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Step 1: Know the artists

Clamp consists of 11 people initially.

  • Mokona Apapa
  • Satsuki Igarashi
  • Mick Nekoi
  • Nanase Ohkawa
  • Tamayo Akiyama
  • Sei Nanao
  • Leeza Sei / Iba Takeo
  • Soushi Hisagi
  • Kazue Nakamori
  • Shinya Ohmi
  • O-Kyon

    When RG Veda was 1st started in the April 1989 edition of South only the first seven were left. Now Clamp consists of only Mokona Apapa, Nanase Ohkawa, Satsuki Igarashi and Mick Nekoi.

    Mokona Apapa was born on June 16, 1968. She is the main artist of Clamp. Most of the characters are created by her. Under her magical hands, every character possesses unique features and temperament.

    Nanase Ohkawa was born on May 2, 1967. She is responsible for script, direction, cover design, planning and sales. Who knows, she is quite rich.

    Satsuki Igarashi was born on February 8, 1969. She is the production coordinator and drawing & design assistant. I'm not sure if she's the one or Mick who does the tone work.

    Mick Nekoi was born on January 21, 1969. She is both art director and art assistant.

    It is no wonder Clamp has lots and lots of assistants that are helping out as they try to finish X as soon as possible. From my latest observation, I found that Mokona has no time to ink her drafts, and the finishing up are all done by their helpers/Mick/Satsuki.

    Step 2: Know their comics

    Clamp has a lot of, really A LOT of mangas published for the past 10 years. Of all the mangas, the one that brought me to be a crazy fan of Clamp is Rg Veda, which is their 1st manga series, following that are Tokyo Babylon and X. Let us see what are the comics they’ve produced until now, June 1999 (Japanese version).

    The others not named are not mangas of Clamp. Just some illustrations & cover design (e.g Soryuden) or stories (??) e.g Yumegari (Dream Hunter)

    Step 3: Know their rules

    Clamp is very possessive about their works. Go and take a look at their official website and you'll know. Every page has a declaration and warning. Previously they had some beautiful pictures that are put up every 2 or 3 weeks. Now they have abandon this idea. Boo hoo!

    Step 4: Know their OVA/movie/soundtracks/drama files done

    Well, Rg Veda has 2 OVA, MK rayearth had the whole series made, now concentrating on Clamp campus detectives. Tokyo Babylon has one OVA( Tokyo Babylon 2) and a movie done by real people (Tokyo Babylon 1999), and X the movie. Lastly Clamp in Wonderland introducing all Clamp’s manga characters in just a few minutes. There’s Clamp in Wonderland 2, just officially lounged in some areas in Japan last year and received a lot of goodies from Clamp. As for the soundtracks, X character files, X movie soundtrack, Tokyo Babylon 2 image soundtrack, Clamp campus detectives drama singles, Clamp campus detective mini soundtrack, Clamp campus detective drama files, Wish gift box, Rg Veda collection 1-2, MKR ……. And lots & lots more.... especially for Clamp Campus Detectives -- since it has made into animation. Also Card Captor Sakura. The pics in soundtracks of Soryuden are all done by them too. Guess how much they cost?? About S$80++ =P. That's... uh.... heh heh ^-^; Oh, Clover has been made into a movie Clip. If I'm not wrong, it should be the same group that does X the movie.

    Step 5: Anything unusual about their mangas??

    Yes yes!!!! Some of their mangas are related to one another, or rather the characters appear not only in one manga but in 2 or 3. For example in Tokyo B Seishiro & Subaru appear in X as the chi no ryu(seven angels) & ten no ryu(seven seals) respectively and in Clamp Campus detectives the 3 main characters also appear in X as well. I've heard that Hokuto (Subaru's sister) has a lover in X. Most people guessed that her lover is Kakyou, but some guessed that it's Nataku. Whoever it is, I believe there'll be a big commotion among Clamp devotees. Don't you agree??

    I love Clamp forever!!!!!!!!

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    Last update: 10-June-99

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