From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 5

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications.

                                        Revelations and Revisions  Pt 1

     This is a continuation from the 4 part "From a Different Viewpoint" series. It jumps to a point in time just after Ranma and Akane's failed wedding, when the protagonist from "Viewpoint", Johnathon Dwire, finally returns from China after 8 months.

     Eight months had passed since he had last been in Nerima.  Johnathon got off the train, not really sure where he should head first.  His stomach growled at him deciding the issue.  The Cat Cafe was open for business, but Shampoo wasn't there.  He asked the older man serving the counter where she was. "Shampoo?" said the elderly gentleman.  "She has gone to attend the wedding of Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo."

     Johnathon blinked.  "Oh, they're getting married?"  He paid his bill and headed for the Tendo dojo.  As he arrived he noticed a crowd outside.  The dojo had hole in the roof and smoke was rising from various spots.  He got closer and noticed bodies laying around inside the dojo as well.  Nabiki was standing by the entrance.

     Johnathon pushed his was through the crowd to her.  "Nabiki what's going on?"

     She looked at this latest visitor with sudden recognition. "Hmmm?  Johnathon sensei is that you?  It's been a long time."

     He frowned a bit as he gazed at the ruins.  < This doen't look good.> "Yes, I've been in China, looking for a cure."

     Nabiki perked up at this.  "I thought as much.  So what did you find?"

     He shook his head. < Nothing good.> "I'll tell everyone later, first tell me, what's happened here?"

     She looked  behind her. "Oh you mean the wedding?"


     She put her hand in front of him palm upwards. "1000 yen please."

    He grinned at that.  < Well I see it's still frosty down below.>  "You haven't changed Nabiki.  I can see the wedding was stopped for myself.  There is Ranma in that crater over there.  How about this.  I'll tell you what I learned in China, and you tell me what happened here."  Nabiki considered this for awhile.  "Ok it's a deal."

     Johnathon glanced around at the crowd.  "You look pretty busy here today, I'll tell you the important part of what I learned and come back later to tell you the rest.  One question first, are Ranma and Akane going to get married anytime soon?"  < With the news I'm bringing I doubt it.>

     Nabiki paused to consider.  "After what happened today.... I think it will be awhile."

     Johnathon nodded.  "Ok, for Ranma, a warning.  Don't mix Jusenkyo curses, not even the spring of drowned man."

     Nabiki's eyes went wide.  "Are you sure?"  Johnathon nodded again his eyes conveying his utter seriousness.  Nabiki shivered.  "Oh boy, that was close."

     Her old teacher looked about nervously. "What, there was some spring water here?"

     "Not anymore."  She answered quickly.

     He relaxed a bit at that.  "Good, I'll be back tomorrow night.  I'll explain in full then."

     Johnathon left reluctantly.  He had things to do today.  He would tell the whole story to Ranma and company later.  He owed them that much at least.  He headed off for Furinkan High school, hoping he could get his old job back.  The next day passed quickly.  Furinkan was willing to take him back as an english teacher.  Akane and Ranma were in his new class.  He could see that both of them wanted to talk to him.  When the class ended he walked over.  "Ranma, Akane, it's been a long time."

     Akane greeted him pleasantly.  "Dwire-sensei, you've been to Jusenkyo?"

     He nodded.  "Yes, It's a long story.  I will come over tonight and explain everything, all right?"

     "Ok, Sensei, we'll see you tonight."  He left them very curious about what he would say.  They would find out soon enough.  The news he brought was not going to make Ranma happy.

     Johnathon arrived at the Tendo residence just as it was getting dark.  Kasumi answered the door.  Johnathon stopped and stared just for a moment, it was like no time had passed.  < She is the same, but I, I am not.>  He looked away, unable to bear her gaze.

     Kasumi was smiling pleasantly as ever, tactfully ignoring his discomfort.  "Come in Johnathon-san, everyone is in the living room.  Shampoo arrived just a few minutes ago."  Kasumi led him in.  The whole family was there, sitting around the table.  Shampoo sat by herself against one wall, being
ignored by everyone else.  The hostility in the room was palatable, the only one not radiating anger was Kasumi.  Apparently she was not in good stead with them at the time.  (This is because she just bombed the wedding ceremony along with Ukyo.)

