuable."  She paused  "But perhaps rather their coming to Juuban and helping us battle Youma, Ranma could train us.  We could all use some martial arts training."

    Johnathon shrugged.  "If anyone could teach a bunch of Youma hunters, it'd be Ranma.  The question it how to go about it?"  You couldn't really keep showing up at the Dojo as the Sailor Senshi, someone would notice.  Ranma could come up here, but again someone would notice if he was training the Sailor Senshi, unless you know someplace private enough?"

    Ami looked thoughtful.  "We probably could find some place private enough.  But perhaps we could also train in our normal identities.  It would carry over I think."

    Johnathon blinked.  "But what about your secret identities?  If five girls show up wanting to train with him, "Dr, Mizumi's" niece and friends for example, Ranma will probably figure out who you are."

    Ami nodded.  "I've thought about that.  We'd have to talk to the others, but I believe we could trust Ranma with the truth.  We do know his secrets, it would be equitable for him to know ours."

    Johnathon paused.  "It would be your decision of course, but I think you're right.  You could definitely trust Ranma to keep your secret."  He pointed.  "There's a phone, let me call home, eh? Let them know I'll be late."  He dialed the number and the other end was picked up after several rings.

    Akane was on the other end.  "Hello?"

    Johnathon looked back toward Ami.  "It's Johnathon.  Tell, Kasumi that I'll be late tonight, OK, Akane?"

    Akane sounded hesitant.  "Why?  What are you doing?"

    Johnathon hesitated, he looked at Ami again.  She nodded and mouthed the words.  "Tell her."

    Johnathon smiled, Akane was speaking worriedly into the phone.  "Johnathon?"

    He answered her cheerfully.  "Oh, I'm patrolling Juuban for Youma to fight with the Sailor Senshi."

    Akane's voice rose and octave in surprise.  "You're what?!?"

    Johnathon spoke reassuringly.  "Yes, I'm with Sailor Mercury right now.  We think a Youma will show up tonight, and since I was in town anyway I thought I'd help out."

    Akane sputtered.  "Sailor Mercury!  Help out?"  Johnathon!"

    He grinned at the phone.  "Give Kasumi my love, and don't worry.  Tell Ranma he can come along next time.  I've gotta go.  Goodnight Akane!"  Johnathon hung up with a chuckle.  "That was fun.  I wish I could have seen her face."

    Ami giggled.  "You're mean sometimes Johnathon-san."

    Johnathon shrugged.  "Sometimes.  Lets go find a monster to beat up!"  Johnathon walked up and offered Ami the crook of his arm.  "Shall we?"

    Ami giggled again, but took his arm.  "Absolutely."  They walked off again.  Johnathon began to whistle a cheerful tune.  Ami shook her head.  < I'll never understand him, but he is a nice guy, even if he enjoys fighting monsters.>


    Walking past a shopping mall, Rei and Makoto heard a loud crash.  They headed to investigate.  Sure enough, a Youma was terrorizing people in the mall.  It was busy feeding off their fear.

    Rei quickly spoke into her watch.  "Everyone, A Youma has shown up at the mall, come quick!"


    Ami and Johnathon ran into a nearby alley.  Ami brought out her transformation pen and immediately transformed.  Johnathon's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped.  Before he thought to turn around she had finished transforming to Sailor Mercury.

    Johnathon blushed.  < Oh my.  That's why they asked me to turn my back before.>

    Mercury turned to him and blushed as well, realizing what he had just seen.  "Oops."  She shrugged.  "Oh well, no harm done."  Mercury summoned up a gush of cold water and splashed Johnathon.

    He transformed instantly and picked up his shoes, putting them quickly into his pack.  "Let's go!"  He grinned at Mercury and she grinned back.

    "Right!"  Sailor Mercury said, then leapt up to the roof of the building to their left.

    Johnathon followed her as she quickly ran and jumped across the rooftops.  Before long they had reached the mall.  Sailor Mars and Jupiter had managed to lure the Youma outside and they were herding it with their attacks.  As Johnathon and Sailor Mercury approached, they got a good look at it.

    "An Allosaurous?"  Johnathon muttered, naming the prehistoric creature the monster represented.

    Mercury nodded as she got into range for an attack.  "Lucky for us it's not to scale."

