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Last Updated: 08.06.01 - Parody no Escaflowne is now static. [Kourin]

Welcome to Parody no Escaflowne. In case you haven't figured it out yet, this page is supposed to feature the lighter side of the anime Tenkuu no Escaflowne. If you're looking for answers for serious questions about Escaflowne, sorry pal, this is not the place. By the way, this page is not the first non-serious Escaflowne page. The first (which I first saw waaay back when I didn't even have a computer to use at home) was McEscaflowne. But anyway, since you're already here, look around, feel free to wallow in the insanity.

E-mail Chaos-chan or Kourin?
people have pondered about the lighter side of Escaflowne (counter was reset during... err... April Fool's Day... aheh)

Yes, we actually got an award. Yaaay!

By the way, the initial maintainer has a "main" page: Kourin's Slice of the Universe

Tee-hee, the co-maintainer's pages are down for the time being, so don't bother visiting them, okay? -Chaos-chan

By the way, all pictures on this site (except for web ring logos, the seamless background tweaked by Jashy and fanart done by other people as indicated) were scanned in/drawn by Kourin/Folken no Miko. If you want to use them on your site, please have a link back to Parody No Escaflowne on your page somewhere.

Tenkuu no Escaflowne is copyrighted by Sunrise, etc. This page was created for recreational purposes, don't sue us, we're not making any money off this page. Yes, we're broke college students.


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