From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 32

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications. Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Taeuchi.

                                A Different Viewpoint pt 32

opening animation: season 2
tune: "miracle romance"
a rising moon over a set of Tokyo skyscrapers.
a pair of green cat's eyes fade in, superimposed over  the moon.
logo in english background "Different Viewpoint"
kanji in foreground "Kenkai No Chigata"

< begin vocals>

"I'm sorry if I'm not gentle,
 I can say that in my dreams,"

shows Johnathon walking from school, late afternoon,
 Ranma fighting Kuno is seen in background,

"My thoughts are about to short circuit,
 I want to see you so,"

Kasumi in the kitchen, looks at the clock and smiles,

"Moonlight makes me want to cry,
 Midnight is too late to call,"

Johnathon buys a flower from someone who we
 don't see clearly but looks kind of like a
 cameo of Aeris from FF7.

"But I'm naive, what will I do?
 My heart is a kaleidoscope,"

Kasumi passes Nabiki (who's on the phone) and
 exits the Tendo-ke, grabbing a red umbrella
 as she passes.

"Being led into moonlight,"

Kasumi gets to the gate seconds before Johnathon
 does, he hands her the flowers, they walk out together.

"We meet by chance many times over,"

Johnathon's arm is around Kasumi who leans into
 him as they walk, sniffing the flowers.
Shampoo passes by on the "bicycle of death" in 
 the background, followed a moment later by
 Mousse, who falls off the wall as Kasumi and  Johnathon pass by.

"The sparkling number of stars,
 foretells the whereabouts of love."

Johnathon and Kasumi stop to look in a store window,
 Akane is chasing Ranma in the background.

"Born on the same Earth,
 A miracle romance."

Kasumi and Johnathon stopping at a cafe. He holds her seat out for her.

"Do you believe?
 A miracle romance."

Bewildered looks in the Tendo kitchen from the Tendos and a panda.

"Do you believe?
 A miracle romance."

Picture of stove. Several pots and pans. A note on the
 front reads "Serve yourself. Out with Johnathon.

end opening animation

    Akane asked cheerfully.  "So, how should we team up?"  She and Ranma looked at Johnathon, while the Senshi looked at Minako.

    Minako glanced at Johnathon.  "You've got a knack for these kind of things, Johnathon.  Why don't you decide."

    Johnathon shrugged.  "Right.  Lets see, there's, hmmm... OK.  Mercury with me again, in case I need to transform.  Ranma, You're with Sailor Moon.  Akane will go with Jupiter."  He looked at Minako and Rei.  "Minako, Rei, stay at the shrine.  You need to recover and you can back up anyone who needs it.  Artemis, Luna, stay here and keep Kasumi with you..."  He looked up at the sky.  It was cloudless.  He frowned, thoughtfully.  "Well, you two scout for Youma pretty well as cats..."

    Luna nodded.  "We can handle ourselves, Johnathon.  It's not going to rain tonight."

    Johnathon nodded.  "You're right.  Do as you normally would.  Kasumi-chan..."  His wife looked at Luna and meowed a question.  Johnathon shook his head.  "No!  It's too dangerous!"  Kasumi pointed to him, then to Akane and Ranma with her paw.  Johnathon shook his head again.  "We're all experienced martial artists!  Kasumi you can't!"  Kasumi slowly nodded, then sat down, looking dejected.  Johnathon went over to her and squatted down.  He slowly reached out and stroked her head.  "Kasumi..."  < Why does she want to do this?  She's always been happy to say at home.  So why now?>

    Johnathon stiffened in realization.  < Kasumi wants to be useful.  She's been feeling useless since she was stuck as a cat.>  "Kasumi, you aren't useless.  Just because you can't take care of your family doesn't mean..."  He sighed.  "I understand how you feel, Kasumi.  Do you really want to do this?"  Kasumi was looking at him in astonishment, then slowly nodded.  Johnathon looked terribly torn.  "Just promise me Kasumi, that you'll be very, very careful.  Just observe and warn someone, nothing else, right?"  Kasumi nodded again, looking incredulous.  Akane looked like she was about to go into shock.  Johnathon looked at Luna and Artemis.  "Stay with Kasumi you two, show her around, and keep her safe."

