From A Different Viewpoint Chapter 8

All Ranma characters are property of Rumiko Takahashi, first published by Shogakugan in Japan and brought over to North America by Viz Communications.

                        Revelations and Revisions pt 4

                        (A continuation of A Different Viewpoint)

    Ukyo and Ryoga had been waiting for an hour.  After missing them at the restaurant, they had gone to the Tendo Dojo to confront Akane and Ranma about their date.  They were not in a good mood.  They watched Ranma, Akane, Kasumi, and Johnathon come around the corner and waited till they were noticed by the cheerful foursome.  The two couples, just getting back from a successful double date, (not counting interference from Happosai and Kuno) stopped several feet away from the gates upon noticing the lost boy and chef.

    Ukyo broke the silence.  "How dare you take Akane out on a date!  It's no fair playing favorites Ranma!"

    Ranma fidgeted.  "Date?  We didn't, I mean we did but it don't mean nothing.  I mean..."  Akane shot Ranma a disgusted look and he shut up.

    Johnathon looked at the okonomiyaki chef confusedly, then remembered something he had overheard at the school.  "Ukyo Kuonji right?"

    She looked at the tall gajin she now recognized as her English teacher.  "Sensei?"

    He nodded.  "Could you please keep calm?  I would like to finish our date peacefully if you wouldn't mind."

    Ukyo lost momentum to her anger and took a step back quietly.  Ryoga was sure something was wrong.  He could sense that there had to be a reason Ranma should be punished.  The two couples approached and his eyes narrowed in sudden realization.

    "What have you done to Akane you animal!"  Ryoga roared suddenly.

    Ranma stopped and protested.  "I haven't done anything you idiot!"

    Akane nodded.  "Nothing happened, Ryoga."  The lost boy didn't believe a word of it.

    He pointed at Akane.  "Nothing happened?  What happened to your clothing, Akane?"  That's not your shirt!  Ranma forced himself on you, didn't he, Akane!?"

    Akane blushed bright red and stammered.  "It's not what you think Ryoga!  Ranma didn't..."

    "You don't have to defend him Akane, he's not going to hurt you any more."  Ryoga said with confidence.

    Akane's reaction got Ukyo's attention.  She stepped forward, peering interestedly at her.  The shirt's sleeves were pinned back, and it did look too big.  Ukyo looked over at Kasumi, noticing that the sleeves of the turtleneck Kasumi was wearing were too long as well, and that she had blushed at the same time as Akane.

    Ranma was getting mad now.  "Back off Ryoga!  You have no idea what you're talking about!"

    Ukyo couldn't believe Ranma had forced himself on Akane, but something had evidently happened to both her and Kasumi.

    Johnathon spoke up.  "Ryoga, let this go, you're jumping to conclusions."

    Ukyo thought suddenly to herself.  < They're hiding something.>  "Something did happen, didn't it!  Ranma didn't have the guts, you seduced him didn't you Akane!  I just can't believe that Kasumi would..."  Ukyo paused and Kasumi blushed redder.  "She did!  I don't believe it!  What a, a slut!  I had thought better of you Kasumi!"

    Johnathon's eyes narrowed, and a feral growl escaped his throat.  "Don't, you, dare, say, such, things, about, Kasumi!"  Ukyo took a step back at the ferocity in his voice.

    Ryoga paid attention to this and even as Ukyo backed off he gained new rage.  "Kasumi too!  It's not just you, Ranma that should be punished, but him!"  Ryoga pointed forcefully at Johnathon.  His mind went over what he knew of the gajin.  He transformed into a monstrous cat creature, and he had claimed that there was no cure to the Jusenkyo curse.  Ranma, Genma, and the Tendos had bought his story, but Ryoga had his doubts.

    "It's all been a trick hasn't it you, you monster!"  Everyone looked at Ryoga is surprise as he started to glow softly.  "I can see it all now, it was all a lie, you demon from hell!"  Johnathon took a step back as Ryoga began to radiate a huge battle aura.

