From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 6

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications.

                      Revelations and Revisions Pt 2
                  (a continuation of "From a Different Viewpoint")

     That afternoon they headed over to Dr. Tofu's office.  They went inside and were greeted by Dr. Tofu.

     "Nabiki, Akane, no new injuries I hope?"  His voice was as welcoming as ever.

     "No Doctor, we're both fine."  Akane supplied.  "We're here because we want to talk to you."  She hesitated, not knowing what to say next.

     Nabiki spoke into the pause.  "Tofu-san, I would really appreciate your help."

     Tofu looked surprised at her sweet tone of voice.  "Yes Nabiki?  What is it?"

     Nabiki smiled grimly.  "I need you to take me out this Saturday."

     He looked shocked.  "What?  Why?"

     Nabiki spoke blithely, as if unaware of the impact her words would have.  "Well to tell you the truth.  I want to keep an eye on Kasumi and the nice young man who's taking her out.  Make sure that they're having a good time."

     Dr Tofu's glasses started to fog when Nabiki mentioned Kasumi, then slowly cleared.  "Did you say?..."

     Nabiki nodded affirmatively.  "Yes, Kasumi is going out on a date this Saturday.  You will help me won't you Doctor?"

     Akane had been surprised by Nabiki's suggestion to Dr. Tofu but said nothing.  He stood paralyzed as Nabiki's words went through his head.  < Kasumi?  Dating?  Kasumi dating?  What is happening?>

     Nabiki focused his attention on her.  "Tofu-san, could you help me?"  < Don't fall apart now Doctor.>  "I'd really appreciate your help."  She waited then saw that he was still paralyzed.  "Doctor?  Doctor?"  Nabiki waved her hand in front of his face, no response.  "Hmmm, I think stronger measures are in order."  She walked around in front of Dr, Tofu, and looked at his blank stare.  Suddenly she stood up on the balls of her feet and kissed him full on the lips.

     "Nabiki!"  Akane shouted, shocked at her sisters actions.  After half a minute, Nabiki broke the kiss.

     Dr. Tofu looked down at her, shocked.  "N-Nabiki?"

     "So, Tofu-san, you will take me out this Saturday?"  Nabiki said with an innocent look.  "To watch over Kasumi of course."

     "I, I, yes."  Tofu looked like he had lost control of his destiny.

     Nabiki nodded  "All right, now this is what we'll do..."

     Later as they walked home Akane confronted her sister.  "Nabiki!  How could you... k-kiss Dr, Tofu!"

     Nabiki shot Akane an icily confident glance.  "I know exactly what I'm doing Akane, trust me."

     Akane took a step back, her eyes wide.  "Are you sure Nabiki?"

     "Yup."  Nabiki seemed unfazed by her actions.  "Now, for part two of my plan I'll need you and Ranma."

     "What?  Why?"  Akane was not following Nabiki's train of thought.

     "How else am I supposed to find out where Kasumi and Johnathon will be?"  Nabiki explained.

     Akane looked dubious.  "Oh, ok I quess, what should we do?"

     "First you need to get Ranma to agree."  Nabiki answered reasonably.  The two sisters continued home, Nabiki laying out her plans to an unsure Akane.

     Nabiki concentrated on telling herself that she had planned everything that she had done.  She told herself that kissing Dr. Tofu had simply been a calculated tactic.  She had Akane convinced of that before they got home, and she almost had herself convinced as well.

     Saturday rolled around relatively uneventfully.  Johnathon arrived at seven o'clock sharp.

     He was greeted by Akane.  "John-san, you look good!"  She was impressed.  He had on a black sport coat and nice pants to complement his usual black turtleneck.  It suited his lanky form perfectly.  "Kasumi will be down in just a minute."  Johnathon stood around uncertainly.

     Soun walked up to him.  "Ah, hello Johnathon-kun, you'll be sure to take good care of my daughter eh?"

     The young teacher nodded firmly.  "Yes sir, you can count on that."  Kasumi came down before anything else could happen.  She looked beautiful in a conservative blue dress.  "Ah Kasumi, you look wonderful tonight."