    They both nodded and Artemis spoke, his words deadly serious.  "We'll keep her safe, Johnathon, I swear it."  Everyone was quiet.

    Johnathon strode back into the middle of the group.  "OK, Luna, Artemis and Kasumi will alert one of the other groups of anything they spot.  We set?"

    Akane finally found her voice, sputtering in indignation.  "Johnathon!  How can you agree to let Kasumi...?"  Johnathon shot Akane a look of worry, pain, and sheer terror that shut Akane up in mid sentence.  < He's terrified.  Johnathon is scared out of his mind for Kasumi, but he's letting her come along anyway.  Why?>  Akane looked at her sister.  < Sis want's to be helpful.  She's feeling useless and Johnathon understood that.  Oh Kasumi, Oh Johnathon...>  Akane sighed in resignation and turned to Makoto Kino.  "Alright Makoto.  Let's get going."

    Makoto looked back at Akane.  < What just happened?>  She shrugged.  "Right."

    The group broke up, each pair heading a different direction.  Rei and Minako took Luna, Artemis and Kasumi into Rei's room and got them some hot water.  After transforming, the three cats set out as well.

    Minako sat wearily down on Rei's bed.  "Hey, where are Yuuichirou and your grandfather Rei?"

    Rei blinked.  "Oh?  They are visiting a shrine outside of Tokyo.  The Masaki shrine I think."

    Minako grinned.  "Really?  Then no one's going to suddenly pop in, huh?"

    Rei nodded slowly.  "No, we're quite alone here."

    Minako stood stiffly and brought out her transformation pen.  "Venus power, Make up!"  She transformed into Sailor Venus with a flash.

    Rei blinked in surprise.  "Why did you transform, Mina?  We aren't facing any sort of threat."

    Mina nodded.  "No, but we recover faster in our Senshi form.  This way, if there's trouble, I'll be ready to deal with it."

    Rei looked interested.  "That's a good idea!  How's it working?"

    Venus stretched slowly.  "It seems to be working.  It aches less, and I'm not quite as stiff.  Hey Rei, transform too.  I want to practice a bit before these aches go away completely, so I remember what to focus on."

    Rei nodded.  "Sure, can't let that beating you took go to waste, eh?"

    Minako smiled.  "I'm pretty sure it won't."

    Rei transformed and smiled back.  "I feel better already.  OK, what do you want me to do?"

    Venus turned to her and put her hands up into a guard position.  "Just attack me.  I'll only defend."

    Mars helped Venus practice her defense for awhile.  The sparring session with Johnathon had vividly shown her the holes in her defense, and she concentrated on closing those holes.  Mars got an attack through occasionally, but that happened less and less as Venus utilized what she had learned.

    After half an hour, Venus called a halt.  "That's enough for now, Mars.  I think we could use a rest in case something happens."  Mars just nodded, she was pretty tired after half an hour on the offensive.  Venus smiles.  "How about a hot soak?  That will get the rest of the stiffness out."

    Mars blinked.  "I thought you wanted to stay as Sailor Venus so you'd recover faster?"

    Venus nodded.  "Right.  I didn't say anything about transforming back, did I?"  She started toward the bathroom, peeling off her gloves.  "Hmm, now where's the zipper?"


Eyecatch #1:

Kasumi sweeping, passes the Sailor Senshi in a "sentai"
 group pose, then turns and bigsweats.
 Logo: "Different  Viewpoint"


    Ranma and Usagi were walking along near the open air mall that had been near the sight of the first Youma attack Johnathon had helped with after returning from China.  Usagi was pointing out the damage.

    Ranma was unimpressed.  "That's nothing compared to the damage Ryoga or Shampoo do whenever they're on a rampage."

    Usagi looked interested.  "Who are they?"

    Ranma explained.  "Shampoo turns into a cat.  She's the girl with the purple hair."

    Usagi nodded.  "I remember!"

    Ranma continued blithely.  "Ryoga is just an idiot with no sense of direction.  He's real strong and all, but..."

    Usagi interrupted him.  "Wow, it's still so incredible.  Shampoo and Kasumi become cats, and you turn into a girl and..."  She looked shyly at Ranma.  "Ranma, can I see your girl form?"

    Ranma looked a bit startled.  "What?  Why?"

