From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 7

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications.

             Revelations and Revisions Pt3
             (A continuation of From a Different Viewpoint)

    The next day was bright and cheerful.  Johnathon was unaware that as of that morning he was in a great deal of danger from several sources. School went uneventfully that week.  (At least, uneventfully for Furinkan High.)  Johnathon went to the Tendo Dojo to continue his training twice that week.  He sparred with both Ranma and Akane, and even went a round with Mr. Saotome in his Panda form.

    On thursday, Akane asked him to spar with her using his felinoid form.  Johnathon only hesitated a bit before agreeing.  He knew that Akane was an experienced martial artist, she knew what she was doing.  Akane brought him some cold water and splashed him.  They squared off inside the Dojo.

    Ranma had sat down against a wall to watch.  He was worried that Akane had bitten off more than she could chew.  He decided to keep his mouth shut, he was slowly learning to avoid saying insulting things to Akane.  Akane attacked first, charging forward with an aggressive assault.  Johnathon defended easily, his greater speed making it much easier then when he was human.  He started returning her attack, and Akane was slowly forced into the defensive.  He got in a blow then another, and another.  Johnathon made sure to pull each punch and kick at the last moment, so Akane really wasn't taking any damage.

    He tripped her with a sweep and she easily rolled to her feet without pause.  Johnathon did not let up, forcing her back, after a dozen more minor hits he called a halt.  Akane had been heating up, getting angry slowly.  With an effort she controlled her reaction.

    "Come on John-san, don't stop yet, I'm just getting the hang of it."  Akane smiled gamely.

    Ranma looked worried.  "Akane?"  She shot him an angry look and he shut up.

    "All right Akane."  Johnathon got back into his stance.  "Begin!"  Akane started off a bit better this time, but Johnathon used his speed to full advantage.  He started to fight at full speed, still pulling his punches, but only holding back his full strength.  Quickly Akane began to tire, forced to perform past her peak ability to compete.  After a minute, Johnathon had knocked Akane to the floor again, she rose a bit too slow, and he dropped her again. Placing his open palm against her forehead he shoved her towards the ground head first.  He stopped her fall at the last second with the other hand.

    "Bang, you're dead."  He said cheerfully.  He rose swiftly and stood back.

    Akane got up slowly and forced a smile.  "Thanks Johnathon, I learned a lot."

    "I can tell."  Johnathon said nodding in agreement.  "You did much better the second time, you learn very fast!"  Akane looked surprised at the approval in his voice.  She looked at Ranma, expecting him to be gagging in disagreement or getting ready with an insult.  She was astonished to see him nodding.  He caught her eye and she could see his agreement.

    < Ranma... believes in me?>  Akane thought incredulously.

    Johnathon and Ranma sparred then, while Akane watched.  It was a relatively uneven match. Both Ranma and Johnathon had learned a lot from their previous matches, but Johnathon was far behind Ranma in skill and strength.  He was about as fast, but that was the only reason he could last more than a second against Ranma.  Johnathon had seen Ranma demonstrate some of his special techniques and had heard about others.  He knew for a fact that if Ranma went at him all out he wouldn't stand a chance, but sparring, Ranma didn't use his special techniques.

    A couple of minutes later Johnathon called a halt.  "Enough!"  He picked himself slowly off the floor and rubbed gingerly at his new collection of light bruises.  "Thanks for the session, Ranma, it was fun."  He started limping toward the house.  "Time for some hot water, so I can go home in peace."

    As if on cue, Kasumi appeared with a kettle.  Akane giggled to herself as she saw Johnathon conceal his limp instantly upon seeing Kasumi.  She showed him the kettle.  "Johnathon-san, I thought you might want to change back after your sparring."

    Johnathon blinked  "Thank you, Kasumi, that is very thoughtful."  He ducked his head so she could douse him.  "Ah, that's better."  He looked her in the eyes when the change was complete.  "So, will Saturday at seven o'clock be all right with you, Kasumi-chan?"

    She smiled.  "That would be perfect."