     Johnathon worried a bit about having invited her to meet him here, but he knew that what he had to say involved her too.  He sat down at an empty place at the table, left for him between Akane and Nabiki.  "All right this is quite a story, so let me tell you everything before you start asking questions."  Everyone nodded.  Kasumi put a glass of cold water down in front af him.  "Thanks Kasumi, I'll need this in a while."  He looked around at his audience, they were all ears.

     "It took me almost a month and a half to reach Jusenkyo.  I took my time, wandered a bit, and picked up some information about the cursed springs.  There wasn't much, nothing new.  So when I arrived I decided to see for myself.  I asked the guide to show me the spring of drowned man.  He did so, and told me of it's legend.  I didn't really feel like telling him why I wanted it, and he accepted my silence on the matter after asking about it a couple of times.  I decided the only thing to do was to jump in, so I did.  I jumped in, and I changed."  Johnathon was silent for several long moments.

      "What happened?"  Urged Ranma.  "Were you cured?  You were right?  Tell me you were cured!"

     Johnathon shook his head slowly.  "Not exactly, It's best if I just show you."

     He picked up the glass of water and hesitated, looking at Ranma.  "Um, Ranma, try to stay calm, ok?"  Ranma nodded slowly, looking unsure.  Johnathon heard Akane's pet pig grunting excitedly.  "Here goes."  He poured the glass of water over his head, and changed.  Everyone gasped and Ranma practically teleported away from the table, ending up against the far wall.  Johnathon had transformed, but not shrunk.  His head had turned decidedly feline, cat ears, big cat eyes, black fur, cat like fangs.  His face jutted out a bit, elongating while his nose flattened.  His arms had changed subtly in shape and his hands had become furred, the nails disappearing, and the fingers getting a bit shorter and thicker.

     His legs were different as well.  The joints changing position a bit, his feet turning into large cats paws, his ankles elongating and reversing direction.  Everyone sat stunned for several seconds.  The silence was broken by Kasumi's voice.  "Oh my."

    Ranma was fighting down his cat phobia with every bit of his will.  Slowly he calmed down.  < It's Johnathon, It's Johnathon.>  He sat down, looking at the floor, breathing slowly.  No one spoke for half a minute.

    Nabiki broke the silence.  "So this means that the curses..."

    "Mix."  Johnathon finished her sentence, startling everyone.  His voice was deeper, and a bit raspy, as if he had difficulty forming words.  It was slightly strange, but pleasant, unless you happened to be Ranma, who shivered at the feline quality to his voice.

     < This is bad, I can hardly sit here and listen too him!>  Ranma shook his head forcefully.  < I've got to master it!  I did it before, I can do it again!>  He slowly turned his face upwards till he could see the < Cccaattt, no, not a cat, Dwire-sensei!  It's my friend Johnathon!>  His teeth didn't seem to believe him and they rattled together.  His hand sweated and he clenched them and his teeth. < Come on he doesn't look anything like a ccaat!  He's got only two legs, and he stands upright, he's something other than a cccaatttt.>  Ranma was ashamed of himself, he couldn't even think the word in his thoughts without getting the shakes.  < I've got to do better than this!>

     Johnathon noticed Ranma's discomfort and fielded questions about his trip coming to the springs as Ranma slowly pulled himself together.  Finally, Ranma's father said something that changed Ranma's fear into anger.

     Genma nodded knowingly.  "Ah, so the true horror of the cursed springs is now revealed."

     Ranma punched him in the side of the head.  "You stupid old man, don't act like you know nothing!"  He then looked firmly at Johnathon, and shrugged. < I'm ok now, are you?>  He wondered.

     Nabiki looked carefully at Johnathon.  "So, how thoroughly do the curses mix?"  Johnathon looked back and a three foot long tail, black and furry whipped over to tap Nabiki lightly on the back.  She reached back and grabbed his furry tail and felt it.