    Usagi shrugged sheepishly.  "You don't have to but, I'd appreciate it.  It's just, I'm curious about it.  Luna turns into a girl now too.  It's kinda neat, like having a sister.  I just wanted too, I don't know, meet the original?"

    Ranma was dubious.  "Huh.  You're just curious about what I look like as a girl?"

    Usagi shrugged again, apologetically.  "Sorry, dumb, huh."  She sighed.  "Never mind.  I'm just being silly."

    Ranma shook his head.  < What the heck.>  He walked over to a nearby fountain and splashed his face.  Ranma turned female and sat on the fountain's rim.

    Usagi stared at the short red haired girl sitting there.  "Wow.  Ranma, you're really pretty."

    Ranma shrugged, sighing.  "Yeah, I know."

    Usagi sat down next to her.  "You don't sound very happy about it."

    Ranma shrugged again.  "Well, the only thing my good looks have gotten me, is lots of guys attracted to me.  I'm a guy!  It's nothing but trouble."

    Usagi didn't know whether to giggle or be sad for Ranma, so she just sat there and looked sympathetic.  < What should I say?  I'd love to be that good looking.  But if I had a curse like Ranma I'd be a good looking guy.  Then lots of girls would be attracted to me.>  Usagi giggled at the mental image.  Then suddenly she thought of Mamoru's reaction to her being a guy.  < Would Mamoru-chan still love me?>  Usagi started to feel bad and looked at Ranma sadly.  "I'm sorry Ranma.  It's not very funny."

    Ranma shook her head.  "That's OK, Usagi.  I've gotten used to it.  It has taken a long time but I've realized there is nothing I can do about my curse, so I might as well accept it."  Usagi was about to reply when they both heard screams and shouts coming from back toward the mall.

    They both shot to their feet.  "Trouble."  They said together.  Ranma and Usagi shot each other surprised glances, then shrugged and ran in the direction of the sounds.

    A large ebony figure was stalking through the crowd.  It grabbed a man and threw him aside like a doll as they approached.  Usagi spotted a television crew on the scene.  They were beginning to film.

    The pony tailed blond pointed the cameras out.  "Ranma, you can't go down there without a disguise."

    Ranma paused.  "But there are people in trouble!"

    Usagi quickly activated her communicator.  "A Youma, at the mall.  It's big!"  She pulled out her disguise pen and tossed it to Ranma.  "Use this!"

    Ranma looked at it in confusion.  "What am I supposed to do with this?"

    Usagi put her hands to either side of the silver crystal, preparing to transform.  "Tell it to change you into a senshi!"  Usagi began her own transformation without further explanation.  "Moon, crystal power, make up!"

    Ranma stared at the pen.  < There is no way I'm wearing a fuku!>  She heard renewed screams from down in the mall.  < Oh hell!>  "Change me into a Senshi."  Ranma spoke the words resignedly before she could change her mind.  There was a flash and Ranma looked down at herself and regretted it.  < Long gloves, boots, short skirt... yup.  Damn, I hope Ryoga never sees me like this.>  Ranma looked up and followed Sailor Moon toward the creature.

    It stood around ten feet tall, and was quite humanoid, although featureless.  Sailor Moon began a drawn out speech about how she would punish the monster.  Ranma shook her head in disbelief and charged straight in.  The creature grabbed a block of stone by ripping it from the ground, and hurled it at Sailor Moon, interrupting her speech.  Ranma charged in and tagged it with a flying kick to the head.  The creatures head only moved a bit then snapped around to focus on Ranma.

    Ranma blinked.  < It's tough, like it's made of stone.>  She dodged its counter attack, a fast and powerful punch.  < Better treat it like Ryoga.>  "Chestnuts roaring on an open fire!"  Ranma struck hundreds of times with punch after punch, slamming the same spot in the center of the chest.  Cracks started to form, and widen.  Ranma grinned and bore down harder.  < It's weaker than pig boy.  No problem.>  Ranma was surprised when the monster grabbed him, completely unfazed by the damage to its chest.  < Uh oh.>  The monster threw Ranma into the air with incredible strength, then started heading for Sailor Moon.

    Ranma spun in midair, bracing for the impact, when he felt himself grabbed and brought to earth gently by a tall man.  Ranma looked up at his rescuer.  The man was putting her down on her feet.  He wore a white mask, a full black cape and a tuxedo complete with top hat.

