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These fanfiction stories are written by my brother and myself. I hope you like them!

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Strangers in a Strange Land

A New Ranma/SMJ Crossover

A Different Viewpoint 1

A new teacher comes to Furinkan high.

A Different Viewpoint 2

Ranma arrives, and Johnathon is witness to the events that follows.

A Different Viewpoint 3

Shampoo has made a mistake, and Johnathon pays the price.

A Different Viewpoint 4

With Kasumi's help, Johnathon attempts to put his curse to good use.

A Different Viewpoint Sidestory

Johnathon Dwire visits Juuban while on vacation and meets a certain band of Sailor Suited Warriors of Love and Justice.

A Different Viewpoint 5

After 8 months in China looking for a cure, Johnathon returns to Nermia, with news about the Jusenkyo curse.

A Different Viewpoint 6

Kasumi is going on a date. Nabiki plots to stop it. What about Dr. Tofu?

A Different Viewpoint 7

Kasumi and Johnathon go on a double date... with Ranma and Akane! Can anyone say chaos unleashed?

A Different Viewpoint 8

Perverts, monster hunters, a mysterious woman, and Kuno... all after a certain half man/half cat.

A Different Viewpoint 9

Monster hunters target the Jusenkyo curse victims. The Kunos learn more then they expect.

A Different Viewpoint 10

Kasumi's been kidnapped! Secrets are revealed, and a rescue party is formed.

A Different Viewpoint 11

The rescue party is on the job. Johnathon Dwire, and three small animals? Kasumi makes a choice that will change her life.

A Different Viewpoint 12

Kasumi's rescuers make a break for it. Ranma and company to the rescue.

A Different Viewpoint 13

It's Team Ranma VS.. the Cult of Bast. Cliopatra's last stand.

A Different Viewpoint 14

It's a long quiet trip back to Nermia, giving everyone time to think, reflect, and make some decisions.

A Different Viewpoint 15

Johnathon heads to Juuban to get some very special help, but what happens when a certain group of Senshi see a monster?

A Different Viewpoint 16
Once again, Johnathon has come up with a plan to cure Ranma's Cat Phobia. Will it work, or will things just get worse?

A Different Viewpoint 17

Ranma has proposed to Akane, and Johnathon has proposed to Kasumi. What could possibly go wrong now?

A Different Viewpoint 18

It's time to confront Cologne. Everyone has hard choices to make.

A Different Viewpoint 19

Happosai has struck, and his revenge ends up surprising everyone. (Including Happosai.)

A Different Viewpoint 20

Akane deals with Ranma, Luna and Artemis start to deal with their new curses, and Johnathon returns to Juuban.

A Different Viewpoint 21

The Senshi learn of their guardian cat's curses, and go to Nermia to help Ranma with his.

A Different Viewpoint 22

It's a battle royal, with Happosai leading the charge, and the Senshi to the rescue.

A Different Viewpoint 23

The aftermath. Will Kasumi ever be human again? Will Happosai recover? Will anyone ever be the same?

A Different Viewpoint 24

Kasumi's stuck as a cat, and we learn what Happosai did to Nabiki.

A Different Viewpoint 25

Cooking with cats. Johnathon once again goes to Juuban for help, but this time it's the Senshi who may need assistance.

A Different Viewpoint 26

Secrets. Johnathon's got one about the Senshi. Akane has one about Ranma, and Nabiki has one about herself. Not that she knows it yet.

A Different Viewpoint 27

Youma are invading, and it's Johnathon's turn to help the Senshi.

A Different Viewpoint 28

Secrets start to be revealed. Ranma and Akane learn more about the Senshi, Nabiki discovers something disturbing about herself.

A Different Viewpoint 29

Nabiki learns the truth, and confronts Gosenkugi.

A Different Viewpoint 30

Ranma experiments with a new training method. Kasumi gets a kitten.

A Different Viewpoint 31

Soun, Genma and Nodoka find out what happened. Ranma and Akane get introduced to the Senshi.

A Different Viewpoint 32

Ranma in a fuku? Just who is Sailor Earth anyway?

A Different Viewpoint 33

Shampoo returns with a possible cure for Kasumi, and team Ranma is reformed.

A Different Viewpoint 34

It's Nabiki and Gosenkugi VS.. Happosai. Who will win? (Not who you'd expect.)

A Different Viewpoint 35

Plans are made, and everyone gathers, in the final minutes before the fight for the earth.

A Different Viewpoint 36

It's the battle of the century as our heroes fight to save their world.

A Different Viewpoint 37

The earth is safe, and our heroes return home, only to meet Pantyhose Taro on the warpath.

A Different Viewpoint 38

Johnathon travels to Ryogensawa, and Nabiki makes plans to deal with Shampoo's problem, and her older sisters.

A Different Viewpoint 39

Dr. Tofu makes his move, and it's not what anyone would have predicted.

A.D.V. Epilogue 1

Kasumi's human again, and Shampoo is safe, but there is still one secret to reveal.

A.D.V. Epilogue 2

Everything has changed, and our cast all start to accept their new lives together.

