Sentaro's "Travel" Journal

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             Hi, I'm Sentaro RNK.  I signed up on 04/08/98 15:26:09, but, this page is still under heavy construction.

Check out my cool, new guestbook images. Jessie made them for me.

Anyway, here's some music I often listen to while I'm making tea, training, running around Tokyo on a runaway horse, etc.

For starters, you are about number  to gasp at my unfinished page.


I'm a member of the RNK. Sorry, we're not accepting apps anymore, but you can still click the link and check out our page. ^_^

As well as that, I strongly support Ranma and Akane as a couple, that is, I think that they're the perfect couple. If you agree, then click the picture...

Why should Ranma and Akane have all the fun? I'm also a proud member of RUMFEO, cause Ryoga and Ukyo were made for each other.

This site actually won an award, since it's the only one I have now, I wont make an awards page yet, but soon...Thanks Cat Cafe!

Ok, now I'm pushing it, but here's the amazon I adpoted, her name is Ran-Ran. Isn't she cute? Thanks again Cat Cafe!

I'm the keeper of Ryoga's Umbrella. Cool, huh? Wanna be a keeper of another Ranma item? Just click the well-made pic ^_^

Music from Final Fantasy III (Japanese VI); Locke's Theme Song

The last time I attempted to update this page was on: February 17, 1999
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Cool banner and all scanned pictures of Sentaro except for the "Back to the Journal" image, made possible by Jessie. I truly think that her, Nabiki, and Ukyo are the three best people to turn to when you want a banner. ^_^

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