    "Tuxedo Kamen."  Ranma blinked, remembering.  "Um, thanks."

    The elegantly dressed hero glanced down at the Senshi he had just rescued and blinked in surprise.  "Who are you?"  Ranma was about to answer when they both heard Sailor Moon's frightened yelp.

    Tuxedo Kamen turned toward the cry and threw a rose, which cracked into the monsters shoulder.  The attack distracted it for a moment, which allowed Sailor Moon to get out of reach.

    Ranma started for creature again.  "I'll tell you later."  She shot back at Tuxedo Kamen as she charged up to the stone like golem once again.  < OK, it doesn't feel pain, it's strong, tough and fast.  Ha, compared to Ryoga, it's nothing much.>  Ranma felt her confidence grow.  < I can take this thing easy.  Just gotta aim for the center of its chest.>  She stopped and built up the chi between her hands.  "Hey ugly!  Over here!"  Ranma shouted.  The creature turned towards her and she shouted.  "Roaring Lion Bullet!"  The chi blast crashed into its weakened chest, blowing out its back and finally stunning the monster.  Sailor Moon turned at the sound of the chi blast and immediately started winding up her final attack.  Ranma started to charge the creature again, but a hand restrained her lightly.

    "Wait.  It's over."  Tuxedo Kamen announced, nodding at Sailor Moon.

    Sailor Moon was just finishing up.  "Moon princess halation!"  The swirling blast tore into the weakened monster and it crumbled.

    Ranma whistled appreciatively.  "Not bad."

    Tuxedo Kamen nodded, then turned to face the red headed girl dressed as a Sailor Senshi.  "It's later.  May I know who you are?"

    Ranma turned towards him.  "Ah, I'm... I'm..."

    Sailor Moon ran over towards them.  "Sailor Earth!  We've got to go help the others!  There are two more monsters!"

    Ranma and Tuxedo Kamen both turned to Sailor Moon incredulously.  "Sailor Earth?"  They said together, then looked at each other again.

    Sailor Moon shook her head.  "There's no time.  Listen!"

    Her communicator was talking with Makoto's voice.  "It's definitely a Youma.  But it's made of fire!  We can't hurt it!"

    Ami's voice followed.  "Ours is physical enough, but it's cloaked itself in a large sphere of darkness.

    Suddenly Johnathon's voice broke in.  "Mars, Venus, come to the super market.  Sailor Moon, you and Ranma go help Jupiter!"

    Jupiter's voice came back.  "We're in the park, hurry!"


    Johnathon released Mercury's wrist.  "You should go to the park as well.  I'll hold this things attention until Venus and Mars arrive."

    Mercury protested.  "You can't fight it alone!"

    Johnathon nodded.  "I know, but you're needed.  It's probably setting the park on fire as we speak."

    Mercury nodded reluctantly.  "You're right.  Just be careful!"

    Mercury ran off at top speed and Johnathon considered his opponent.  < I can't see him, but I bet I can hear him.>  The field of darkness moved toward Johnathon.  < Before we showed up, the creature was draining people with bolts of darkness.  As soon as Mercury tried to blast it, the creature used this darkness globe to conceal itself.  Now all the people it wants to drain are behind me.  So it has to come through me to get them.>  The darkness moved in swiftly.  < Mercury said the darkness probably will drain me, but I have to get in close to hear it.  I can't be making noise either.>

    Johnathon took a couple of steps back.  < I've got to let it come to me, but can I survive the energy drain long enough?  Spread out, its probably diffuse, and anyway, those people aren't running away fast enough.  I've got to try.>  He nodded grimily.  "Fine, let's do it."  Johnathon stopped moving, going into a firm stance before the darkness.  His right fist went into his left palm with a smack and he closed his eyes.  < How does it go?  Oh yeah.>

    As the darkness overwhelmed him he focused on his chi, ignoring the drain with an act of will.         < Draw strength from the earth.>  Johnathon pictured energy flowing from the ground below, filling him.

    < Draw strength from your strengths.>  Johnathon pictured the positive elements in his life.  Ranma, Akane, the other Tendos, Kasumi, especially Kasumi, and her love for him, Shampoo, his love for Kasumi.  He drew upon the feelings generated by those things.