    "Would you like to go anywhere in particular, Kasumi-chan?"  Johnathon asked politely,  "I chose the last time so if you'd like to go anywhere in particular?"

    Kasumi looked faintly surprised then thoughtful.  "We had fun last week."  She offered at last.

    "We did at that."  He agreed with a grin.  "Dinner and a movie it is then."  Kasumi and Johnathon shared a happy smile.

    Kasumi spoke first.  "Johnathon, would you care to stay for supper?"

    He nodded gratefully.  "I would love to!  Your cooking is something not to be missed."

    "Why don't you go get cleaned up then, dinner will be in about twenty minutes."

    Dinner was delicious as usual, Ranma and Genma ate for six and Soun chatted happily with his eldest daughter's new boyfriend.  Johnathon was polite and subdued.  He ate slowly, but with obvious relish, taking small helping for seconds.

 Soun babbled on.  "It's so nice to see Kasumi dating finally!  Ranma, when are you going to ask Akane out on a date?"

    Genma joined in.  "Yes Ranma, it's about time you and Akane went out together."

    Ranma and Akane fidgeted and Johnathon noticed Kasumi's expression turn to one of mild concern.  He looked at her and caught her eyes, then pointedly looked back at Akane and Ranma.  Then he looked back at her, his eyebrows raised with a silent question.  Kasumi smiled and nodded understanding.

    Johnathon spoke up, getting a word in edgewise.  "Ranma, Akane, would you like to join Kasumi and I Saturday night?  We could have a double date."  Everyone but Kasumi looked at Johnathon with surprise.

    Kasumi just smiled.  < He's so thoughtful.>

    Soun pounced on the idea like Genma would a 100 yen coin.  "Capital idea Johnathon-kun!"  Genma nodded vigorously in support.  Nabiki looked thoughtful.  Ranma looked at Akane and saw that she was looking back at him expectantly.  Somehow he had expected her to immediately reject the idea.  As a matter of fact, he was surprised that he hadn't done so himself.  But... Akane looked almost, happy with the idea.

    "Sure, I guess we can go along."  Ranma said, trying to act casual.  (And failing)  "Just to make sure everything goes ok with Kasumi's date, no freak accidents or nothing."  He wasn't sure why he had agreed, but somehow he didn't mind.

    Kasumi was pleased.  "Yes Ranma, you certainly saved the day last Saturday.  You know, I've never been on a double date before."

    Akane nodded cheerfully.  "It'll be fun big sister, I don't get many chances to do anything fun with you."  < Ranma just wants to play hero.  Oh well, it is our first real date we'll have been on.>

    Ranma's thoughts were similar.  < Akane just wants to spend some time with Kasumi.  Oh well, it is our first real date.>

    Nabiki imagined what might happen and shuddered.  < Ranma thinks he's going to be helping them!  Fat chance, I see disaster in the making.>

    Under the floorboards, Sasuke the Kuno family ninja snuck off.  < Master Kuno and Mistress Kodachi will wish to know about this!>

    The next day at school Kuno approached Nabiki at lunch.  He had started to protest his indignation at their coming date to Ranma and Akane at the gate that morning but they had jumped on his face before he could finish his first sentence.  < How rude.>

    Kuno was in his usual rant.  "Nabiki Tendo I must know everything about this supposed date between my beloved Akane and that treacherous fiend Saotome!"

    Nabiki looked curtly at him.  "I'll tell you where they went on their last date for 10000 yen."

    "What!  Their last date?"  The deranged Kendoist looked at her suspiciously.  "And why should I pay for such outdated information?"

    Nabiki shrugged.  "They said they would be doing the same thing this time Kuno baby, but if you don't want to know..."  Kuno slapped the money on the table.  "It was Ma Maisons, you know the new French place?"

    Kuno stood up with a flourish.  "Ah, now I will thwart the evil Saotome's schemes!  I shall thrash him severely indeed!"  He began his characteristic laugh.

    Nabiki shook her head sadly.  "Oh Kuno-chan, you're going to fight him in an expensive French restaurant?  Very crude."

    Kuno paused.  "Hmmm, it would not do for the great Tatiwati Kuno to be anything but elegant in his methods."

    "That's right Kuno-chan."  Nabiki said patronizingly.  What you need is a date to go with you, so you can subtly sway your beloved with jealously."

    Kuno frowned at the (for him) complex thought.  "Subtle eh?  But who could I take to such a date who's heart would not be utterly broken by knowledge that I sought another?"

    Nabiki grinned like a cat.  "Oh, I can think of someone."

    Saturday night rolled approached and seven o'clock rolled around.  Johnathon came up to the door right on time.

    Soun opened the door and let him in.  "Welcome Johnathon-kun, Kasumi will be right down."

    Johnathon had dressed semi formally in a gray sport coat, (The second of the two he owned) and blue collared shirt with no tie.  Ranma came down first, in his nicest Chinese silk shirt.  It was red with a multicolored dragon curling around it and a black collar.  He looked good, Johnathon was impressed.

    Akane and Kasumi came down together.  Akane in a yellow dress, Kasumi in a blue one.  Both women looked beautiful.

    Johnathon said as much.  "You both look gorgeous tonight!  Don't you think so Ranma?"  Ranma was speechless but managed a nod.  The foursome gathered in the hall but before they could go Nabiki appeared at the top of the stairs in a slinky red dress with long red gloves. and started down.  Soun was snapping a "commemorative photo"  of the two couples when they all saw her.

    Akane spoke first.  "Nabiki?"

    "I'm going out with Kuno-chan tonight daddy."  Nabiki said innocently.  "He's taking me to Ma Maisons.  I'll be meeting him there."  She winked at her flabbergasted family and went out the door.

    Johnathon looked at Kasumi, Akane and Ranma.  "So, who would like Italian?"  They looked back at him and started to laugh.  He continued blithely.  "Somehow I don't feel like French food tonight."  Even Kasumi chuckled at that, it was pretty funny.

    Later as the foursome headed unconcernedly down the street towards the Italian restaurant Johnathon had picked out, they chatted away about various topics, unaware of their shadowy pursuit.

    Earlier that day Ryoga had been wandering desperately searching for Ma Maisons.  Thursday night Akane had confided in her pet pig all about her coming date with Ranma.  Ryoga had set out that very night looking.  It had been forty eight hours since then and he was getting desperate.  He smelled food and decided to to check if the smell was French food.  Miraculously he picked the right direction and went into the restaurant the smell was coming from.

    "Is this Ma Maisons?"  He asked dazedly, feeling a bit week from two days without food.

    "No it isn't sugar,"  Said a familiar voice.  "I'd of thought you would've recognized the place by now, you've been here enough times."

    Ryoga looked around and identified the voice's owner.  "Ukyo?  What are you doing running a French restaurant?"

    "What are you talking about sugar?  This is Ucchans silly!"  Ukyo shook her head wondering where the lost boy had been planning to go.

    Ryoga looked at the time and groaned.  "Oh no!  I'll never make it in time to stop Ranma and Akane's date!"

    Ukyo jumped the counter and grabbed him by the collar in a flash.  "Ranma and Akane, they're going on a date?  Where is this happening?"

    Ryoga shrugged "Ma Maison, but I'll never make it now."

    Ukyo looked angry.  "Wanna bet?  Come on, we're going to a French restaurant tonight!  Konestu, you clean up, we're closing early tonight!"

    Ukyo led Ryoga to Ma Maisons after stopping long enough to put on a sexy black dress.  She even found a black sport coat for Ryoga that a customer had left behind several days ago.  It was a little small on him but not bad.  They hurried to the French restaurant to break up Ranma and Akane's date.

    < Ranma will pay!>  Ryoga swore silently.

    < Ranma honey is mine!>  Thought Ukyo fiercely.

    They arrived at Ma Maisons at eight, hoping they had been in time.  Inside, Kuno was fidgeting.  He had been there for forty minutes and there had been no sign of his beloved Akane or his enemy Saotome.

    He turned to Nabiki.  "You told me that they would be here!"

    Nabiki shrugged.  "I told you that they had come here last.  I did not say they would be here tonight."

    Kuno fumed.  "I cannot sit idly by here and wait while Ranma has his treacherous way with the beauteous Akane!"

    Nabiki had started getting very tired of his constant ranting.  "So don't wait!"

    He looked over at her and nodded.  "Yes!  I will quest for my goddess!"  Kuno stood up and headed out the door at the same time as Ukyo and Ryoga came in.

    Nabiki spotted them and waved them over.  "Order whatever you like, It's all being charged to the Kuno estate."  Ukyo and Ryoga sat down heavily.

    Ukyo spoke.  "Um, where are Ranma and Akane?"

    Nabiki smirked.  "Rumor has it they are eating at Ma Maisons."

    Ukyo's eyes narrowed.  "And the truth?"  She winced, imagining the money she would have to fork over.

    Nabiki shrugged.  "I have no idea."  Dead silence reigned upon this startling statement and Nabiki waved for the waiter.  "Your best champagne Garsond!"

    Ryoga and Ukyo looked at each other then at the waiter.  "Menu please!"  They sat dejected, but determined to at the least enjoy a good meal at Kuno's expense.

    At Little Rosas, the Italian restaurant Johnathon had picked out, Ranma, Akane, Kasumi, and Johnathon were enjoying their food.  Everything had been going well.  No water had been spilled on anyone, no rivals or fiancees had show up promising vengeance.  Ranma had even managed to keep from insulting Akane.  They were having a good time, telling stories and laughing about old times.

    As everyone started to finish up their food Johnathon suggested they go to the new Zorro movie that had just come out.

    Kasumi and Akane were agreeable.  "Sure."  "Sounds good."

    Ranma was unsure.  "What's Zorro?"

    Johnathon grinned.  "I think you'll like it."  Johnathon paid the bill.  "You can get the next one Ranma."  They headed for the theater cheerfully not suspecting anything bad would happen.  Normally it would be impossible for "nothing" bad to happen.  But tonight it just felt like things couldn't go wrong.

    A small wrinkled figure stalked them, getting angrier by the moment.  < How dare Ranma and his friends go out on a date, and not invite me!>  Happosai planned his revenge.  He decided to practice his new technique, a variation on an old favorite that he had learned back years ago from a man who called himself the Cisco kid.

    "Swish.  Swish."  A sudden breeze made Akane and Ranma look about suspiciously.  Akane felt a sudden chill of dread.  Something was about to happen.

    Ranma cried out in anger.  "Jiji you old letch!  What do you think you're doing!"

    Happosai was fondling several frilly white pieces of underwear.  "Me?  Oh I'm just enjoying dear Akane and Kasumi's undies."

    In a state of shock Akane quickly slipped a hand to her chest, and the other quickly checking through her skirt.  < Gone!>  She turned to Kasumi, noticing that her older sisters breasts also seemed to be without restraint.

    Akane whirled back to Happosai.  "You pervert!"

    He wasn't there.  Kasumi's shriek barely followed a splash of water.  Happosai was glommed on to Kasumi's chest, cackling in glee.  Ranma was wet, female, and staring in horror at a feline Johnathon.  Akane grabbed onto the old letch and pulled with enraged strength.

    "Rriipp!"  Happosai looked at the large piece of blue cloth in his hands, ragged around the edges. He hadn't let go, and that meant...  Happosai shot a glance back at Kasumi who was belatedly covering her naked chest with her arms.

    Akane had frozen after realizing what she had done.  Ranma had turned to Kasumi and had also frozen like a deer caught in the headlights.  Johnathon wasn't frozen, but he had no idea what to do about the tiny old man Akane was holding.

    Happosai was anything but frozen.  "That was fun!  Let's do it again!"  He grabbed the front of  Akane's dress and pulled.

    Akane was unfrozen by his hands on her chest and yanked him away.  "Rriipp!"  Now Happosai had a yellow rag to go with his blue one and Akane punted him across town.  She immediately imitated Kasumi, covering her chest with her arms.

    As he flew out of sight Happosai could be heard to cry.  "It was worth it!"

    Akane glowed with anger  "That, that, pervert!"