    Ukyo looked on in confusion.  < What is Ryoga talking about?>

    Akane voiced her own opinion.  "Ryoga?  What's going on?"

    Ranma tried to bring Ryoga's attention back to himself.  "Yeah P-chan!  What trick are you talking about?"  Ryoga would not be distracted.  He raised a fist, and began to charge.  Johnathon started going into a defensive stance, but before Ryoga reached him Kasumi jumped in the way.

    "No!"  She cried, her arms up protecting her head.

    Ryoga barely managed to stop in time.  "What, what are you doing, Kasumi?"

    She had closed her eyes, expecting to be trampled or hit, and opened them to look Ryoga in the eyes.  "It wasn't Johnathon, or Ranma,"  Kasumi had Ryoga's attention and he slowly lowered his fist.  "It was master Happosai, that, that..."  Kasumi blushed, unable to complete the sentence, but her words had the desired affect.

    Ryoga stepped back, his battle aura fading to nothing.  "Happosai?"  He was quiet and no one else spoke.  "Happosai!  I'll kill the old letch!"  Ryoga roared in anger and ran off.

    Akane started after him.  "Ryoga!"

    Ranma stopped her.  "He'll be all right, he'll never find the old freak anyway." Akane hesitated and nodded.

    Ukyo looked at Ryoga's retreating form.  "Damn it, I might as well go after the idiot."  She ran off, still confused at what had happened.  Something had happened that she didn't understand, but perhaps Ryoga knew something he would share.

    Johnathon moved up to Kasumi.  "Thank you Kasumi, that was very brave, you saved me."

    She turned to face him, her eyes shining with the hint of tears.  "I knew Ryoga wouldn't hurt me."  Her voice quavered a bit.  Johnathon stepped closer, bringing his right hand up to lightly touch her cheek.  His thumb brushed away single tear that came down.

    "I'm very glad he didn't."  Johnathon's voice was soft and sincere.  They stood motionless for several moments.  Ranma and Akane suddenly decided to go into the house.  Kasumi leaned forward a bit, turning her face up toward his.  Johnathon slowly lowered his head toward her, bringing his other hand up behind her head.  As their faces got close, Kasumi closed her eyes and slightly puckered her lips.  Johnathon turned his head slightly so they wouldn't bump noses and moved in.

    There was a sudden splash from above.  Kasumi's eyes shot open as she felt water against the top of her head.  Johnathon had changed, and was moving away from her.  Happosai was on top of the Dojo gates, bucket in hand.

    He looked at the half-cat curiously.  "Fascinating.  What are you, anyway?"  Happosai asked pleasantly.  Johnathon faced him and hissed in anger, his claws coming out.  He crouched, ready to spring.

    Kasumi grabbed his shoulder.  "Johnathon wait!"  Johnathon barely managed to control himself.  From what Ranma had said, Johnathon knew he was no match for the old master, especially hampered by his injuries.  Even so, only Kasumi's hand on his shoulder and her tone of voice stopped Johnathon from leaping into a suicidal attack.  Instead he focused all his hate and rage at Happosai in a wave of anger.

    "Not bad youngster."  Happosai was mildly impressed with the primitive chi attack.  "You show some promise.  Perhaps I might lower myself into actually fighting you."

    Kasumi pleaded.  "No, master Happosai!  Johnathon-san is injured, it wouldn't be fair!"

    Happosai considered her words.  "Normally, my dear, your intercession might have been enough.  But since what your family did to me at Ranma and Akane's wedding, to me, the Master of Anything Goes martial arts, I no longer consider myself your guest, honor no longer dictates I give you any concern."  He paused, looking at Johnathon.  "Still, there is no sport in such an easy victory.  I will return, remember this.  None of you are safe from my wrath.  The Tendo Dojo has cast me out, and until you take me back with open arms, and a sincere apology, I will not relent."