    < Draw strength from your problems.>  Johnathon pictured his cursed form, Jusenkyo, Kasumi becoming a cat, Shampoo becoming a cat, Cologne...  He let all of those things go, the energy expended in worry flowing instead into strength.

    < Draw strength from the past.>  Johnathon remembered the greatest moments of his life and drew strength from them as well.  The last image he pictured had the most power, Kasumi's face at their wedding.

    < Draw strength from the future.>  Johnathon imagined the future.  Kasumi cured and at his side.  Ranma and Akane, all his friends... Shampoo safe, the Senshi saving the world once more.  There is nothing we can't acomplish!>  He made himself believe it, but felt himself getting weaker and weaker.  < It's not enough.  Its draining me too fast!>  Johnathon concentrated.  < A shield of my chi.  Resist the drain, resist!>  Johnathon continued to stand motionless, focusing all of his will to resist the cold drain of the darkness.  Then, he heard it.  < A foot step!>

    Johnathon's ears swiveled toward the sound, a second step, and a third fixing its location in his mind as it approached.  As the creature was almost to him, Johnathon's claws came out and he pounced.  He clawed into a tough leathery surface, ripping with all of his remaining strength.  Johnathon tried to overbalance the Youma at the same time.  He felt a powerful hand grab him around the neck.  Johnathon desperately ripped into the arm that held him as he felt his energy drain away.  With an errie howl the hand threw him away, not appreciating the damage it was taking.  Johnathon landed just outside the darkness with a crash.

    He tried to stand.  < So weak.  I can barely move.>  Johnathon forced himself to his feet anyway.  <I can't go through that again.>  The darkness wasn't moving.  < Did I do it?  Was it enough?>  The crowd was taking the opportunity to get away.  < That's a good idea, actually.>  Johnathon staggered away from the darkness.  < The people are getting away, and I need time to recover.>  From behind him the darkness started forward again, gaining speed slowly and heading straight for his back.  Johnathon sensed it and forced himself to move faster.

    He heard a familiar voice off to his right.  "Whisper!  Close your eyes!"

    Johnathon recognized it.  "Sailor Venus!"  He suddenly remembered their talk earlier and shut his eyes tightly.

    Venus pointed at the darkness and shouted.  "Venus, Heavenly, Flash!"

    Johnathon turned his head away, but he could still see the light shining brightly even though his closed eyelids.  As the light vanished he opened his eyes and looked.  The darkness was stopped, and now started going in the opposite direction.  He headed toward Sailor Mars and Venus.

    Venus turned to Mars.  "Get ready to fire!"  Sailor Mars nodded and Venus grinned and began her new attack again.  "Venus, Heavenly, Flash!"  Johnathon turned away as a wide burst of light cut into the dark sphere, illuminating the Youma.

    Mars spotted it and began her attack.  "Burning Mandala!"  Her flame struck the Youma before the dark could again reclaim it, and the monster vaporized with an errie scream.

    Venus looked at Mars and grinned, holding up two fingers.  "Victory!"  She looked over at the tall cat-man.  "Hey Whisper, pretty cool, huh?  Whisper?  Johnathon!"  The half-cat had collapsed unconscious at her feet.  She bent over and checked.  "He's breathing, and... his pulse is slow, but strong.  He's just drained."  Venus announced, relived, then looked up at Mars.

    Mars nodded, then frowned.  "We can't leave him here... and where's Mercury?"  They looked around.

    Venus blinked  "The fire creature.  Johnathon must have sent her to help."

    Mars nodded.  "That makes sense.  We'd better get there too."

    Venus shook her head.  "We can't help against a fire monster.  Let's get Johnathon back to the shrine, before someone spots him."

    Mars looked torn but nodded.  "You're right."  She activated her communicator.  "Mercury, do you need assistance?"

    Mercury answered immediately.  "I'm coming up on the creature now... How's Johnathon?"

    Mars answered quickly.  "Unconscious, but the Youma's toast."

    Sailor Moon's voice came over.  "Take him to safety.  Ranma and I have this Youma covered.  Mercury, put out those fires!"

    Venus nodded and grabbed Johnathon's shoulders.  "You heard her.  Let's go."

    Mars nodded in response and took his legs.  "Let's hurry."  They started heading for the shrine.

    Venus hefted the cat-man.  "He's pretty light for being so tall.  I'll carry him, you can go ahead."