     He suffered her attention and continued to speak.  "It seems like half and half to me, I kept my human size, but retained most of my cat features.  Ears, eyes, tail, I have fur on my whole body, even claws."  He popped out inch long claws from his right hand to demonstrate.

     Johnathon stood and gestured at his legs and arms.  "I can stand upright, but my limbs are very cat like.  It was quite obvious that his ankles were much higher up, like a cat, and his feet were more compact, although he stood on two legs easily enough.  He sat back down, slightly awkwardly on his strange legs.

     Kasumi felt a need to say something nice.  "I think you are cute looking."  She put her hand over her mouth.  < Why did I say that?>  It was true though, she did find him to be attractive, she blushed a little. < I mean ascetically pleasing right?>

     Akane was quick to support her sister and reassure Johnathon.  "Yes John-san, you look pretty neat, really!"

     "Thanks, most people think I'm some sort of monster, I've had to run from several angry mobs already."

     Ranma looked at him with genuine sympathy.  "Man, that's rough, I hate it when that happens!"  (This being Ranma no one thought he was being sarcastic.)

     P-chan gave a "Bwee!"  of agreement.

     "Yes, it sounds like it has been very difficult for you Johnathon-kun."  Soun Tendo nodded sympathetically.  He looked around at everyone seriously.  "I'm sure that you can count on all of us to help you out in this time of trouble."  There was a general sound of agreement from around the room.  Even Nabiki added in her voice.  Shampoo and Ranma were both loud in vowing to assist him in case of trouble.

     He looked around gratefully.  "Thank you all, I'm afraid I may indeed need your help from time to time."  Nabiki and Kasumi were studying him thoroughly.

     Nabiki spoke up.  "You got cursed over 6 months ago.  What have you been doing since then?"

     He looked thoughtful for a long moment before continuing.  "That's a long story, I'll give you the short version." < Since the long version is too embarrassing.>  "I started looking for a cure, a real cure.  I traveled much of China, many of the most remote regions, but found nothing.  It was quite an adventure but I'm glad it's over."  < I hope it's over.>  "Kasumi, could you get me some hot water?"

     Kasumi looked up startled.  "What?  Oh yes of course."  She went into the kitchen. Ranma looked at Johnathon squarely, having managed to at least partially suppress his cat-fear.

 (In the last chapter Ranma had spent a month training himself not to see Johnathon as a cat in a failed attempt to cure his phobia, which had the small benefit of letting him stand Johnathon in cat form.)

     Ranma spoke quietly dreading the response.  "There is no cure?"

     The half cat shook his head slowly, sadly.  "I'm sorry Ranma, I heard legends of a cure, but they came to nothing, I'm sorry."  Kasumi came in with a kettle and put it down next to Johnathon.  He looked down at it and shrugged.  "The disadvantages of this form are obvious, to most people I'm a monster, I can't hide this form very well.  But there are some compensations."  Ranma, Genma, and Nabiki perked up, looking at him interestedly.

     He decided to satisfy their curiosity. < I guess it is interesting>  "I'm not helpless anymore, a cat has a hard time getting hot water."

     "I'll say!"  Shampoo interjected strongly.

     He nodded at her before continuing.  "I've got useable hands in this form, so if I can keep from getting hunted down as a monster I can prepare some hot water easily enough.  That's only part of it.  My senses are sharper, I have all the senses of a cat, plus the full binocular vision of a human.  I've found that I'm a little stronger in this form, and a lot faster, my balance has improved a lot too."  He got interested nods from the martial artists in the room.  Shampoo especially seemed interested.

     Ranma looked like he was trying to find the right thing to say.  < I wish I could ask him, If I could fight him maybe it would be easier to see him as a challenge, than as a threat.>

     Johnathon guessed what was on his mind.  "Let me guess Ranma, you'd like to spar."

     Ranma turned a bit red.  "Uh, yeah, how did you know?"

    Johnathon smiled, the expresion almost reasuringly human.  "It wasn't hard.  I guess I can postpone changing back for awhile.  Ok Ranma, I'd be glad to spar with you.  I think we should keep it inside the dojo though, so no one spots the monster in your back yard."

     Nabiki laughed out loud at that.  "I wonder if anyone around here would notice?"

