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Anime top 5

  1. 1.Evangelion(No contest)
  2. 2.Princess Mononoke
  3. 3.Battle Angle
  4. 4.Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
  5. 5.Lain
Manga\comic\Graphic novel top 5

  1. 1.JTHM
  2. 2.Battle Angle
  3. 3.Akira
  4. 4.Filler Bunny
  5. 5.Evangelion
Top 5 video games

  1. 1.Castlevania SOTN (sat)
  2. 2.Fallout 2 (pc)
  3. 3.Devil May Cry (ps2)
  4. 4.Final Fantasy 3 (snes)
  5. 5.Unreal Tournament (pc)
  • This is my opinion and I have not played, read, and seen, so don't e-mail me telling me you think thay suck because I don't care


    -Neon Genesis Evangelion is without a doubt the best dramatic theme animated series. It shows ability to mix the classic Mecca concept and its ability just to make the viewer think makes it a show that is hard to Resist and extremely involving. Great characters and the best anime drawings I've Ever seen make this show even more powerful. Evangelion also does a great job in allowing all elements of drama be expressed allowing for some great comedy, but most importantly great drama which becomes more important the Longer the series go. All the elements of the show especially the secrets every character hides is probably what makes this show so addictive. A must see by any anime collector and anyone who has an interest in animation alone.


    In thhe year 2015, entities called the "Angeles" appear in
     Tokyo-3. