~*Serena's Ballroom Gallery*~
  Hi! I am Serena, Princess Serena! And this is my ballroom full of pictures of everyone in my court. Including that hunky guy Darien, Prince Darien. Well, here I will have pictures of everyone!! Including pictures of me!! ^_^ My sister, Princess Kirsten asks that her picture not be posted, for she said for some odd reason that everyone would think she was me, (she's my twin, but she is older ) Anyways, she has allowed me to use the ballroom in her palace to set up my picture gallery, I hope you enjoy it!! Hehehehe...Have fun!!
Choose Who You Wish To Visit:
Serena/Sailor Moon/Moon Princess
Darien/Tuxedo Mask./Moonlight Knight/Prince Darien
Lita/Sailor Jupiter/Princess Jupiter
Mina/Sailor Venus/Princess Venus
Ami/Sailor Mercury/Princess Mercury
Rei/Sailor Mars/Princess Mars
Rini/Chibi Moon/Princess Chibi
Group Pictures
Outer Scout Pictures
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