    Johnathon looked on in horror, and firmly reined in his lust.  He quickly removed his jacket and draped it over Kasumi's shoulders.  Ranma unfroze and started to remove her silk shirt to give to Akane.

    Johnathon stopped her.  "You're a girl now, remember?"  He quickly pulled off his own shirt and handed it to Akane.  He could now hear the sound of running footsteps rounding the corner half a block away and realized he was a six foot felinoid.  "Yikes!"  He jumped for a nearby alley.  "Gotta hide.  Quick Ranma, get some hot water!"

    Ranma looked at Johnathon's very furry appearance and nodded.  "Right!"  She hopped onto the roof and over, looking for the rear entrance to the restaurant they had just left.  It was a block away but Ranma moved like lightning, confident that she would return in time.

    Akane saw people coming around the corner down the block, and hurried into the alley after Johnathon.  "Come on Kasumi!"

    Kasumi followed, tripping as she entered the alley as the remains of her blue dress fell around her ankles.  She hopped, trying to regain her balance and slammed into Johnathon, knocking them both to the ground.  Akane turned and saw that her sister was all right, although she was laying on top of Johnathon in a very embarrassing condition.  Before Akane could think about that she heard a voice that chilled her bones.

    "Whither my beloved Akane?"  Kuno was around the corner, and by the sound of his voice, getting closer.  Akane whirled and peered carefully around the corner.  There he was, heading their way, a half dozen curious bystanders following him at a distance.

    "Oh no, not now!"  Akane hissed quietly, praying he would go by  without noticing them.

    Kasumi was conscious of laying on something warm and soft, then realized she was laying on Johnathon's furred chest.  Her bare skin was pressed along his body from his shoulder to his knees.  Her cheek against his shoulder felt, right, comfortable, his fur was so soft.  But she was also conscious of the sensation of her breasts rubbing up against his chest, her nipples starting to perk up at the sensation.

    Johnathon was very aware of her position as well, we was trying to ignore the amount of naked female flesh pressed against him unsuccessfully.  He was looking down at her shoulders, his jacket had slipped off her as she fell.  He reached across her back and pulled it back up to her shoulders.  Then slowly helped her sit back.  Johnathon was careful to keep his hands on the jacket and not on her bare skin, until she was sitting away from him.

    Kasumi pulled the front of the jacket closed as she sat back, blushing furiously.  Things quickly got worse.  Kuno started to pass and suddenly spotted his beloved in the alley.  She was clutching a blue shirt around herself and, as Akane took a step back away from Kuno, her dress dropped around her ankles.  Kuno stared at her, and at the tattered yellow dress around her ankles and came to an obvious conclusion.

    "Who has done this hideous deed my beloved?"  Kuno's eyes were on fire with passion and anger.  "It must have been the accursed Ranma!"  Kuno looked about for his rival and spotted Kasumi and Johnathon further down the alley.  "A, a demon!"  He shouted, taking in the whole scene at once now.  "This fiend has, has, assaulted my beloved and her elder sister!  Fear not!  I the mighty Blue Thunder shall smite this creature and save you from it's wickedness!"

    Akane was trying to interrupt.  "No Kuno, it's not like that!  Don't!"

    Kuno charged screaming.  "Die fiend!"

    Akane was horrified, Kuno's speech had drawn several people in behind him, who were now staring at the strange scene.  She also realized belatedly that if she attacked him she would be literally baring herself to the crowd.  Hurriedly Akane snaked her arms into the sleeves, while trying to keep the front of the shirt closed.

    Meanwhile Johnathon had rolled backwards to his feet to avoid Kuno's first attack, which struck the pavement hard enough to crack the cement.  He leapt back to avoid a second strike, landing on a dumpster.  He leapt again as Kuno's third strike caved in the side of the dumpster, landing on it's far side.  Johnathon backed away to get some breathing room.  Kuno charged, beginning his classic multi strike attack with great ferocity.