    They watched him disappear, Johnathon was shaking with the effort of suppressing his rage.  Kasumi hugged him from behind, resting her head against his back.  Johnathon forced himself to calm down, Kasumi's presence soothing him, drawing out his anger.  In a minute he turned around to face her.  She did not let go, her hands moving from his chest to his back, her head coming up to face him.

    "Kasumi..."  Johnathon's voice was rough and uncertain.

    Kasumi shook her head gently.  "Shhh."  She went up on her toes and pulled him down to kiss him.  Johnathon froze as her lips met his.  Kasumi held the kiss for half a minute, then broke away and sneezed.

    "Your whiskers tickle!"  She said giggling.

    Johnathon looked down at her in amazement.  "Kasumi?"

    She pulled away, still smiling, and tugged him towards the gate.  "Come on, lets get you some hot water."  He followed her inside the yard and in the front door.  Soun Tendo was trying to get an explanation for his daughter's appearance from a red faced Ranma and Akane.  They all turned to Johnathon and Kasumi as they entered.

    Ranma sputtered.  "What happened to you?"

    Johnathon growled.  "Happosai again."

    Soun queried nervously.  "Ha-Happosai?"

    Johnathon nodded.  "Yes, Happosai, he attacked your daughters earlier tonight, he just came and left again!"

    Soun was sputtering now, turning red.  "Attacked?  My babies!"

    Akane temporized.  "Well he didn't try to do more than the usual, it just turned out... badly"

    Ranma looked Soun in the eye.  "Don't worry Mr. Tendo.  I'm going to make sure the freak pays this time."

    Soun looked back, a serious expression on his face.  "Hmm. yes, this will require serious thought."

    Kasumi held on to Johnathon's hand.  "Let's get you some hot water Johnathon-san." She led him into the kitchen.

    "I'm going to get ready for bed."  Akane told her father and Ranma and headed upstairs.

    Ranma watched her go.  "Yeah, me too."  He followed her upstairs.

    In the kitchen Kasumi put a kettle on the stove and they waited for the water to heat in silence.  Both of them were thinking about the kiss.

    Johnathon was wondering why.  < Was it sympathy?  Or is she actually attracted to my half-cat form?>

    Kasumi was wondering the same thing.  < Am I attracted to Johnathon when he's a half-cat?  I was willing to kiss him before he got splashed, but it didn't seem to matter that he had fur or not.>  She thought about it.  < I wanted to kiss "Johnathon" his form doesn't matter.>

    She checked the water, it was hot enough.  Kasumi picked up the kettle and Johnathon ducked his head so she could douse him.  Kasumi playfully scratched him behind his large catlike ears before pouring the water on him.  Johnathon smiled at her and ran his fingers through her hair once.  Kasumi moved into his touch, enjoying the contact.  Reluctantly, he released her.

    "I'll see you Tuesday when I come for my lesson?"  Johnathon asked quietly.  Kasumi nodded.  "I've got to go."  He hesitated then turned to leave.

    "Be careful."  Kasumi tried to hide the worry in her voice.

    "I will be."  Johnathon sounded confident.  "It's not me I'm worried about, it's you."

    Kasumi smiled.  "Ranma and Akane are here, and Father and Mr. Saotome."  Johnathon nodded and left for his apartment.  As he headed out the gate he looked back.  Kasumi stood in the front door of the house.  She waved good bye.  He returned the wave, then walked off.  Kasumi closed the door and headed for her room.

    Nabiki was waiting for her upstairs.  "So Kasumi, how was your date?"  And what really happened to your dress?"

    Kasumi sighed.  "I'll tell you later Nabiki."

    Nabiki made an innocent face.  "Oh come on Nabiki, you can tell your sister can't you?"

    Kasumi went into her room and Nabiki leaned up against the doorway watching her.  Kasumi went to her drawers and got out her nightgown and a bra and panties.