     She blushed.  "Why Johnathon-san, you flatter me."

     "Nonsense."  Johnathon beamed at her.  "I could not possibly do you justice."

     Kasumi came down the stairs, a bit flustered by the flattery.  Johnathon offered her his arm.  Kasumi took it and they turned to go.

     Soun watched them go out the front door.  "Ah, it's so good to see my daughter growing up.  If only Nabiki would find a nice boy."

     On cue, Nabiki started down the stairs in a lovely green chinese dress.  "Good night Daddy.  I'm going out."  Soun stared at her and his jaw dropped.

     Akane giggled at her fathers reaction.  "Me too daddy, good night."  The sisters went out the door together, leaving Soun with a confused look on his face.

     As they got to the gate Nabiki spoke authoritatively.  "All right Akane, get going, I'll get Dr. Tofu.  Call me at his office when you find out where Johnathon and Kasumi are going."  Nabiki sent her sister off to join Ranma, who was already following Johnathon and Kasumi by hopping from roof to roof, staying out of sight.  When Akane reached him, Ranma was watching Johnathon and Kasumi turn a corner.

     He looked over at her with an annoyed look.  "Why am I doing this Akane?  I don't like spying on anyone."

     Akane tried to reassure him.  "We're making sure nothing bad happens on their date ok?"

     Ranma didn't look convinced.  "I don't know about this Akane."

     Akane nodded to herself and him.  She wasn't sure either, but Nabiki was counting on her, and Dr. Tofu...  "Just do it, for me Ranma?"

     Ranma hesitated then sighed.  "Ok, Akane, for you."  The two hopped from rooftop to rooftop,  quietly following Johnathon and Kasumi.  They stopped at a restaurant called Ma Maisons.  Akane noted the location and told Ranma to wait, then she went to find a phone.  Nabiki showed up with Dr. Tofu at Ma Maisons fifteen minutes later and immediately went inside.

     Akane frowned to herself and nodded.  "Come on Ranma, you're taking me to Ma Maisons for dinner."

     Ranma blanched.  "What?  I am?  But..."

     Akane was firm.  "No buts Ranma!  Come on!"

     Johnathon was nervous but excited.  So far everything was going wonderfully.  Kasumi looked more beautiful than ever, and they had a pleasant chat on the way to the restaurant.  The restaurant was nice, not quite formal, but nice, perfect in Johnathon's opinion for a first date.  He had never had much success with women.  Tonight however, he was almost... confident.  Yes, everything was going to go right.

     Sitting in their booth, Johnathon and Kasumi failed to notice Nabiki and Dr. Tofu come in.  Nabiki asked for a booth that was positioned so that they could watch Johnathon and Kasumi without being to obvious.  Nabiki sat down so Dr. Tofu would be facing the dating couple while she watched Tofu's reactions.  He was staring at them, his glasses fogged over.  Tofu was having trouble thinking clearly.  His mind refused to function properly in Kasumi's presence.  She was listening, talking and quietly laughing with her date.  She was so wonderful, but now she was going out with someone else.  He was unable to act.

     Akane led Ranma into the restaurant and took a table in back.  Nabiki spotted Akane but was unable to warn her off.  < What is that girl doing?>  As Johnathon and Kasumi's food arrived Kasumi noticed Dr. Tofu sitting in a booth with a women who had her back to her.

     She smiled happily.  "Hello Doctor!  It's nice to see you!"

     Tofu made an attempt to react normally and failed.  He stood, holding the water glass that had been in front of him in a dead grip, and walked over.

     He spoke in a high voice.  "Kasumi, what a coincidence meeting you here of all places."

     Kasumi giggled.  "Doctor, you're so silly.  I'd like for you to meet Johnathon.  Johnathon, this is Dr. Tofu."  Johnathon turned to the man and started to say hello.  Tofu had swiveled as if he was on a turnstile, bringing his right hand around as if to shake hands.  He neglected to put down the glass of water first, and the entire contents splashed into Johnathon's face.

