Welcome to the Kingdom of Benwick

Welcome to the Grand Kingdom of Benwick. My Name is Queen Maab I'll be showing you around the kingdom for now. Lets start with me. As you know I am Queen Maab. My job here is to lead the mages and be a loyal person to this Kingdom I call home. My son you may get to meet later his name is Wickler, and you will have to meet my husband Rohan. I enjoy many things and can be a pest sometimes to others. Later you shall meet Galahad the all mighty King of this clan who I follow. After our tour of Benwick you will have to be sure to visit our neighboors in Atlantica I shall give you directions later.When you get there Jas will show you around. Were should we start our tour? OH and please remember to sign our guestbook.

Benwick Castle

Hey here it is my home, and the home of many other people two. Nice place don't you think so? Well I do. This is the home of the royal Family and most our knights. This Castle was built so high up so that it would be harder for people to attack and to suprise us! This Castle is built by a river near the bottem of New France so that the settlers could reach it and not have to walk so fear to get to it. It is a wonderful Castle with two Ballrooms, and meny other rooms to visit!!

Sir Galahad King of Benwick

This is Sir Galahad our beloved leader. He is a very wise and kind man. Before he became King he was a Knight and a good one at that. After he was a Knight he was the Arch Duke but when his brother died he took over in his place to finish what his brother started. Galahad is one of the oldest members of the clan here. He has been with this clan longer then I have and should know much more about it then I do.At the begining of Sir Galahad King of Benwicks career as a knight isthe Land of Pendragon. Galahad was originally known as Defender. When hecame before King Arthur and Queen Guinivere, he was a lad of 18 and a novice. At the time Pendragon was a new formed Kingdom and needed all thesupport it could get. Arthur swore Defender in Pendragon and named him "Sir Defend of Pendragon". From the outset Pendragon was at war with various cults of vampires and twas at one of these battles within the walls of Camelot that Defend made a name for himself as a true and valiant knight and a namewith the vampire cult as a force to be reckoned with. As a reward for protecting Camelot, Defend was knighted by Arthur and for Defends protection from assasins, Gueinevere renamed him Galahad. Thus Sir Galahad first walked the world as we know it. The renaming did not work because Galahad was soon embattled with with a large vampire cult in the throne room of Camelot. During the battle Galahad saw three vamps coming after the Queen herself. Galahad then threw himself into the three vampires, recieving grevious wounds but still managed to protect the Queen and win the day with theother knights. After the last battle, Queen Guenivere and King Arthur named Sir Galahad First Knight. Galahad then was in command of the Kings Armies. During the last few years, Galahd met King Ban of Benwick and felt anodd fellowship with the older man. Quite often Galahad would take his leave of Pendragon and visit Benwick and its King. While Galahad was gone, evil assasins attacked Camelot and killed the Queen. Thus came the dark years of Pendragon. Upon hearing the news of the Queen death, Galahad tried to fall on his sword but failed because his friends would not let him and held him down. Later Galahad went back to Pendragon and Camelot only to hear rumors of Arthur abandoning his knights inbattle and of civil unrest in the kingdom. But the next day Galahd was engaged in mortal combat with the assasins who killed the Queen in Camelot and Arthur left him and the other First Knight fighting eight assasins by themselves. Chaos broke out as the knights fought with each other and Galahad wasnot believed about King Arthur. Being branded a liar, Galahad left Pendragon and wandered the country without home or friends. Then when Galahad was sitting alone in a tavern, King Ban happened to stop by and asked Galahad about Pendragon and its doings (Pendragon was already aligned with Benwick at the time). Galahad informed King Ban of what had taken place. King Ban then asked Galahad what his plans were. Galahad shrugged his shoulder sand commenced to getting drunk and didnt continue with the conversation any longer. Upon the morning King Ban was there in the tavern and commenced to dragging Galahad over the coals. "Is this what the mighty Galahad has fallen to? A common tavern drunk? My Grandson, I know you feel betrayed and dishonored. Come to Benwick and help me reach my goal." Galahad, through bleary eyes and swollen mouth (Galahad got into a brawl in the tavern the night before) looked at King Ban and said, "Grandson?" And King Ban then said, "Yes, did you not know you come from my blood?" Thuscame the days of Benwick and Galahad. Galahad was given the title ArchDuke of Benwick and commander of military forces. Soon after this appointment, Galahad got married to Lady Eldara who then became Eldara GrandDuchess of Benwick. Benwick was then very joyful to have Sir Galahad and his new bride Eldara. Time of peace and happiness came over Benwick and everyone was happy. Many parties and joyious balls took place. Oh, there were battles, but this time Benwick had thebattle proven Sir Galahad and his loyal army there for protection. Twas Galahad who noted to King Ban the weakness of Benwick, the lack of true mages. Not long after the discussion of mages, Galahad met one of his future best friends, Maab Queen Mage of Benwick. Years went by in relativehappiness( in spite of Maabs sharp whitisisms about Galahad, LOL) til one day,Galahad could not find his wife anywhere. After searching for her everywhere,he finally gave up the search. Months went by til Galahad recieved a letter from the then High Priest of Benwick that his marriage to Eldara was annulled. Not wanting to believe even the High Priest, Galahad continued to look for his wife to no avail. After a year, Galahad acknowleged the annulment and proclaimed himself divorced. During his search for his wife, Galahad learned that his friend and Grandfather was killed by an assasin. Upon hearing the news, Galahad jumped on Imperator ( a platinum dragon given him for his service toPendragon) and at the speed of sound went to Benwick. Twas there he found the Kingdomin chaos and the body of his grandfather with a knife in his back. Galahad about lost his mind and sought solace in the antechamber him and his grandfather kept secret from everyone else. Twas there Galahad madesure the valuable "Treasure" was secure and he found a message from his grandfather. It read, "Galahad, if you read this, I am dead. The assasins have been constantly after me and I dont know how long I can keepdefeating them. I have not called for you because I know of your love for Eldara. Please take my place as King and continue my mission of Peace for All." At the funeral, Galahad heard a whisper in his ear. Turning, Galahad recognized the Queen of Benwick in disguise as a priestess. The Queen whispered, " Galahad, I know you to be true and valiant. Ban and I both wanted happiness for you but it is not to be yet. I am leaving Benwick as it reminds me of he who has left us. Please take care of Benwick and keep the memory of the departed in your heart." The Queen then gave Galahad the Kings Armor with the Golden Crown upon the helm. "You are now King, be true and loyal to the people of Benwick as was Ban." The Queen then left in a cloud of smoke. Thus began the rule of Sir Galahad King of Benwick. Galahad kept the"Sir"in his name to remind him of his days as a common knight and to remainhumble before all. Galahad then immediatle looked for his sharp whittedfriend Maab and between them they continued to forge Benwick as it is today.