    She walked back into the hall and announced simply.  "I'm going to take a bath."

    "Ok."  Nabiki said.  "I'll join you."

    When Kasumi and Nabiki got to the bath, Akane was already in the furo.  They undressed and Nabiki noticed Kasumi carefully folding the black turtleneck and tossing the yellow skirt in the hamper.  She said nothing about the fact that Kasumi wasn't wearing any underwear, but her curiosity was peaked.  Soon they had joined Akane in the bath.

    When they were all relaxing Nabiki spoke up.  "Spill it!  Something definitely happened tonight, so tell me!"  There was silence for awhile.  Nabiki pressed.  "Oh come on.  I dated Kuno so he wouldn't interfere.  You two owe me one."

    Akane looked at the middle Tendo sister.  "He showed up anyway."

    Nabiki blushed.  "Oh."

    Kasumi shrugged.  "That's ok, I'm sure you tried.  Happosai showed up first anyway."

    Nabiki looked pained.  "Oh, that explains the underwear."  Akane and Kasumi both nodded, not wanting to go into detail on that subject.  "Then what happened?"  Nabiki pressed again.

    "Well he, um, glomped onto Kasumi after splashing Ranma and Johnathon."  Akane hesitated.

    "And?"  Nabiki's expression was expectant.

    "And I grabbed him, and pulled him off."  Akane was noticeably reluctant to continue.

    "And?"  Nabiki's eyes were insistent.

    "And he didn't let go of Kasumi's dress so, um..."

    "What?"  Nabiki's eyes were wide.

    "Rriipp."  Akane supplied a helpful sound effect.

    Nabiki's eyes were wider and her voice held a note of anticipatory horror.  "No!"

    Kasumi nodded.  "Oh yes."

    Nabiki shook her head.  "Oh my."

    Akane nodded.  "So everyone is frozen in horror, and Happosai says, "That was fun, let's do it again"  So he grabbed me and I yanked him off and..."

    "Rriipp."  Kasumi added helpfully.

    Nabiki looked from one sister to the other.  "No way!"

    They both nodded solemnly and Akane continued her story.  "So I punted Happosai and..."  Nabiki was shaking silently and Akane and Kasumi looked at her with concern.  "Nabiki?  Are you ok?"  Nabiki broke out in hysterical giggles.  "Nabiki!"  Akane was scandalized by her sister's reaction.  Then Kasumi started to giggle too.  Akane fought the urge for twenty seconds then joined in, and the whole bathroom rang with feminine laughter.

    Later, the whole story told, Nabiki pressed Kasumi for details on the end of the date.  "So did you kiss him?"

    Kasumi blushed and nodded.  "Happosai showed up and splashed Johnathon before he could kiss me.  Johnathon was so furious, I was afraid he would get hurt if he attacked Master Happosai.  I held him back and asked Master Happosai not to attack Johnathon while he was injured.  Happosai left, and I hugged Johnathon.  He was shaking with rage, but pretty soon he turned around.  I thought he was going to leave then, so I kissed him."

    Nabiki looked at her elder sister in interest.  "That means...  So sis, how was it?  Kissing him when he's half cat that is."

    Kasumi blushed some more.  "It, it was nice, although his whiskers tickled my nose."

    All three girls were silent with their own thoughts.  Kasumi was remembering the kiss.  Nabiki was thinking about Johnathon, and for some reason Dr. Tofu came to mind, and her kissing him.  Akane was wistfully wishing Ranma would kiss her someday.  They all let out a sigh, they looked at each other wondering what their sisters were thinking.

    As the next day dawned over Nerima, A tall man wearing a trench coat got out of a plane that had just landed in a nearby airport.  As he stepped down he fingered the silver cross hanging around his neck.  He was tense with anticipation.  < Soon I will confront the monster!>

    At the same time a silver Mercedes Benz was parked in front of Johnathon's apartment.  It waited, engine running, while the dark skinned woman in the back seat looked at Johnathon's window through binoculars.  After a long wait her patience was rewarded.  Johnathon opened the curtains to let in some light and she got a good look.