     Everything seemed to go into slow motion for Johnathon.  The waiter heard the splash and started to turn towards him.  Dr. Tofu was staring at his changed form as if he wasn't sure what had just happened.  Kasumi's eyes were wide in alarm.  Nabiki, watching from ten feet away was frozen in horror.  Across the room, Ranma was bolting to his feet, desperate to act in time.  The waiter finished turning and his pupils dilated in fear.  A second passed and he opened his mouth to scream.

     Suddenly Tofu was calm, he turned to the waiter and calmly poked him in the back of the neck.  The waiter's eyes rolled up and he went unconscious.  Deftly Tofu grabbed him, keeping him upright.  Ranma had crossed the room, plucking a glass of hot tea from a table and tossing it in one motion, soaking Johnathon with hot water.  Johnathon had been sliding under the table and stopped at being splashed.  He slid back up into his seat, realizing he was human again.

     Almost everyone else's attention had been drawn to the fast moving Ranma, who had stopped and was trying to leave quietly.  Dr. Tofu came to his rescue.

     Tofu spoke calmly.  "Ah, sir thank you, help me with this man please, he seems to have fainted.  Please help me take him to the back room."  The two of them carried the unconscious waiter away.  Johnathon looked around carefully to see if anyone had noticed his transformation besides the waiter.  There were a few curious glances, but it didn't seem like anyone else had seen.  Nabiki hid, sitting low in her seat, looking at the table in shock.  If Tofu hadn't knocked out the waiter, or if Ranma hadn't thrown that tea,  Johnathon would have been in serious trouble, and it would have been her fault.

     Nabiki sunk lower, miserable.  After a minute, Akane sunk into the booth with her.  They sat silently for several moments.

     "What do you think will happen when the waiter wakes up?" Akane whispered quietly.  Nabiki looked at her younger sister and a determined look came over her face.

     "I'll handle it."  She said grimly.  Nabiki stood up and walked over to Johnathon and Kasumi's booth.  She schooled her expression.  "Hello sis, mind if I sit down?"  Kasumi shook her head slightly.  Nabiki sat down next to her.  "You two should get going, I'll handle the bill."  Johnathon looked at her tensely, questioning.  Then he nodded, seeing a bit of the truth in her eyes.

     "All right Nabiki, thank you."  Johnathon spoke quietly, then smiled at Kasumi.  "Shall we go?"

     Kasumi smiled back.  "All right Johnathon-san."  Nabiki moved aside so Kasumi could get up and sat back down, watching them leave.  A waiter started over towards them and Nabiki signaled to him.

     "Bill please!"  Nabiki called out,  getting his attention.  He turned away from the departing couple and headed for her.

     Johnathon walked down the street with Kasumi.  Spotting a coffee shop after a couple of blocks he turned that way.

     "Would you like some coffee?"  He asked Kasumi while indicating the shop.

     Kasumi nodded.  "Yes, that would be nice."  Johnathon bought Kasumi a cup of coffee and a cream soda for himself and they took a seat at the counter.  After the pleasant waitress was out of casual earshot Johnathon turned to Kasumi with a sigh.

     "That was too close."  He shook his head,  "I'd hate to imagine what might of happened if Ranma and that other fellow, what did you say his name was?  Dr Tofu?"  At Kasumi's nod he continued, "Well if they hadn't reacted so quickly... I quess he knows about the Jusenkyo curses?"

     Kasumi nodded again. "Yes he's been the family doctor for years.  When Ranma arrived Doctor Tofu found out right away, he's been very helpful whenever Ranma has had problems with his curse or whenever other, um, unusual things popped up."  Johnathon thought back, remembering Tofu's behavior when he had first came to their table.

     He shrugged.  "Sounds like a nice guy, although at first he seemed kinda, I don't know, funny?"

     Kasumi laughed lightly.  "Oh he's always been like that, he's silly sometimes."

     Johnathon looked at her sideways.  "Oh?"  He decided not to make a big deal about the Doctor's behavior and went on to pleasanter things.  "Well Kasumi, I had heard that one of my favorite movies was playing at the theater nearby.  It's in english, with subtitles in Japanese of course, would you care to see it with me?"

     Kasumi smiled politely.  "Certainly, what is it about?"