     "Come on, lets go Ranma."  Johnathon stood, as did everyone else.  They all followed him and Ranma out to the dojo to watch.  Johnathon and Ranma went to the center and everyone else gathered along one wall.  "I'll keep the claws sheathed Ranma, they can do some serious damage."

      Ranma started to protest that it wasn't necessary, then changed his mind.  "Ok."

     He took up a relaxed stance and faced off with Johnathon, who got into a similar stance.  They both bowed respectfully at each other, their eyes never leaving their opponent.  Then Johnathon pounced, like lightning he was across the room.  Ranma dodged to the side barely in time.  Johnathon landed and leaped again a split second later, hands spread.  Ranma dodged to the side again, just a hair too slow.  Johnathon's left hand caught the front of Ranma's chest and raked across.  It happened so fast it was almost impossible to see, but Ranma felt it.  Johnathon stopped for a second and stepped back.

     Ranma went into a more defensive stance, realizing that if Johnathon's claws had been out he would have been badly cut.  He nodded and grinned.  "You have gotten faster."  He jumped at Johnathon, snapping out with a kick.  Johnathon moved and blocked simultaneously.  Ranma's kick caught Johnathon a glancing blow on the shoulder, but Johnathon managed to rake his leg as he landed.

     Akane whistled, impressed.  "Wow, if he had used his claws..."  Ranma jumped back, dodging a return jump kick by Johnathon.  He nodded to himself and started to analyze Johnathon's style.  He retreated, defending with dodges and blocks as Johnathon charged in with a series of punches.  Ranma started treating Johnathon's hands like knives, imagining his claws out, and managed to avoid getting raked again.

     Ranma varied his pattern, looking for holes in Johnathon's defense.  It was difficult to get in a good attack without giving Johnathon a chance to claw him.  They continued to spar, Ranma slowly gaining the upper hand.  Johnathon was fast, as fast as Ranma now, with a slightly better reach.  Ranma figured he would have the edge in speed in his girl form, unless he used the chestnut fist, in which case it would be no contest either way.  He didn't want to resort to ki attacks to win this match, and he didn't think he'd need to.  Ranma felt that he was stronger than Johnathon, and his technique was better.  It was easier for Johnathon to do damage, if you counted the claws.

     After about a minute of lightning fast sparring Ranma finished the fight.  He caught one wrist, then the other a split second later, forcing them apart for an instant and landing a kick into Johnathon's chest.  Johnathon twisted both wrists, getting them free a split second too late and flew back into a wall.  Ranma paused, letting Johnathon recover.  He had kicked him at nearly full force in his haste, and Johnathon felt like he had been hit by a car.  He had kept his feet, barely, his enhanced balance and the wall the only things keeping him upright.  Breathing made his lungs feel like they were on fire.  He lowered his hands and shakily bowed.

     "If you had followed that up, you could have finished me easily Ranma."  Ranma shrugged noncommittally.

     Genma chortled and slapped Soun on the back.  "That's my boy!"

     Akane walked over to Ranma and poked him in the chest where Johnathon had first raked him.  Ranma winced a bit.  "With no claws yet!"  She looked into Ranma's face.  "If John-san had had his claws out, you would have been bleeding all over the dojo, if your guts were still intact that is."

     Everyone facefaulted at that and Nabiki grimaced.  "Akane that's disgusting!"

     Ranma nodded seriously.  "Yeah Johnathon-kun, you got me good a couple of times."

     Johnathon shook his head modestly, "You figured it out quick though, I won't be able to do that again, even if I did use my claws."  Ranma grinned smugly and Akane shot him an evil look.  Ranma didn't make the mistake of opening his mouth and getting hit for what he would have said.  Johnathon looked over at Kasumi, wondering what she was thinking, she was staring back at him, a strange look on her face.  She looked away as she caught him looking at her.

     Johnathon looked away as well and Nabiki caught his eye.  She was also staring at him, but did not look away at his gaze.  Her look was appraising, predatory, and inquisitive all at the same time.  Johnathon wasn't sure how to read her.  He turned away and looked around the rest of the room.  Almost everyone was looking at him or pretending they hadn't been.  He shook his head in resignation.  "I think some hot water would be nice."