    The woman nodded, satisfied.  "It's him alright Anthony, take me to the hotel, we have preparations to make.  The Children of Bast will be reborn very soon."

    At the Kuno estate, recovering from his minor injuries, Tatiwati Kuno awoke with a start from a horrible nightmare.  A monstrous catlike demon had been ravishing his beloved, Akane Tendo, and her eldest sister.  He had rushed to their aid, but he could remember little else.

    "Sasuke!"  Kuno shouted.  "Attend me!"

    His faithful manservant appeared moments later.  "Yes, Master Kuno?"

    Kuno looked imperiously at the ninja.  "Inform me of last nights events!  How I came to be here, and the condition and whereabouts of the sisters Tendo, and the demon I battled for their sake!"

    Sasuke nodded.  "You were brought home with minor injuries.  Bystanders reported that the "demon" you fought fled over the roof tops.  They also reported that the two women, who we have determined to be Akane and Kasumi Tendo, were joined by Ranma Saotome and left the scene rapidly."

    Kuno nodded.  "No doubt the foul fiend feared my prowess.  That cretin Ranma Saotome has no doubt claimed the victory was his.  Still the creature is still on the loose, perhaps waiting to ravage yet another innocent maiden!"  Kuno paused to consider.  "We must make preparations to defend the purity of the innocents yet unravaged by this evil monster!  We must learn more about this demon.  We need, we need, a sorcerer!"

    The day went by quickly.  Kuno contacted Gosunkugi, who added information to Kuno's hunt, and informed him of the people who had contacted him about coming to Nerima to see the creature for themselves, and hunt it down.  One in particular, a psychic investigator from Hong Kong, caught Kuno's interest.  He immediately had plane tickets for Nerima delivered at his expense to bring her and her team to help.

    The next day at school, Kuno was waiting as usual at the gate for his beloved Akane Tendo.  When she arrived, instead of issuing his usual challenge...

    Kuno spoke passionately as ever.  "Fair one, fear not, it is I Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder who stands before you!  The foul demon who so ravished you has not tarnished you in my eyes.  I will destroy the foul demon and restore your honor."  He paused dramatically  "Oh the heavens themselves should weep that your purity has been sullied so!"

    Akane was turning red and sputtering incoherently.  "Kuno, it's not what you think, I, um, listen..."

    Kuno shook his head sadly.  "And you, you treacherous incompetent.  You claim to be engaged to my fair Akane and yet you fail to protect that which you should hold most dear!"

    Ranma was getting mad now.  "Kuno we don't have time for this."  He started to step around Kuno.  "Come on Akane, we're going to be late for class."

    Somehow, Kuno managed to keep from attacking Ranma or glomping Akane, although after a while they might have preferred that to his present activities.  In minutes the rumor was though out the school.  Although Ranma and Akane denied Kuno's claims at every opportunity, without resorting to lies they were unable to stop the spread of rumors.  Things had quieted down by the end of the day but the damage had been done.

    That night a tall man wearing a trench coat and a silver cross around his neck made his way to the Tendo's.  He was greeted at the door by Kasumi.

    Politely he inquired.  "Excuse me, I am looking for an Akane Tendo or her sister Kasumi?"

    Kasumi nodded  "I am Kasumi Tendo.  How may I help you?"

    The tall man inclined his head at her.  "Well, I'd appreciate it if I could ask you a few questions?"

    Kasumi smiled pleasantly.  "Certainly, won't you come in and sit down?"

    He nodded.  "Thank you."  Kasumi escorted her guest into the main room.

    They both sat and he introduced himself.  "My name is James Cadwell, I understand, Miss Tendo that you were attacked two nights ago by an unusual creature.  I hope it is not too painful for you to recall the experience?"