    Johnathon was not prepared for the sheer aggressiveness of the assault and was only able to backpedal away as he tried to avoid it.  He ran out of room and slammed into the wall of the dead end, even as Kuno's boken struck Johnathon's side, leg and chin in quick succession.  Johnathon kicked out in desperation and thrust Kuno away, knocking him back into the dumpster.  Kuno got to his feet, not excessively harmed, as Johnathon's eyes narrowed to catlike slits.  He hissed in rage and pain and his claws popped out.

    Kuno charged again, but to Johnathon he seemed much slower, still very fast, but he could see the individual strikes coming now.  His adrenaline surge had banished the pain and the world seemed to slow down.  He slapped away Kuno's bokken as he dodged to one side then the other, his claws tearing groves into the back and sides of the weapon.  On the sixth strike Johnathon caught the blade with both hands, claws biting into the wood.  His right leg snapped out as he held Kuno's boken immobile.  Once, twice, three times, four times, it was over in a fraction of a second.  Kuno flew back into the dumpster again, stunned, sans boken.  Johnathon snapped the weakened weapon over his knee as Kuno staggered to his feet.

    "I fight on!"  Shouted the dizzy and deranged Kendoist.

    Johnathon dropped the pieces of Kuno's boken, jumped forward and closed his hands into fists, sheathing his claws.  He lashed out half a dozen times with his fists, and Kuno dropped senseless.

    Akane had gotten the shirt buttoned and had come back to the dumpster.  The small crowd was ready to panic now and Johnathon backed up again, looking for a way out.  He crouched and leapt, catching an overhang and flipping up to the roof of the second story building to the left of the alley in one smooth movement.  He spotted Ranma, male now and coming back from the restaurant with a kettle.  They both stopped and Ranma poured hot water on Johnathon.  He changed back to human and turned back again.

    He started in the direction of the alley.  "Come on, we've got to get back to the girls!"

    Kasumi had gotten to her feet and was trying to calm down the crowd with little success.  She had managed to slip her arms into the sleeves and button up the front of Johnathon's sport coat, she had gathered up the remains of her and Akane's dresses and was holding them in a bundle with Johnathon's shoes, which he had left behind after changing.

    "Now calm down everyone, everything is fine..."  Kasumi said in her calmest voice.

    She was getting skeptical glances.  "Hmm, obviously traumatized."  "Yes, poor girl is out of her head."  "What was that thing?"  "Is it coming back?"

    Johnathon paused at the top of the dead end alley and hid.  He took careful stock of himself.  Shirtless, shoeless, bloody jaw, ripped pants.  "Um Ranma, I'd better not go down there like this.  You'd better go.  Get Kasumi out, tell everyone you're taking her to a hospital, but get her away quick.  Get Akane to follow you.  I'll meet you on the other side of the block and we'll get going from there ok?"

    Ranma nodded once.  "Right."  He leapt down to Akane who was checking on Kuno.

    "He'll be fine."  She said quietly to herself as he landed.  "Ranma!  Where is...?"

    "Follow my lead Akane!"  Ranma said, looking at her with a serious expression.  She hesitated then nodded.  Ranma quickly ran up to Kasumi.  "We'd better get you to a hospital!"  He said loudly.  Johnathon grimaced at the horrid acting, then started heading off himself.  Ranma scooped up Kasumi and jumped over the crowd, quickly getting out of sight.

    Akane followed shaking her head.  < What an idiot.>  She tried to not let anyone get a good look at her face as she fled the scene.  They reached Johnathon quickly and Ranma set Kasumi down.

    Johnathon looked around and pointed.  "My place is just a few blocks that way, come on!"

    They hurried, trying to keep from being noticed.  They got several strange looks but managed to get to Johnathon's apartment without being stopped.  They hurried inside and closed the door quickly behind them.  Johnathon had been limping slightly and Kasumi went to check his injuries.  He had a cut along the bottom of his jaw, his ribs were blossoming a purple bruise and so was his thigh where it showed though the tear in his pants.  Nothing looked permanently damaged, however.

    Johnathon grimaced through her examination then pointed at his closet.  "You can find some clothing in there to borrow.  I'm going to wash this cut."  He went into the bathroom, Ranma followed to give the girls some privacy.  Johnathon ran the sink till the water was hot, then carefully cleaned his face.  Ranma sat silently.

