Sketchbook for the Criminally Insane!!!

Ok, so your probably wondering why we called our anime fan art page, "Sketchbook for the Criminally Insane".


1) We wanted attention!!!

2) Personally *whispers* I think we're escapees!

Ok, ok on to the pages full of hellish tortures conjured up from...Animeland???

Ok, people everybody salute and say goodbye to Jan..for she's leaving us in June for Animation School in Vancouver:( Leave a goodbye note on our guestbook or on the message board on her Lord of the Rings site) Bye Jan!!! We'll miss you!

No one ever comes back alive...hehehe *eViLgRiN*

CRIME...escapee 1

GUILTY...escapee 2

ELECTRIC CHAIR...escapee 3

Confessions ... Any last words before you die?

The Shadow Page

Links to other Fan Art or extremely anime obssessed pages.

The Grey Havens ... Gel and Jan's page for the Lord of the Rings, see more fanart there by Arwin and Jan.

Anime Web Turnpike!!!

A Really Cute Ranma Page!! I don't know why this isn't working unless the page went out. I'll go check it out.

JoJo's Barbeque & Grill ( Major Anime )!!!

What you'll Never hear in Anime!!! (Unfortunately this link dosen't work right now)

This has suddenly turned into a manga search engine (surprise to us) well......enjoy!

Morbid's art page (it rulz k , just go !!!!!!!

For the love of anime! (my friend sammy and randall's awesome art

My friend Edith's art *she's so much better than me * SO GO SEEEE

We have an award its called "Puck's Award for Webpage Mischief" The link works sometimes..then it dosen't..don't ask me.*looks sheepish*

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