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This is a story about a girl who got the Seven Seishi of Suzaku. She obtained omnipotent power and made her wishes come true. The story, itself, is an incantation. Whomever finishes reading the ancient chinese novel, "Four Gods' Sky and Earth", will receive this power. As soon as the page is turned, the story will become the truth and begin. Thus, the girl of the legend opened the door of another world--Konan.

According to ancient tradition..when the country, Konan, is in risk of extinction....a girl appears from another world. The girl will possess the power of Suzaku and organize the country. Suzaku, the protector of the Konan country, is one of the four Dieties. The protector of the East is 'Seiryuu'; the protector of the north is 'Genbu'; the one that protects the west is 'Byakko'; and 'Suzaku' protects the south. Since the Konan country has Suzaku as it's protector, the other 3 dieties are worshipped in their countries as well.
Miaka Yuuki(the girl) becomes Suzaku No Miko, the protector of Konan country. To get the power of Suzaku, Miaka must search for the Seven Seishi where each of them are recognized by a chinese character on their body.

Taiso-sama, the first Emperor, was given the book "Four Gods' Sky and Earth" by Taiitsu-kun, who manages this world. Actually, the four gods are 28 constellations divided by East, West, South, and North.....each having 7 constellations. in the Southern Sky. It is the name of that quadrant. It's Seven constellations are: Chichiri, Tamahome, Nuriko, Hotohori, Chiriko, Tasuki, and Mitsukake. These are Suzaku's Seven Seishi. Once these 7 seishi are gathered by Suzaku No Miko, the power of Suzaku will be released and her wishes will come true.

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