    Kasumi sat for a moment in thought.  < Yes, I suppose 'unusual creature' might be appropriate.>  "That is true."

    He nodded again with a serious expression.  "I see, I have heard a little about this creature, but could you describe it?"

    Kasumi blinked.  "Well he is about a foot and a half tall wearing a..."

    James Cadwell interrupted her.  "A foot and a half tall?  Are you sure?"

    Kasumi nodded.  "Oh yes."

    The  monster hunter blinked.  "It wasn't over six feet and covered in black fur?"

    Kasumi shook her head.  "Oh my no."

    James Cadwell looked dubious.  "Um, I see, please continue your description."

    Kasumi did so describing Master Happosai in exacting detail.  When she had finished James Cadwell stood up.

    He bowed politely to her.  "Um, thank you miss, I'll be going now."  < Poor girl, obviously traumatized, I just can't believe in some tiny wrinkled incredibly lecherous martial arts master who's over a hundred years old.  She must be delusional.>  He left quickly wondering how he would find his quarry.  James decided to stay near by in case the creature returned to finish his prey.

    The next day came, Johnathon was uneasy, he had gotten the sensation of being watched several times, but couldn't figure out who it was.  Finally he shrugged off the feeling as nerves and tried to act normally.  After school he headed over to the Tendo's for his training session, and to see Kasumi of course.

    Johnathon spotted Shampoo speeding by on her bike, heading for a delivery.  "Hey Shampoo!"

    She skidded to a stop and came over.  "Hello Johnathon, how is you doing?"

    "It's how are you doing."  He corrected automatically.  "I'm ok, going over to the Tendo's for my training session."

    Shampoo nodded.  "You learn from Ranma?  Is very strong martial artist!"

    "Actually yes, Ranma has been helping me train, he is really the best I've ever seen."  Johnathon looked quizzically at her.  "What have you been doing Shampoo?  I haven't seen you since I first got back."

    Shampoo sighed.  "Shampoo getting cold shoulder at Ranma's house ever since Shampoo try to blow up wedding.  Shampoo waiting for heat to cool off cold shoulder."  Shampoo didn't notice Johnathon wince at her mixed metaphors.

    He looked sympathetic.  "That's probably best Shampoo, I'll see you later."

    Johnathon took off and Shampoo watched him go.  She started to leave herself, then noticed two large men walk by her purposely, their eyes fixed on Johnathon.  She could sense their hostile intent.  Shampoo waited then followed after the two thugs.  < Perhaps I can partially repay the debt I owe him?>  Down the block, behind Shampoo, a silver Mercedes Benz rounded the corner.

    At the Dojo, Johnathon was met by Kasumi, who escorted him inside.  The two thugs, which was really basically what they were, waited down the block, trying to be unobtrusive.  Shampoo perched on a roof top above them, managing to remain unnoticed.  Two hours passed, and Shampoo's delivery was long cold, but she didn't care, this was a matter of honor.  The thugs watched the Dojo gates, fidgeting a bit and quietly talking in a language Shampoo had never heard before.

    Finally, Johnathon emerged from the gate with Kasumi.  They talked quietly and Johnathon kissed her in farewell and turned to go.  He was splashed from above and looked up to see what was going on.  Happosai was again perched on the Dojo gate, holding a partially full bucket.

    The old letch hopped to the ground and laughed.  "So youngster, feeling better?  Up to handling an old geezer like myself?"  Johnathon said nothing but stood in a relaxed position.  Happosai wasn't fooled, he could sense the tenseness in Johnathon's aura, his readiness for combat.