A Scary Difference

There are many universes, and many possibilities. In one, Kasumi turns into a cat, and marries an english teacher. In another, Kasumi goes to Jusenkyo with Genma, gets cursed to become a boy, and becomes engaged to Ranma, while Ranma stays home with the Tendo's. What if those two Kasumi's switched places? A crossover between "A Different Viewpoint" and Wade Tritschler's, "A Scary Thought."

A.D.V. American Vacation 1

Johnathon takes Kasumi, Ranma, and Akane to the U.S. to meet his parents. Planes, Jusenkyo curses, and Automobiles.

A.D.V. American Vacation 2

Kasumi and Johnathon discover the joys of automatic sprinklers.

A.D.V. American Vacation 3

Kasumi's been adopted? Our heroes race about the city, trying to find Kasumi before she goes to the vet... and something REALLY bad happens.

A.D.V. American Vacation 4

Back in Nermia, Ryoga teaches a martial arts class. Who are all these girls anyway?

A.D.V. American Vacation 5

Artemis and Minako? Luna and Usagi? What is going on here!?!

A.D.V. American Vacation 6

Ranma and company in San Francisco. Crossover with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

A.D.V. American Vacation 7

Ranma and company in San Francisco. Crossover with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

A.D.V. American Vacation 8

Ranma and company in San Francisco. Crossover with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

A.D.V. American Vacation 9

Ranma and company in San Francisco. Crossover with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

A.D.V. American Vacation 10

Ranma and company in San Francisco. Crossover with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

A.D.V. American Vacation 11

Ranma and company in San Francisco. Crossover with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

A.D.V. American Vacation 12

Akane versus Micheal, Sailor Pluto versus parental discipline. Who will win?

A.D.V. American Vacation 13

One camping trip, three curses too many!

A.D.V. American Vacation 14

More wilderness hijinks, and Mamoru get's a new roommate?

A.D.V. American Vacation 15

What is Johnathon's brother doing in Tokyo?

A.D.V. American Vacation 16

Will Mike discover the 'SECRET'? What is the secret anyway?

A.D.V. American Vacation 17

With only a day until Ranma and company return, will Michael learn their secret, or will he give up?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 1

It's time for the Wedding of Ranma and Akane, but can such an event ever end peacefully?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 2

Kuno has struck, and the price is high! What will the victims of this new curse do?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 3

Now the extended family learns of Ranma and Kasumi's new curse, plus, Johnathon v.s. Genma, who will win, the Cat, or the Panda?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 4

Ukyo and Ryoga find out about the events of the previous night, and Nodoka lays out her plan.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 5

Nodoka has made her move, and will anything ever be the same?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 6

Everyone takes some time to think about recent events, and final preperations are made for the photo shoot.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 7

The photo shoot is finally under way, but who is that pale guy taking pictures?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 8

Ranma and company is on their way to China, and it's time to look in on Ryoga's martial arts class, which just happens to be filled with magical girls?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 9

Do Cats like Tofu? It's the Senshi to the rescue as the action heats up!

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 10

Nabiki may have regained her memory, but can she put the pieces together in time?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 11

The senshi go to China. Will Usagi get grounded for life? And a peek at Ranma and Company.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 12

A look at Ranma and company... perhaps to much of a look?

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 13

Happosai gets to play with the Warriors of Love and Justice!

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 14

Ukyo and Akane hatch a scheme to make Ranko more comfortable, but things get more complicated.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 15

Ranma's party reaches Jusenkyo and their adversary reveals herself.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 16

Sailor Moon's group is attacked by Cliopatra's hypnotized slaves as they approach the Pools of Sorrow.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 17

A rescue party arrives and in the ensuing fight, many new curses are inflicted.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 18

The battle ends via Deus Ex Machina and the clean-up begins.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 19

The Ghost Cat is finally dealt with once and for all.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 20

Upon returning to Japan, people get caught in the rain and Rei talks to the newest Tendo.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 21

Ranma brings Akane Tendo up to date on most of the events of the last few months.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 22

Usagi faces the music and Keiichi meets Belldandy and Belldandy and Belldandy...

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 23

The Tendo-Saotome clan wonders what to do with the new Akane Tendo, while the Senshi's parents start getting suspicious.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 24

Johnathon and the others tell their parents the (edited) story of their trip, while Akane Saotome attends a Senshi meeting.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 25

The two Akanes work things out and Minako's plan for Luna goes a bit awry.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 26

Minako, Luna, and Artemis reach an understanding and Ami gets captured.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 27

Luna, Artemis, Minako (and Akane Tendo) get a little excited about their new relationship.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 28

Kasumi is caught in a trap meant for Genma while trying to help Sailor Mercury at the zoo.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 29

The search for Kasumi begins, the Dojo is attacked, and a very young detective starts investigating Ami's disappearance.

A.D.V. Curses and Demons 30


A.D.V. Curses and Demons 31


A.D.V. Curses and Demons 32


A.D.V. Curses and Demons 33


A.D.V. Curses and Demons 34


A.D.V. Curses and Demons 35


My Giant Crossover

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