    Mars shook her head.  "And do what?  Fighting fire with fire won't work.  We'll stay together."

    Venus nodded.  "That's probably best."  The two Senshi hurried toward the shrine, careful to carry their burden smoothly.

    Akane put down the two kids she had rescued from the fire creature and told them to run.  She turned around to see Jupiter launching another ineffective lightning attack.  < At least she's distracting it, but we need help.>  She looked helplessly around.  Half a dozen small fires were slowly spreading in the creatures wake and it wasn't stopping.

    Just then she heard a voice.  "Destroying our beautiful park?  Ruining the fruits of nature?  Mother Nature herself may forgive you, but I never will!"

    "Sailor Moon!"  Akane shouted happily.  The Senshi of the Moon struck a pose and began to windup her signature attack.  Energy lanced out at the monster, who sidestepped and began to throw balls of fire in her direction.  A black cloaked figure in a tuxedo leapt to the rescue, carrying Sailor Moon clear of the attack.

    At the same time, a Senshi with red hair in a pig tail charged the creature.  "Leave this to me!"  The girl shouted.

    Akane blinked in shock.  "Ranma?"  < Dressed like a Sailor Senshi?>  If things hadn't been so serious she would have started laughing out loud.  Ranma charged into close range with the fire monster and it attacked her immediately.  Ranma dodged effortlessly and started running circles around the flaming entity.  < Not circles, a spiral.> Akane thought.

    Sailor Mercury had come up on Akane's right and had dropped a heavy mist over the fire monster's path, dampening the flames.  She and Sailor Moon looked like they were looking for an opening.

    Akane shouted to them.  "Wait for the tornado!"  They glanced at her incredulously.  Akane nodded.  "The monster's about to take a trip.  Be ready when it hits the ground!"  They nodded in agreement and turned back to watch the creature.  Akane glanced back at the fires, and was happy to see that they were almost out.

    Sailor Jupiter had run over to join Sailor's Moon and Mercury.  "Who is that?  What's going on?"

    Before Sailor Moon could answer, Akane shouted.  "Look!"  They did.  Ranma had just finished the Rising Dragon Ascension.  The tornado created was quite impressive to say the least.  The fire creature's flames were nearly blown out, and the winds tore it from the ground.  At the apex of its assisted flight Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury began their individual attacks, timing them to hit together.  The fire elemental, weakened and falling out of control, never reached the ground.  It was snuffed out like a candle in a rainstorm halfway to the earth below.  The tornado died and Ranma, looking a bit tired, jogged up.

    Sailor Moon, Mercury and Jupiter cheered.  "Alright!"

    Tuxedo Kamen stepped out of the shadows and politely clapped.  "Very nicely done, ladies."  He turned to the leader of the Sailor Senshi.  "Sailor Moon, please introduce me to "Sailor Earth.""

    Sailor Moon giggled.  "Sailor Earth, meet Tuxedo Kamen."

    Akane blinked and started to giggle.  "S-Sailor Earth.  Ha ha ha ha!"  She nearly doubled over with the force of her laughter.  "R-Ranma, you do look cute in that short skirt!"  Akane couldn't stop laughing.

    Ranma threw her a disgusted look.  "Oh quit it.  This was not my idea."

    Sailor Moon shrugged.  "Well, you do look cute in a fuku..."

    Jupiter took a good look.  "That's Ranma?  Ha Ha ha hahaha ha!"

    Mercury nodded seriously.  "I had assumed so.  Her cursed form does bear a resemblance."

    Jupiter and Akane just laughed harder.  Tuxedo Kamen looked confused.

    He glanced at Sailor Moon.  "Is there something I'm missing?"  Tuxedo Kamen peered back at the red haired girl.  "Ranma?...  Oh!  I understand!"  He coughed, slightly embarrassed.  "Um, nice to meet you, Ranma.  I've heard a lot about you."

    Ranma sighed at his fiancee's antics and nodded to Tuxedo Kamen.   "Yeah, great.  Sailor Moon, how do you reverse this thing anyway?"


