Foam Warriors of Yore
It was the year of the tiger. Evil was spread across the land! There roamed only a few brave souls, whom with wepaons of foam, could battle this evil.

    Have you ever wanted to beat the crap out of your freinds and then realize you'd go to jail for doing it. Well, now thanks rto modern science you can. Make your own Foam sword and battle all day! Jsut follow the steps listed below and you can "whack" (thats technical talk) them all day.

Step 1.

Here I am with Fun Noodle and Pvc pipe. The Pipe is about asw long as the Fun Noodle.

Step 2.

Befor you put the Noodle on the pipe, spray the inside of the noodle with teflon spray (or somthing of that sort). Note, it was a bad idea to spray inside.

Step 3.

Now, the noodle should slide over the pvc fairly easily. If it gives you trouble then spray more.

Slide Noodle down so theres a good sized handle. Pictured here is a hand and a half handle, meaning one hand and 3 fingers.

Step 4.

Now, useing thoese Knife skills, Cut the noodle about 2 inches above the end of the pipe.

Step 5.

Ok, now, cut a V shape wedge out of the top of the noodle. Leave about 1/2 inch of room to pipe.

Step 6.

Take that wedge you cut out, rotate it once (so it's < and not ^), then place it back in the wedge.

Step 7.

Now, pull the hole end to a ^ of some kind and tape it, this will give you your thrusting end.

Steap 8.

Now tape that end close. Make sure it's very secure. Thios end will be used for hitting.

Step 9.

Ok, now to the handle. Take soem duct tape (i tear it in half length wise) and use it to secure the base of the noodle to the pvc pipe.

Step 10.

Wrap it well, this is the weakest point of the sword. Fore an afternoon of "Whacking: this will be fine. But it will probably give up the ghost in a day or two. I tape 3 or 4 vertical strips from sword to handle, then wrap tape around to secure it.

Step 11.

Now, take a bit of Fun Noodle and place it on the end of the Pvc. This will be a pummel. I liek to then stick a scrap of foam in the Actual Pvc hole, this will help if you hit yourself. Then push the Fun noodle pummel down level with the end of the pvc. Wrap tape around the pummel so it doesn't fall off. (The only pictures i had showing how to do this were to rude for this page)

Step 12.

Now, Run strips of duct tape length wise over the noodle blade. Why, cause some Noodle breaks easy. I then run spaces bands around the noodle. I have found that the round noodle breaks easier then the squared off noodle.

    You should be donee. If you can't figure out exaclty what to do, don't worry. Below are some pics of different Weapons I made, they may help.

    Heres some suggestions for you Foam wanna be's.
To solve the problem of the handle attachemnt to the foam, some folks liek to wrap the sword in cloth. This is fine but I found gettign the cloth was more money then I had at the time. It does tend to hold up alot better in the long run.
    There are several groups out there that dress up and battle it out with wepaons liek these. I tried one, found i didn't care for the fancy dress, and they didn't allow head hits, so there goes half the targets. But if you enjoy the idea of Fancy dress, old english tounge (of sorts) and rules. Look up Amtgaurd, their out there some were.

Feel free to mail me- TimOPod
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