     Johnathon grinned.  "It's a story about true love, a princess and pirates, sword fights and devious plots, romance, adventure, it's a great movie!"

     Kasumi giggled.  "I can tell you like it!  Lets go see it."

     Johnathon looked at the wall clock.  "Great, the next showing is in, um, forty five minutes."    They sat quietly for awhile sipping their drinks.  Johnathon broke the silence.  "So, Kasumi, tell me something about..."

     Kasumi nodded.  "Yes?"

     He continued hesitantly.  "Something about you Kasumi-chan."

     She looked at his face, he looked nervous and shy.  "What would you like to know?"

     "Oh, everything, but since everything is quite alot, could you tell me a story about when you were a kid?"

     Kasumi looked bemused then nodded.  "Yes Johnathon-san, I would be glad to."  She thought for a few moments then began.  She told him of a time when she was young, and she had asked her mother if she could teach her to cook.  It was a mundane enough story, but Johnathon found himself listening intently, entranced by her voice.  Kasumi was a bit embarrassed by his rapt attention, but his demeanor encouraged her.

     When she had finished her story Johnathon looked at the clock.  "Well, looks like we have about twenty minutes till the movie starts, why don't we get going?"  Kasumi nodded and they went to pay the bill.

     Back at Ma Maisons Dr. Tofu had woken the waiter, who couldn't seem to remember what had happened to him.  Satisfied that the man would be fine, Dr. Tofu left for his home.  Ranma, Nabiki and Akane were there waiting for him when he arrived.  Nabiki's expression was unreadable, Ranma and Akane both looked uncomfortable.

     Dr. Tofu looked at them sadly.  "Tell me, did Kasumi and her date get away without further incident?"

     "Yes Doctor."  Nabiki answered simply.

     Ranma spoke quickly.  "Thanks to you Doc!  That was fast thinking in there."

     Tofu shook his head.  "The whole mess was my fault in the first place.  I shouldn't have been there, and I should have controlled myself.  My actions were inexcusable."

     Nabiki looked at the ground beneath her feet, unable to look at him.  "It's not your fault.  I set you up for this.  I just didn't think things would turn out this way."

     Akane looked at her sister, then at Dr. Tofu then at her sister again.  "Oh Doctor, we all know you are in love with Kasumi, we wanted to give you the chance to tell her."

     The chiropractor looked weary.  "It was that obvious, wasn't it, except to Kasumi.  That doesn't matter anymore.  I'm not going to take a chance on hurting her again."

     Ranma protested.  "But Doc!  You controlled yourself when it counted right?  No one got hurt, so why can't you..."

     "No Ranma."  Tofu stopped him.  "I realize how reckless I've been whenever Kasumi appears.  I can't seem to control myself.  As a doctor, I cannot ignore this problem anymore.  I must face it."

     Nabiki looked up at Tofu, and her eyes softened.  "Good luck Doctor, if there is anything I can do..."

     Tofu shook his head  "I've got to be alone for this."

     Nabiki fought back tears she hadn't shed in years.  "Ok, Ranma, Akane, lets go home and let the doctor be."  She started off so no one could see her face, but her voice cracked a bit, giving away the extent of her distress.  Ranma and Akane, suddenly worried about Nabiki, followed.  Dr. Tofu, now alone, went inside to try to meditate.  By the time they had caught up.  Nabiki's face was again an expressionless mask.

     Akane hesitated then asked her sister.  "Nabiki, are you all right?"

     "I'm fine!"  Nabiki snapped.  "Now go away, I've got to think!"  Akane hesitated then grabbed Ranma's hand and dragged him away.

     "Come on Ranma!"  She insisted loudly.

     Akane dragged him for a block before Ranma asked.  "Where are we going?"

     She looked back at him.  "Oh, I'm not really sure, I'm still pretty stunned at what happened with Dr. Tofu."

     Ranma nodded.  "Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself."

     "Still."  Akane continued slowly.  "You were pretty good back there in the restaurant, you saved Johnathon and Kasumi."  She turned and smiled softly at him.  "It was pretty heroic of you."