Eyecatch #2:

shot of a brick alleyway. faded ad in background reads
 "Different Viewpoint". Happosai sneaks in from right,
 unfurling an ancient scroll. SD Sailor Senshi run over
 him going left to right.  SD Kasumi sweeps him up into
 dustbin, then exits right. SD Ranma cast lean into
 right side of screen, grinning, SD Senshi do same on
 left side. SD Johnathon (catman form) lands on garbage
 can lid from above, grins.


    Later, at the Hikawa shrine, Johnathon woke to the concerned faces of Sailors Venus and Mars.

    "Johnathon?  Are you feeling alright?"  Venus asked in a concerned tone.

    The half-cat slowly got into a sitting position.  "Yeah, I'm feeling OK.  You beat the Youma?"

    Mars nodded.  "Toasted.  Last we heard, the fire elemental was beaten too."

    Johnathon's ears perked up, and he looked at the stairs.  "They're back."  Coming up the stairs were the rest of the Senshi, Akane, Mamoru Chiba, Ranma, and the three cats.  Seeing everyone in normal clothing, Venus and Mars dropped their transformations as well.  Kasumi ran up to her husband, looking worried.  Johnathon petted her fondly on the head.  "I'm fine, Kasumi, just a little tired."

    Minako and Rei looked curiously at Ranma.  "Ranma?  Is that you?"  Minako blinked.  "So that's what your transformation looks like.

    Rei whistled appreciatively.  "Red hair.  I wonder how she'd look in a Sailor fuku?"  Ranma blushed red and Akane, Usagi and Makoto all laughed.

    Ami reassured the short red head.  "You look very nice in a Sailor fuku, Ranma."

    Ranma sighed.  "Why me?"

    Minako giggled.  "I'm sorry I missed it!"

    Ami walked over to Johnathon.  "You fought that Youma by yourself, didn't you."  She said in a disapproving tone.

    Johnathon shrugged sheepishly.  "People were in danger." He looked over at Ranma.  "Sailor Fuku, huh?"  Ranma shot him a murderous glare.  Johnathon held up his hands defensively.  "Never mind, ignore me."  Johnathon glanced at his own hands, still covered in black fur.  "Ah, I think I'd better change back as well."

    Luna looked around at the group.  "It's likely to be quiet for the rest of the night."  She reported.

    Artemis nodded.  "There's no sense of threat any more."

    Usagi looked at the cats.  "So, have you figured out what's happening?  Why were there more Youma tonight?"  The cats glanced at each other worriedly, then looked back at Usagi.  They both shrugged helplessly.

    Ami spoke up.  "I may have a theory."

    The group headed into the shrine so Johnathon and Ranma could change back to normal, and to let Ami explain her theory.  In Rei's room Ami summoned up her computer and brought up a holographic map of the city.  Ami began imputing the sights of recent Youma attacks.

    When she had finished she pointed to the map and began to explain.  "As you can see, the Youma have been appearing in just a few places at first, slowly spreading out.  At the same time the number of Youma has been increasing steadily.  Always appearing in the same few areas, however."

    Usagi shrugged.  "OK, if you say so, but what does it mean?"

    Ami tapped a few keys.  "The Negaverse, actually."

    Usagi blinked and the room went quiet.  "But, we beat the Negaverse, right?"

    Ami frowned.  "We defeated Beryl, and Metalia, yes.  This must be a new threat from there."

    Makoto looked curious.  "How do you know?"

    Ami tapped some more keys.  "Here is every spot the Negaverse used the last time to teleport into our dimension."  She hit another key.  "And here are the sights of the recent Youma attacks."

    Johnathon blinked.  "I get it.  They are using the same doorways?"

    Ami nodded to him.  "I believe I know why the numbers of the Youma are increasing as well."

    Luna jumped up to get a better look at the computer.  "Go on, Ami."

    Ami sighed and nodded.  "As far as I can tell, the barrier that separates the dimensions is weakening.  Our foe has only so much energy, and teleporting from the Negaverse takes a lot of it.  But the barrier is weakening from the constant traffic and it gets easier and easier each time for them to come."
    Minako looked worried.  "You mean we're going to keep getting more and more Youma?"

    Ami nodded again.  "I'm afraid that's what it looks like."  Ami tapped her keyboard for a few moments.  The map went down and a graph popped up.  "Our enemy has been coming in during natural weak periods.  The barrier ebbs and grows in strength a little every day.  The next week point will come at... 10:37 tomorrow night."