The Royal History

The Clan of Benwick is home to meny great people, and over time these people have come and gone. The Castle Benwick was built in 1786. The original Castle was burned in 1820, after the horrible fire the castle was rebuilt on the same spot as the old one to honor all the warriors lost to the blaze, this is why we ask that when you visit our Castle you do not fight. We have meny magical creature's and other meny beast's. Withen these creature's you will find the mighty griffon, and the peguses two of the most respected creatures. The griffon is the simble ofour fare Kingdom and has always lead us to Victorie over our enemys.

Benwick has been called Bayeaux which is a region in northwest France. King Ban lived during the 400 AD period. His father was Alain Calobrulus son of Pelles Yglais, the Fisher King. Ban claims Pelles to be his father due to an estrangment from his own father Alain. Galahad has the blood of 2 lines of Grail Guardians running through his veins. Through my line to Lancelot his father, and through the line of his mother Elaine of Corbenic as Elain was also a daughter of Pelles the Fisher King, making her and Ban's father Alain brother and sister. Ban became one with the Griffon of Benwick when the Griffon was after King Lot. The Griffon entered into Ban's soul in order to have human form to defeat Lot. And has remained in Ban's soul ever since, thus giving him immortality. The Griffon of Benwick is an ancient elemental of Fire and has achieved the powers of the Light of Christ through the Grail Guardianships. You mentioned when I was murdered, I was stabbed in the back. Actually it was an arrow poisoned with a magic poison entered into my right thigh and aged me rapidly from 40 to 1600 plus years old. This was from a rogue assassin who entered the castle catching me off guard. Being so greatly aged, unable to be the king I had to be at such a critical time I declared myself dead so that Galahad could take on the Kingdom while I sought out my father Pelles to help find me a cure. It was only through Galahad and I and the Holy Grail that I was restored to my youthful self. I am now a co-regent of Benwick and have sovereignty over the griffons of the realm.The original castle Benwick burned down in about 460 AD when King Claudus of the Franks attacked. His knights greatly outnumbered my own and I was unable to defend it.

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