     Kasumi headed for the door.  "I'll get you some Johnathon-san."

     He followed after her.  "Thank you Kasumi-chan."  Everyone else started to split up into groups to talk.

     Nabiki frowned a bit to herself as she watched Kasumi and Johnathon leave.  < Kasumi-chan?  he calls me Nabiki and Akane he calls Akane, but Kasumi is Kasumi-chan?>  Nabiki found that that disturbed her and wasn't sure why.  < I couldn't be jealous?>  Ranma, Akane, and Shampoo were talking, Nabiki joined them.

     Ranma was speaking.  "You know, I had  always figured that the spring of drowned man would be a cure, but now I'm really glad I always got sidetracked away from taking the plunge.  I mean being a girl half the time is better than being, being..."

     "A hermaphrodite?"  Nabiki filled in helpfully.

     Ranma shuddered and nodded.  He looked over at Shampoo.  "What about you Shampoo?  You could do what Johnathon did, become a half-cat."   Shampoo looked thoughtful, "Shampoo has given much thought. Is powerful form yes?  But many new problems, Shampoo almost used to being cat, so Shampoo have to think some more."  She paused for a moment.  "But Shampoo no think so."  She looked at Ranma and smiled predatorily,  "Unless Ranma want Shampoo be half-cat woman, maybe you think is sexy?  Yes?"

     Ranma gulped and froze under Akane's glare and Shampoo's predatory grin.  "No! uh that is, I don't want, It's really your decision, I, I."

     Nabiki grinned with malice, "He is kind of sexy as a half-cat, isn't he."  Akane looked scandalized, Shampoo just raised an eyebrow and shrugged.  "Ranma is one for Shampoo." She glomped him happily.  Akane started emitting a powerful battle aura while Ranma weakly tried to get loose from Shampoo.

     The customary mayhem ensued.  "Ranma No Baka!"  "Boom!"

     Inside the house Kasumi had put a kettle on the stove for Johnathon.  "Would you care to stay for dinner Johnthon-san?"

     "Oh, I hope I'm not being too much trouble."  He responded, awkwardly trying to find something to say to her.

     "Oh no!"  Kasumi turned to him, her pleasant smile firmly in place.  "It is the least we can do after you went to so much trouble.  Please say you'll stay for dinner."

     He grinned at her then awkwardly, obviously still uncomfortable though trying hard not to show it.  "All right Kasumi-chan, I will."  Kasumi turned back to the kettle.  "Um Kasumi, I, I..."  Johnathon still didn't know what he should say.  He had discovered upon his return that his feelings for Kasumi had grown, but he was afraid that his curse would repel her.

     She turned to face him again.  "Yes Johnathon-san, what is it?"  He hesitated, frightened of her possible response.  Suddenly he remembered something she had said.

     < She had said that I was cute.  Was she just trying not to hurt my feelings?>  "Kasumi, what you said earlier, did you mean it?  I, I..."  Johnathon looked down at his furry hand, then purposely let his claws pop out.  He looked at Kasumi once more and retracted them.  "You've seen something of what I've become, I, frighten myself sometimes.  Do I, do I frighten you?"

     Kasumi had been looking at his upturned hand.  She reached out and gripped his fingers, then looked him in the eyes, she was smiling gently.  "Scared of you?  Johnathon-san, I would never be scared of you."  Somehow, he believed her, something told him she was telling him exactly what she meant.

     "I told you Kasumi-chan, eight months ago, that I thought that I was falling in love with you..."  He paused, but she just stood there, still smiling gently in invitation.  "I, I'm sure now, I do love you."

     Kasumi stood still.  "Johnathon-san I, I don't know what to say!"  Johnathon prepared himself for disappointment, but Kasumi kept smiling, looking pleased and a bit confused at the same time.  Kasumi never had anyone say those words to her before.  She was unsure what to think, much less say.

     Silence reigned for several endless moments.

     The nervous young cat-man broke the silence.  "Kasumi-chan?"