    Minako looked interestedly at the graph.  "You said the barrier is weakening.  How long until it's gone?"

    Ami looked grim.  "At the present rate of reduction, the barrier will drop for a period of approximately... one and a half minutes to two minutes... in one week."  Ami brought the map up again and a dot flashed.  "Here."  She pointed to the outdoor mall.  "After that, it'll get worse."

    Ranma looked puzzled.  "A minute or two?  That's not so long."

    Ami peered at him seriously.  "That's how long they'll be able to come through.  How many Youma can walk through an open door in a minute or two?"

    Ranma gulped.  "Oh."

    Usagi's voice was quiet.  "How can we stop this?"

    Ami looked back at her.  "I don't know."

    Mamoru Chiba spoke up.  "I remember some things from the Negaverse.  The dimensional barrier naturally regenerates.  It got a little easier to teleport to a well used spot, but unless it was always being used it slowly got harder again."

    Ami nodded in agreement.  "You're right., something is keeping the dimensional barrier from regenerating."

    Usagi sighed in relief.  "That's it then!  We find out whatever is keeping the barrier from regenerating and blast it!"

    Ami blinked in mild surprise.  "That should work, if we do it soon enough.  Unfortunately there is no such thing on Earth.  It would be putting out an energy that we would have already detected."

    Makoto shuddered.  "You mean it's in the Negaverse?"

    Ami nodded worriedly.  "There is no other answer.  To stop it, we have to go to the Negaverse and and destroy whatever is keeping the barrier from regenerating."

    Rei whistled in dismay.  "This is not good."

    Usagi's face became serious.  "Then that is where we have to go.  Ami, can you locate this thing when we get to the Negaverse?"

    Ami nodded.  "Yes, that shouldn't be a problem.  If we go, we should go as soon as possible."

    Usagi nodded back.  "OK, lets..."

    Ami interrupted.  "The best time would be when the barrier is lowered tomorrow night.  That way we'll be at full strength when we get there."  She bit her lip.  "But that will mean several Youma will enter this dimension as we leave."

    Ranma grinned.  "That'll be our job.  When you five go to this Negaverse, we'll stop the Youma."

    Minako looked worried.  "It will be just the three of you against..."

    Ami hit some keys.  "At least five Youma."

    Ranma shrugged.  "Do we have a choice?"  There was silence at that.

    Johnathon spoke up.  "We don't, but I think we can get some help."

    Ranma smiled.  "Ryoga, sure, he's good for that kind of thing.  We'll kick some serious butt!"

    Johnathon nodded.  "We should get the others as well.  We can't afford to screw this up."  He looked at Usagi.  "We'll return tomorrow night, before dark preferably to make final plans.  We should return home and get some rest.  You girls should rest up too."

    Usagi smiled in agreement.  "That's fine, Johnathon.  We'll be expecting you."

    Johnathon picked up Kasumi and everyone said their good-byes.  The four from Nerima headed for the late train home.  The train ride was quiet.  It wasn't until the walk home that the conversation began again.

    Ranma asked.  "So we bring Ryoga and Ukyo?"

    Johnathon nodded.  "And Shampoo and Mousse, if they'll come."  He paused.  "And Kuno, Kodachi and Cologne.  This is bigger than personal squabbles."

    Akane swallowed.  "What do we tell them?"

    Johnathon shrugged.  "That demons are invading Tokyo, what else?"

    Akane gulped nervously.  "I was afraid you were going to say that."

    Johnathon grinned.  "Don't be glum.  We're going to save the world!"

    Ranma rolled his eyes.  "Oh boy."

    When they got to the house everyone headed for bed.  The next day was going to be a long one.

ending animation "Equal Romance" by DoCo

  Kasumi and Johnathon walking along a street at night,
with fitful illumination from the streetlamps. End
credits are displayed at the top half of the screen.

  About three quarters of the way through the end
credits, Kharonian Chase Scene (ie all major characters,
incl a number of cameos) goes rushing by, accidentally
splashing Kasumi and Johnathon.

        Close up of neko-Kasumi and Johnathon (catman)
exchanging glance. Johnathon shrugs. Both join chase
scene, Johnathon waving to Sailor Jupiter as they do.

        End credits finish rolling as crowd disappears
into distance.
Thanks go to MetroAnime for the song and dance!

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