 "What in the world was that?"  Johnathon asked quietly.  "That looked like a tiny old man, but..."

    Ranma added helpfully, "but acted like a freak of nature?  That was Happosai, a dirty old man, and an incredibly skilled martial arts master."  Johnathon looked incredulous.  "Hey I'm not making this up!"

    "Ok I believe you, its just... Oh I don't know,  I guess compared to magical cursed springs it's not that hard to believe."

    Kasumi's voice called out from the main room. "Johnathon-san?  Where do you keep your scissors?"

    < Scissors?>  Johnathon wondered,  "Um, in the top drawer of the desk."
    "Thank you!  Stay in there for a bit please!"

    Johnathon and Ranma looked confusedly at each other.  Johnathon shrugged.  "Ok Ranma, tell me more about this 'Master Happosai'."

    Several minutes passed while Ranma tried to describe the old letch, then several more before Kasumi called them out.   Johnathon and Ranma looked, and Johnathon clapped softy.  "Very nice, very nice."  Akane was still wearing Johnathon's blue shirt, but she had put a belt around the waist and was wearing a blue skirt under it which came down to her knees.  Kasumi had found his smallest turtleneck.  It had shrunk a bit in the wash and was too small for him, but he hadn't thrown it out yet.  She wore it over a short yellow skirt with another of his belts, it was a bit long in the sleeve, but not too much so.

    Akane grinned at their expressions and explained to Ranma.  "Kasumi made us skirts, we, we didn't want to just go home, we haven't finished our date!"

    Kasumi smiled as well at her little sister's determination.  "If you're feeling up to it Johnathon-san?"

    Johnathon hesitated only a few moments.  "Yeah, why not?"  He went over to his closet, got out a fresh shirt and pants, and went into the bathroom to change.  A couple of minutes later he came out and they all headed for the door.  He checked his watch.  "The next showing is in half an hour,  we can still make the movie."  They headed for the theater, not talking much but cheerfully determined to have a good time.

    Ranma was trying not to think about Akane and Kasumi's naked chests, instead he concentrated on the beating he was going to give the old letch.  He said quietly.  "When I see that old freak again..."

    Akane had been unsuccessfully trying to ignore the fact she wasn't wearing any underwear.  "You can hold him down for me."  She replied to Ranma's quiet statement.

    Kasumi remained silent, deciding for once she wouldn't ask them not to kill the old man.  < They'll probably just mangle him a bit....>  Instead her mind wandered back to the sensation of her bare skin against Johnathon's fur.  He had been so soft and warm,  she hadn't really felt like moving away. < Am I really that attracted to him when he's half-cat?>  She thought about it for a while.  < He does have a nice body when he's human, but when he's half-cat he's even more...>  Kasumi suddenly realized what she was thinking about and tried to concentrate on something else, like laundry, cooking, sewing, anything.

    Johnathon was thinking about Kasumi's naked body pressed up against his.  He then forced himself to consider what had happened afterwards, the fight with Kuno, the crowd seeing his cursed form.       < This does not bold well.>  His thought were depressing him so he focused again on Kasumi,  that cheered him up again quickly.  "At least nothing else could possibly go wrong!"  He announced cheerily.

    "Don't say that!"  Ranma and Akane both shushed him.

    Kasumi glanced around but saw no potential catastrophes headed their way.  "Oh don't be silly, that's just a silly superstition, nothing else will happen."

    Ranma and Akane looked at her and sighed.  "Right, what else could possibly happen?"  Akane grinned and then started to laugh.  It was infectious, they all joined in, only quieting down as they reached the theater.  Ranma stepped forward.

    "I'll get it."  He said gallantly, and paid for four tickets.  They went inside, starting to actually get into a cheerful mood again.

    Two hours later they were laughing and talking about the movie as they walked back towards the Tendo Dojo.  As they turned the last corner they saw two people standing in front of the gate waiting.  As they got closer they saw it was Ukyo and Ryoga.

                    End Part 3 of Revelations and Revisions.


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