     "Yes?"  she answered easily concealing her own nervousness.

     "Would you like to go out with me sometime?"  < Great!  That sounded stupid, why couldn't you come up with something better you idio... What was that?>

     Kasumi was saying something.  "Yes, I would like that very much."

     "Yes?  Yes!  I mean, um how about Saturday night?"

     "Around seven?"  She suggested helpfully.  "Ok, seven it is."  Johnathon looked stunned at his success.  Kasumi turned to the kettle and picked it up, letting Johnathon's hand go.  She poured the now warm water over Johnathon's head.

     Kasumi continued to smile, whimsically now as she looked at his now human face.  He was in a partial state of shock, a silly smile planted on his face."  < Why does that seem familiar?>  The memory escaped her and she forgot the feeling of Deja vu.  "Now I really must prepare dinner."  There was a crash from the dojo.  "Oh my, Johnathon, could you see if everyone is all right, and find out if Shampoo is staying to dinner?"

     Johnathon broke from his reverie and nodded.  "Right!"  Kasumi giggled as she watched him stride purposely away then sobered up when she realized what she had just agreed to.  "A date, I am going on a date!"

     Kasumi started mechanically going through the preparations for dinner, then relaxed after a while, humming quietly to herself.  < What would father say?>  She giggled out loud at the mental image that called up and went back to preparing dinner.  Shampoo did not stay for dinner, and the conversation around the table was slow, everyone concentrating on the food.  Kasumi waited till Johnathon had left, a half hour after dinner to break the news to her sisters.  Their reaction was mixed.

     Akane was astonished.  "John-san asked you out?"

     Nabiki was quiet at first then supportive.  "I suppose you'll need a new dress."

     Kasumi looked at Nabiki.  "Do you think so?"

     Akane looked at Nabiki as well.  "Sis? what about..."

     Nabiki glanced at Akane but said nothing.

     Akane was unsure what to think.  < What about Doctor Tofu?  He's in love with Kasumi!>

     "Why are you going out with John-san Kasumi?"  Akane blurted out.

     Kasumi looked a bit surprised at her younger sister's outburst.  "He asked me.  He said that he was in love with me.  When he left for China he told me that he, that he thought he was falling in love with me.  Today he told me that he was sure and asked me out."  Akane looked stunned, Nabiki looked sad then shook her head and took on a neutral expression.

     Akane smiled at her oldest sister.  "That's so romantic.  Ranma has never said anything like that to me."  < Except that one time he thought I was dead.>  "Do you, do you feel the same way?"

     Kasumi looked thoughtful.  "I'm not sure, he's very sweet, and caring and kind."

     Kasumi got a gentle look in her eyes and Nabiki grinned maliciously.  "I bet you think he's sexy when he's half-cat."

     Kasumi blushed bright pink.  "Why Nabiki!  What a thing to say!"  Akane, nodded in agreement, Kasumi spoke thoughtfully.  "Although he is quite, cute."  Akane stopped nodding and looked at her sister in shock.  Kasumi was saying that?  Her big sister Kasumi?

     Kasumi blushed some more and looked down at the floor demurely.  "Nabiki, Akane, could you help me pick out something nice to wear for my date?"

     "Sure."  They said in unison, and they all went to Kasumi's room to plan.

     Saturday was still four days away and Akane found herself staring at Johnathon during english class, wondering what she should do about him and Kasumi.  < Should I do anything at all?  What about Dr. Tofu?  He's so crazy in love with Kasumi he can't think straight in her presence.>   Akane was distracted throughout the class.

     At the end Johnathon asked her to inform her father that he would be coming by to continue his training that night.  "Oh, and Akane. I'd like the chance to spar with you again."  He looked around carefully to see if anyone was listening and whispered.  "In my human form of course."

     "Of course John-san."  She smiled and nodded and he left.  Akane sat quietly, still unsure what she should do.

     That night when Johnathon arrived at the Tendo dojo, Mr. Tendo was waiting for him.  "All right Johnathon-kun, lets see if you remember all I taught you."  Soun took his student though all the training he had taught him, extensively testing his knowledge.  "Hmmm, you've keep in practice, good."  He looked over at Akane who had entered wearing her Gi.  "Ah very good Akane!  Why don't you give Johnathon-kun his acid test."