    As Mercury prepared to attack, the creature got tired of dodging and charged Jupiter.  It's claws made Johnathon's look quite insignificant and Sailor Jupiter wisely retreated.  Sailor Mars and Mercury attacked with ice and fire blasts and the monster barely sidestepped, but kept coming for Jupiter.  It was gaining ground on her rapidly.  Johnathon had dropped his pack as he came into sight and never stopped running.  Now he broke into a sprint, curving around behind the creature.  It looked like it might weight six to eight hundred pounds and moved quickly.

    Johnathon grimaced.  < Jupiter might be in trouble in seconds unless..>. He poured on the speed, throwing everything he had into going faster.  At the last second he leapt, and caught it around the throat from behind.  Johnathon threw his weight violently to the left.  His weight around its neck toppled the monster, sending it crashing head first into the ground.  Johnathon slashed its throat and leapt clear.

    The Youma lay quivering on the ground for several seconds.  Finally it rose, holding one claw to its throat.  The pause had been too long.  Electricity, fire and ice hit it simultaneously and the Youma roared as it was racked between the Senshi's attacks.  Seconds later it vaporized with a flash and a rush of air.  Sailor Moon and Venus ran into sight to witness the finish.  As Sailor Mars and Mercury walked up to join Johnathon and Sailor Jupiter, the felinoid looked distastefully at the dark blue liquid on his claws.

    "Blood."  Johnathon said quietly.  "The other's didn't bleed."  Slowly he stooped and deliberately wiped his claws on the grass.  When he stood back up he heard whispers and frightened voices.  Johnathon sighed.  < I don't have to look to know that sound.  The public has spotted a "monster" and this time, it's me.>  He looked instead at the Senshi.  They had gathered nearby and were also noticing the reaction's Johnathon was getting.  A dozen or so pedestrians and shoppers were looking in his direction fearfully, pointing and whispering.

    An older man, hiding his granddaughter behind him shouted to the girls.  "Sailor Senshi, there's still a monster!  Can't you see it?"

    Sailor Moon turned to the man.  "No, that's not a Youma, it's a friend!"  The crowd started to whisper loudly.

    A middle aged woman pointed at Johnathon.  "It's a monster!  Are you siding with the demons against us?"  Johnathon finally looked at the crowd.  A couple of women screamed.

    A young man about Johnathon's age yelled.  "It's going to attack!  Stop it before it kills someone!"  Johnathon put up his hands to show he meant no harm.  That brought another shout. "Look, it still has blood on its claws!"

    Johnathon dropped his hands and sheathed his claws belatedly.  < Dammit, it is always the same.>

    Sailor Jupiter was starting to get angry at the crowd.  "You idiots!  He saved my life!  Stopped that Youma!  He's one of the good guys!"

    The young man that had spoken before shouted back.  "It's just a trick!  It's still a monster! Destroy it before it kills someone!"

    Jupiter's tiara started to spark.  "Why you little...!"

    Johnathon stepped to her side and put his furred hand on her shoulder.  "Don't, they're just scared, Jupiter, leave them alone."

    Mercury came around to her other side.  "Whisper's right, Jupiter.  We should go."

    Johnathon looked at Sailor Mercury and nodded.  "Let's get out of here."  He turned to go.

    Mars shouted at him.  "Whisper, duck!"

    Johnathon did so, and a brick passed though the space that his head had been in.  He looked back.  Several men and picked up rocks and pieces of brick broken off earlier by the Youma. They started to throw their improvised weapons.

    Johnathon dodged and started to run.  < There's nothing I can do to salvage this.  These people won't listen to a monster.>

    Sailor Venus stepped in between Johnathon's retreating form and the mob, her arms outstretched.  "No!  He's done you no harm!"  A bit of brick clipped her in the temple and she staggered, then stood firm.  The other Senshi rushed to her side.

    Sailor Moon imitated Venus's stance before the crowd.  "What's wrong with you people?"

    Mercury checked Venus's head.  "It's not serious, but we should go after Joh... Whisper"

    Mars turned angrily toward to crowd.  "We can't let them get away with that!"

    Mercury shook her head.  "No, Whisper's right.  They're just scared.  That's nothing we can fix by zapping people."

    Jupiter nodded reluctantly.  "Mercury's right.  Lets go... before I electrocute some idiots."

    The Senshi turned and ran after Johnathon.  The crowded stared after, uncertain how they should react.  Soon the Sailor Senshi caught up to Johnathon on a nearby rooftop.  He had retrieved his pack on the way out of sight.

    Johnathon shouldered his pack, looking sad.  "Damn.  I should have expected that reaction.  It's what I usually get after all."

