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The music you are listening to is

"SPRING SEA" composed by

Michio Miyagi (1894〜1956) Please enjoy it.

Please be relaxed,and have an excellent cup of tea.

Hello!!I was a member of the Tea Ceremony Club when I was a high school student. I took the tea-ceremony lessons for six years. At first I didn't like this club. My feet got numb after having sitting still with my legs folded on the tatami mats. Now, I can enjoy the ceremony a little more relaxed. I like the quiet atmosphere where both the host and the guests have tea enjoying the shape and the color of the cup, the beauty of the simple flower in the vase, and the sound of the boiling water ... If you don't know about the tea ceremony at all, please don't be afraid , nor be nervous. I also was a beginner several years ago. Let's enjoy drinking tea. 


Let's enjoy the Tea Ceremony


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