     Akane nodded.  "Yes daddy."  They squared off in the center of the dojo and began to spar.

     He had improved, but Akane had gotten better as well.  Johnathon was fighting her on an equal footing.  He was still faster, and she was still stronger, but their skill was practically equal.  Where her form was more exact, his was more flexible, it was difficult to tell who had the edge.  They fought for ten straight minutes.  Johnathon got in a couple more blows than Akane, but she hit harder than he did.  She thought, < We are both getting tired, his endurance is up too!>

     Soun called a halt."  "Very good.  You've both improved I can tell, it looks pretty even.  Come outside now, I wish you to work on your other form."  Johnathon looked at Soun and nodded.

     They went out into the back yard.  Soun had set up three training dummies.  He went up to the koi pond and filling a bucket, tossed the water at Johnathon.  Johnathon didn't dodge and felt the change.  Kasumi had been sitting in the living room sipping a cup of tea and she came to the back door to watch.  "All right Johnathon-kun, we've seen your speed in action against Ranma.  Why don't we see what you can do with your claws."

     Johnathon looked nervously at Kasumi who smiled and looked gently at him.  "All right Sensei, how many pieces?"  He looked at Akane who's jaw had dropped a bit.  "Just kidding."

     Soun also looked at Akane.  "Akane, why don't you show Johnathon what I want."

     "Yes daddy!"  Akane walked up to a dummy, took a stance and started demolishing it with her bare hands.  After a dozen punches she had the dummy tattered and mostly crumpled.  Akane gave it a final kick with a yell and it flew into the air, landing 20 feet away.  She stepped back, pleased with herself.

     "Ok, I can do that."  Johnathon gave Mr. Tendo a short bow and took a couple of steps toward the first dummy.  He took a stance about ten feet away, then rushed forward in a blur of motion.  A second later he was 10 feet behind the dummy, it's throat was torn out and it's chest had five deep furrows in it.

     He turned and pounce on the other dummy.  "Rip, Rrripp!  Snap!"  Three solid blows had torn the dummy cleanly in half.  Not slowing, he turned toward the first dummy and rushed past it tearing both it's arms off, then a second later it's head went flying off to land in the koi pond.  He was now standing in front of it as his arms blurred into something resembling Ranma's chestnut fist, although much slower.  Johnathon shredded the dummy from top to bottom in five seconds, leaving no piece bigger than his hand.  The wood "backbone" was severed in half a dozen places.  Johnathon stood still for several seconds then turned to face Mr. Tendo.

     He was nodding slowly.  "Yes, yes, very good Johnathon-kun."  Akane was impressed and a bit frightened.

     She told herself that she had seen much greater displays in the past.  < But never quite like that.>  She forced herself to smile.  "Wow, John-san, that was great!"  Johnathon looked gratified, but still a little worried.

     Mr. Tendo looked around once more at the carnage.  "That's enough for today Johnathon-kun."

     Johnathon nodded and looked finally at Kasumi.  "Kasumi, could you bring me some hot water please?"  Kasumi looked into his eyes and saw his worry.

     She carefully schooled her expression and smiled warmly at him.  "Certainly Johnathon-san."

     She left for the kitchen and Akane went to join her.  Mr. Saotome came out with a Go board and Soun went over to play a game.  "Mr. Tendo..."  Johnathon's distinctively thrumming voice caught Soun's attention.  He looked back at him.  "I have something I wish to ask of you."  Kasumi came out with the water.  He went over, took it and poured it changing back, while Soun waited patiently.  He walked over to Soun, formally bowed and spoke.  "I wish to ask your permission to court your daughter."

       Soun seemed to pause for a moment to consider then he replied equally formally with a slight bow.  "You have my permission."   Soun Tendo looked at Kasumi who beamed happily.  "Daughter, is this to your liking?"

     "Yes father it is!"

     Soun smiled broadly.  "Ah this is happy news is it not Saotome?"  My eldest daughter courted by a fine young man.  Akane and Ranma will benefit from their good example!"