    Kasumi ran inside which let Johnathon relax a bit.  < Good, I don't want to see Kasumi hurt!>

    Happosai drew upon his aura, focusing it into a threatening representation of himself.  "So, you want to learn Anything Goes Martial Arts do you?  Well here's a sample!"  He focused his aura and thrust it in a wave at Johnathon, trying to paralyze him with fear.  Johnathon felt the wave of hostility and braced, countering it with a wall of his own chi focused clumsily in front of him.  It was an inefficient and primitive counter, but it worked.

    Johnathon was forced back one step, then another, then stood his ground.  Happosai gave up the mental assault as too costly in energy.

    The old master nodded.  "Not bad youngster, you're almost as self confident as Ranma, I'll have to show you the true power of the Anything Goes school!"

    James Cadwell had been lurking nearby when he had felt a surge of evil energy coming from the Tendo's.  He ran in that direction and soon spotted the beast.  It was just as the photos had shown!  He stopped, rapidly going through his bandoliers hidden in his trench coat for an appropriate weapon.          < Hmm, wooden stake?  No that's for vampires.  Silver plated dagger?  Well it could be some kind of were-creature.  Or is it a demon?  Holy water maybe?  Oh well, both!>

    As Happosai was preparing a devastating technique, Shampoo landed at Johnathon's side, he would not have to face the old letch alone if Shampoo had anything to say about it!  If this was how she would repay the debt, fine!  Several things happened at once.  Ranma landed on the Dojo gate, slightly wet and in female form, followed by Akane with a large mallet.  Shampoo was suddenly aware of something whistling through the air.  She spun, bambori ready and spotted the two projectiles headed for Johnathon's back.

    Johnathon had his full attention focused on Happosai and hadn't noticed.  Shampoo stepped in the way, bringing her bambori up to block.  The silver dagger was deflected with a metallic clang and the balloon filled with holy water burst upon the other, showering her with cold water.

    Happosai was distracted from completing his devastating attack.  (Whatever it was going to be.)  By a feminine whistle and the sight of cleavage.  "Hotcha!"  The diminutive pervert launched for Ranma's chest like tiny tow missile.  Akane's mallet came as a complete surprise to the distracted imp of perversity and sent him flying towards downtown Tokyo.

    Down the street James Cadwell's eyes were wide as he watched a cat jump out of the purple haired girls clothing.  < What's going on?>

    Johnathon watched Happosai fly off and his mind suddenly registered the possible threat behind him.  Shampoo had been next to him, then had darted behind him, then there had been a clang and a splash...  He whirled in time to see the second silver plated dagger and balloon headed his way.  He sidestepped the dagger and blocked the balloon with his forearm, not realizing what it was until it burst, soaking him some more.

    He started forward then and the man in the trench coat who had probably thrown the balloon and knife turned and started running away.  Johnathon gave chase, rapidly starting to gain, and passing Shampoo-cat, who was also in pursuit.  The man turned a corner and Johnathon heard voices raising in alarm as he was about to follow.

    He stopped and picked up Shampoo-cat as she went by.  "I can't afford to be spotted like this Shampoo, and you can't handle him alone."  Johnathon headed back to the Tendo's pausing to pick up Shampoo's clothing and Bambori.  Then he ran inside the gate.  Kasumi was there, waiting with a kettle of hot water.  He took it with one hand and hastily upended it over his head, forgetting what would happen if he got Shampoo wet as well.

    Indeed there was sufficient hot water pouring down to drench them both and Johnathon suddenly found himself human, and holding a naked and irritated purple haired Amazon.  Johnathon blushed and let her down just slowly enough so that she didn't fall on her rear.  Then he turned away, holding out her clothing.

    Shampoo dressed quickly and tapped him on the shoulder.  "Why you no let Shampoo chase stupid trench coat man?"

    Johnathon shrugged.  "What were you going to do anyway?  You're only a couple of pounds as a cat, you would've gotten hurt."  Shampoo looked even more irritated but nodded reluctantly.  Johnathon smiled at her.  "Anyway, thanks Shampoo, I believe you saved my life out there!"