     Ranma shrugged sheepishly, not sure how to react to this uncharacteristic behavior of Akane's.  "Ah shucks, it was only my duty as a martial artist, I mean it wasn't that much..."

     Akane looked strangely at him, her look slowly turned to fondness.  "I guess I've started to realize that about you.  Being heroic is second nature to you.  I guess I've known it all along."  She paused awhile in thought.  "I think I've resented you being so much better than me, but not today."  Ranma tried to protest and she shushed him by putting her fingers in front of his mouth.  "Why don't we go out to eat, for real this time.  My treat."  Ranma froze in shock.  She lightly pushed him off balance.  "Got you!"

     His eyes opened wide in consternation.  "Hey, Akane, that's not fair!"

     She laughed.  "Why not, it's true!  Come on, Ranma, lets go."  She led Ranma off running and laughing, both of them able to forget, for a time, their problems, and those of the people they cared about.

     Later that night, exiting the theater Johnathon and Kasumi were talking about the movie.

     Kasumi was speaking.  "It was so romantic when she realized that the man in black was her true love in disguise, and she threw herself off the cliff after him."

     Johnathon agreed.  "Uh huh, it was lucky that the cliff she had thrown him down wasn't too steep.  It kinda reminds me of Akane."  He imitated throwing someone off a cliff.  "Ranma you jerk!"

     Kasumi giggled, it did sound like Akane.  "Now if Ranma would act a bit more like Wesley..."

     Johnathon laughed.  "If Ranma had been in Wesley's place he would have said "Now why did you throw me off the cliff you stupid tomboy!"  Kasumi giggled again, he had gotten Ranma's tone of voice pretty well, she had heard words like that come from Ranma many times.  Johnathon laughed with her, he loved her laugh, the sound of her voice was so sweet.

     When their laughter finally stopped Johnathon proffered his arm.  "Let me escort you home, my princess."

     Kasumi giggled again.  "Thank you, my lord, I would be most grateful."  She took his arm and they started back for the Tendo house.  They arrived without incident and paused at the gate.  Kasumi turned toward Johnathon, facing him directly.  He hesitated, lost in thought while Kasumi waited expectantly.  She wondered if he would give her a good bye kiss.  He had been perfectly gentlemanly during the movie, not making any untoward advances.  She found herself slightly disappointed at that, and a bit surprised at her own disappointment.

     Johnathon took a step toward her and Kasumi turned her face up towards his.  < He's going to  kiss me!>

     "Kasumi-chan, did you have a good time?"  He asked quietly.

     "Oh yes, very much!"  She answered happily.

     Encouraged by this Johnathon continued.  "Would you like to go out again next week?"

     "Yes!"  Kasumi blushed at her eager response.  < Calm down!>  Johnathon took hold of her hand and brought it to his lips.

     He gently kissed the back of her hand.  "I will be counting the hours Kasumi-chan."

     She sighed to herself.  < So romantic, but isn't he going to give me a good-bye kiss?>  Apparently he wasn't.

     Johnathon bowed to her and turned away.  "I'll see you soon, I promise."  He walked away then.  Kasumi watched him go, not sure if she was disappointed or pleased with his chaste withdrawal.  When he was about forty feet away he turned back towards her and blew her a kiss, then ran off at a quick jog.  Kasumi smiled, the promise of more to come was enough for now.  She went inside, humming a cheerful tune to herself.  Her family was sitting around the table.  They looked at her expectantly when she came in.  Ranma and Kasumi looked nervous and Nabiki looked subdued.

     Her father was cheerful.  "Kasumi, welcome home!  How was your date?"

     Kasumi smiled at her family.  "It was very nice, and we are going out again next week."  Nabiki looked up at her intently.  Kasumi looked back.  "Thank you Nabiki, for helping us out at the restaurant."  Nabiki turned away, flushing a light shade of pink.  "Thank you too Ranma."  Kasumi resisted an impulse to pat his head affectionately as he blushed and shrugged.  He was so cute when he was bashful.

     Kasumi went to her room before her sisters could start quizzing her on her date, or her father could get all emotional and started crying.  < What a night!>  She couldn't wait for next week.