     Genma slapped him on the back heartily.  "Right you are Tendo!"  "Kasumi, bring sake for our  guest!"

     Johnathon started to protest.  "But I don't... My training..."

    "Nonsense!"  Soun beamed happily at him.  "Nothing is too good for my new future son in law!"

     "What?  Son in law, well I, um..."  Johnathon quit protesting, seeing that Soun was not paying any attention.  He looked apologetically at Kasumi. She smiled at him, too pleased at her father's good cheer to want to explain things and ruin the mood.

     Johnathon sighed and prepared for a long night.  Kasumi shook her head at her silly father but was cheerful none the less.  Johnathon was afraid he would scare her, but she was confident that he would never hurt her.  His ferocious display in the yard had been slightly intimidating but that was not what had scared her.  Her feelings for him scared her and she wasn't sure how she really felt for him.  She nearly blushed recalling her reaction to his feline half.  He was cute, exotic, and she found herself admitting she found him sexy as well, both sides of him.  He was kind, caring and generous.  Kasumi could scarcely credit the thoughts running though her mind.  There were negative things of course.  He was a gajin for a start.  His curse had a scary down side.  She had known him for such a short time.

     Right at that moment however, she found the positive easily outweighing the negative.  Johnathon was giving a despairing glance at the sake.  Kasumi, understanding his problem, poured him a small portion while filling the two fathers glasses full.  They all got quickly drunk, Johnathon lost consciousness after imbibing only a small fraction of what the fathers drank just to get a good buzz.  They barely noticed and went on partying.

     Johnathon woke the next morning with a splitting headache.  He found himself in the Tendo's living room on a futon and covered by a light blanket.  He rose and instantly regretted it.  Drawing upon every bit of his willpower he staggered to his feet and checked the time.  He was late for school!  Groaning he started to hurry to the school.  It was a horrible day overall, the only bright spot was the memory of Kasumi's smile.

     Akane could tell Johnathon was hung over from the night before and kindly left him alone.  She was still torn over what to do about Dr. Tofu.  Finally she decided that she needed advice, but who to go to?  < Ranma would be no help, even if he has gotten better at listening to me lately.>  Akane was surprised at that realization.  < We have been getting along better ever since the aborted wedding.>  She focused on her problem again, shelving that line of thought for now.  Normally she could go to Kasumi about this sort of thing, but that was out for obvious reasons.

     Her friends would listen of course, but this wasn't something she figured she should spread around.  Finally she decided to talk to Nabiki, wondering if she could afford her sisters advice.  She caught Nabiki at lunch.  Nabiki was quite reluctant at first to produce an opinion on the subject.  Nabiki was fighting an internal battle.  She found that she was jealous of her older sister, and didn't know how to deal with it.  She had been attracted to Johnathon, but hadn't really realized it till after he decided to date Kasumi.

     Nabiki the "Ice Queen" Tendo had never had a serious relationship with a boy before.  They were too intimidated by her to even try.  The few who had wanted to date her had either assumed that she could be won over by money, or had wanted to get close to Akane.  Nabiki had envied her sisters relationship with Ranma for some time.  Oh she wouldn't want all the trouble, Ranma was too much of an idiot for her anyway, but having him around did make life more interesting.  Johnathon looked like his life would be an interesting one as well, and he didn't have Ranma's shortcomings.  He was intelligent and polite.  He wasn't as classically handsome as Ranma, but he was exotic and interesting.  His felinoid form was especially interesting.  When she had first seen it she had been fascinated.

     What could she do about it?  He liked Kasumi, and Dr. Tofu was no real competition as long as he could not stay coherent around Kasumi.  It was a shame really.  Nabiki frowned.  She really couldn't bring herself to sabotage Kasumi's relationship, hurting her older sister was something she just wouldn't do.  Poor Dr. Tofu, if only he could... "Yes!"

     Akane had been watching her sister ruminate for some time, getting progressively more worried.  "What is it Nabiki?"

     Nabiki turned to her sister and smiled conspiratorially.  "Ok Akane, I know just what we need to do."

  End Revelations and Revisions pt1


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