    Shampoo shrugged.  "It nothing special, Shampoo owe you debt of honor!"

    Johnathon smiled and nodded.  "Well, I think you've fulfilled your debt to me Shampoo."

    She thought about that and nodded.  "Shampoo glad to fulfill debt, if need any help, Shampoo come."

    Johnathon looked intently at her.  "You don't need to do anything else Shampoo."

    Shampoo shook her head.  "Shampoo do need to.  Curse effect whole life, curse Shampoo's fault, debt not yet repaid."

    Johnathon could see the sincerity in her eyes and accepted it.  "I respect your sense of honor Shampoo, but if you are ever in trouble, I want you to call me."  He held out his hand to her.

    Shampoo just looked at him puzzled.  < Why would he offer that?>

    Johnathon kept his hand out.  "We're friends, Shampoo, at least, I consider you a friend.  For me, "Honor" dictates that I look out for friends, ok?"  Shampoo hesitated then reached out and took hold of his outstretched wrist, Johnathon grasped her wrist as well.

    She looked him in the eyes.  "Ok, friend."  They stood there, their expressions serious for several seconds.  Johnathon squeezed her wrist and released his grip.  Shampoo did the same.  "Shampoo must go to the Cat Cafe, is late.  Johnathon be careful, two strange men follow you here.  They were gone after fight, but may be back, so be careful."  She turned and ran off, quickly vanishing in the distance, she kept an eye out but the two thugs had indeed gone.

    The two men in question were now riding in a silver Mercedes Benz reporting in to their leader.

    "It was him without a doubt, Mistress Cliopatra."  The first one said in their native tongue.  "We saw him change before our very eyes."

    The woman being addressed sat casually.  "I know it was him, what else did you discover?"

    The second man spoke.  "He is attracted to a woman in that house, they kissed each other good bye, perhaps she can be used."

    The woman called Cliopatra looked pleased.  "Very good, let us plan."

    Back at the Tendo Dojo Kasumi and Johnathon were talking with Akane and Ranma in the living room while the fathers played shogi.

    Johnathon was speaking.  "Happosai is really going too far, his actions so far have seriously risked my secret.  If he keeps up like this I may have to leave town or face an angry mob."  He looked at Kasumi.  < I think I'll face the mob this time, if that's what it'll take to stay.>

    Ranma nodded.

    Akane broke in.  "Not to mention what he did to Kasumi and me!  We can't let him get away with this!"

    Ranma nodded.

    Kasumi added.  "Yes I'm afraid he really has gone too far this time."

    Ranma nodded.

    Johnathon mused.  "I wonder who that man in the trench coat was?"

    Ranma nodded.

    Akane punched Ranma in the back of the head.  "Are you just going to sit there and nod?!?"

    He nodded and blocked a second punch.  "Just kidding, sheesh you're so uncute!"

    Akane turned red in the face.  "Why you jerk!"

    Johnathon tried to mediate.  "Um guys?  You don't really want to fight do you?"

    Kasumi piped in helpfully.  "Yes Akane, you can hit Ranma after we're done making a plan ok?"  They both looked at her strangely.

    Johnathon shook his head.  "Do you two always act like this?"  They both started to protest that it was the others fault but Johnathon just put up a hand.  "Ok, enough already!  I'm going home."  He stood.  "Good night Kasumi-chan"  Ranma and Akane were silent as he walked towards the door.

    He turned back towards them right before he left.  "Ranma, Akane, you're both good people, you don't have to fight like this.  Why don't you talk for awhile about why you're really fighting."  He left then without saying another word.  Kasumi excused herself and followed him out.  Johnathon was waiting for her by the gate.

    He looked sad but smiled as she approached.  "I'll come by on Thursday, Kasumi, I love you."

    She nodded.  "I know, I'll be here."  He walked away then without looking back, as he got out of earshot she murmured.  "I love you too."

 End Revelations and Revisions pt 4


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