    Sailor Moon walked up to him.  "It's not fair!  You were there to help!"

    Johnathon shrugged.  "It's OK, Sailor Moon.  Life is seldom fair.  I'm used to it."  His last words rung false.  < I'll never get used to the hate.>

    Jupiter was pacing, furious.  "Those idiots!  Couldn't they see?  Johnathon, Whisper had just saved me, and them!"

    Mercury temporized.  "The Youma scared them pretty badly.  People don't think clearly when they're scared."

    Venus looked at her incredulously.  "That's no excuse for attacking someone who came to help them!"

    Mars looked thoughtful.  "That Youma, it was putting out a pretty strong fear aura.  Those people were probably affected."

    Sailor Moon nodded, cheering up a bit.  "That must have been it!  It was the affects of that Youma!"

    Johnathon looked dubious, but shrugged.  "I hope so, but..."  He sighed.  "Never mind.  Why don't we get going.  Mars, Mercury?  Could you change me back?"

    Six transformations later, everyone began to go their separate ways, ready to go to their respective homes.

    Ami stopped them.  "Can we discuss some things?  As a group?"

    Usagi looked at her quizzically.  "Like what?"

    Ami looked around at the other girls.  "Johnathon and I have been taking about some things. Ranma Saotome has offered to help us.  Perhaps we should take his offer and let him train us in the martial arts."

    Rei frowned.  "How?  We can't really go to the Tendo Dojo as the Sailor Senshi!"

    Ami nodded.  "You're right, but I think we could go as ourselves.  I believe we could trust Ranma to keep our secret."

    Makoto whistled.  "That's quite a step to take... Ranma seemed like a nice guy and all, but..." She shrugged.  "I don't know, maybe."

    Minako looked thoughtful.  "It's an idea.  We really could use some training.  Why don't we take some time to think about it?"

    Usagi nodded.  "OK, maybe Luna can tell me if it's a good idea or not."

    Minako smiled.  "I'll ask Artemis too.  They've spent a whole lot of time with him."

    Makoto turned to Johnathon, who had stood quietly observing the debate.  "What do you think,
Johnathon?  You've know him the longest.  Should we tell Ranma our secret identities?"

    Johnathon looked at her seriously.  "Ranma could indeed help you.  I've always found him to be trustworthy.  His honor is unquestionable.  That said, it is still your choice.  I can't tell you what to do."

    Rei spoke up.  "It's getting late.  Everyone, let's meet at the shrine tomorrow after school and talk about it."  The other girls nodded.

    Usagi looked at Johnathon.  "Will you be there, Johnathon-san?"

    He shook his head.  "Not right after school.  I'm going back to work tomorrow, and I have to do some catching up.  Call me at the Dojo if you decide anything, or if you need help."  Everyone broke up then, heading for their homes.

    Johnathon headed for the train, wondering how things would develop.  < Was Rei right?  Was it the after affects of the Youma that caused the crowd's negative reaction?  I thought that being with the Senshi would keep me from getting hunted down as a monster.  Was I wrong?  Am I going to endanger the Senshi more than I help them with my presence?>  He sighed.  < Everytime it starts to seem like my curse is good for something, I find out otherwise.  I hope, I hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid I'm not.>


    Usagi got home and Luna raced between her legs as she came in the door.

    Her mother ran up panting.  "Usagi!  Grab that cat of yours.  I've been trying to give her a bath for an hour now!"

    Usagi turned around and picked up Luna.  < Oh brother, now what should I do?>  "I've got her mom.  Um, don't worry about it.  I'll give her a bath."

    Usagi's mother looked surprised.  "You will?  Well, don't make a mess dear.  It's good to see you taking some responsibility for your pet."  Usagi nervously nodded and carried Luna toward the bathroom.

    As they got inside the bathroom Luna let out a sigh of relief and quietly spoke.  "That was a close one.  If your mother had used cold water on me, she would've had a heart attack, and we would have had some serious explaining to do."

    Usagi grinned.  "Boy, the look on her face would have been fun to see though."

    Luna hissed.  "Don't even think it, Usagi."

    Usagi giggled.  "OK, OK, I wasn't really thinking about it."  She turned the tap on the bath. "Now it's time for your bath."

    Luna sighed.  "I suppose I must endure this.  Just remember, no cold water, unless you want to explain to your mother why there is a naked girl in her bathroom."  Usagi giggled and Luna sighed again.

                                    End Part 27

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