     As he jogged home, Johnathon grinned idiotically.  < She likes me!  We're going out again!>  His mind was focused on the date, so he failed to notice the rain starting until the first drops hit the top of his head.

     "Uh oh."  Johnathon looked frantically around for shelter, he hadn't brought his umbrella today, and there was no shelter in sight.  Seconds later it began to pour and he changed.  Johnathon looked around wildly, he didn't see anyone nearby.  He quickly took off his shoes, (They didn't fit his altered feet.) and started to run toward his apartment, hoping he could reach it without being spotted.  Before he got a hundred feet his enhanced hearing picked up the sound of voices approaching the corner in front of him.

     He looked around for a place to hide, but he was in the middle of the block.  He saw them starting around the corner, a group of five teenage girls.  As they started to turn in his direction he leapt up, jumping for the roof of the house closest to him.  He landed on the edge of the roof just in time, even as they were turning down the street he leapt again, going to the other side of the roof.  Johnathon was amazed how easily he had made that leap.  He had seen Ranma do much better, but he had not really gotten used to his felinoid form's ability to jump.

     He could jump easily three to four times as far as he could jump as a human.  He crouched down, waiting for the girls to pass by and was dismayed when they stopped at the house he was on.  One of the girls went inside, and a second paused in the door, talking to her friends about their plans for the next day.  Minutes passed and Johnathon waited impatiently.  Finally the second girl went inside and her three friends walked down the block.  Johnathon waited for them to get out of sight and jumped down.  He noticed a light on in an open window upstairs, and hurried off, hoping no one had spotted him.

     Across the street, a feeble looking young man had noticed the light come on in the room of the girl across the street.  He grabbed his camera and got ready to snap a photo of his new love interest.  He focused on her bedroom window, waiting for her to come fully into view.  < Ah Manami, if only I could tell you how I feel.  After Ranma and Akane's aborted wedding, I knew she would never be mine, but when you moved in, I knew it was fate!>  A dark figure dropped past her window suddenly, and the illicit viewer snapped off a snapshot reflexively.  He turned his camera to follow the swiftly moving figure, and snapped off a few more shots, trying to focus on the person. < Person?  What in the world was that?>  He couldn't believe his eyes, he thought he saw... < It must of been some guy in a costume.  Some pervert spying on my Manami!>  The young lad stared down the street but the figure was long gone.  Other interests set aside, he hurried down to his darkroom to develop the pictures.  Hikaru Gosenkugi would permit no rivals! (Kuno lessons?)

     It took Johnathon half an hour to get to his apartment without being spotted.  He sighed in relief as he shut the door behind him, and headed for the bathroom.  < I'm not going out without an umbrella again, that's for certain!>

     Gosunkugi came out of his darkroom, stunned at what the photo's had revealed.  The first shot had been the best catching the head and shoulders of the cat-monster clearly.  It had seemed to be wearing a sport coat!  It had been a clear shot, with Manami in the background, her back to the camera, pulling her sweater over her head.. Hikaru tried to focus on the essentials.  The creature certainly did not appear to be a man in a costume.  It was the later pictures that had convinced him that the creature was real, though it had taken several minutes before he had realized what was wrong with the images.  The creatures legs were all wrong!  It's legs were shaped differently, and moved in ways that no human's legs could, and no human had feet that shape!  He shivered in fear, it was enough evidence to convince him that a demon was out there, and was stalking his precious Manami.  Gosunkugi had dabbled in magic, but had very little success, he had no idea how to go about dealing with a real demon!

     He got onto his computer and logged onto  ''  < Time to get some advice!>  The sorcerer wanabe scanned the photos into his system, and started asking around, checking the chat rooms, forwarding what he had seen to the e-mail of the administrators of the web site.  He started to get some responses.  Many people were quite skeptical, some pretended to believe him, but he could tell.  Some did believe him, but they did not have any more idea of how to deal with a demon than he did!  A very few believed, and had some useful advice.  A couple of people saw a demon to hunt and asked him questions.  One saw, and knew the truth, and began to plan.
 End Revelations and Revisions pt2

        (to be continued in Revelations and Revisions #3)


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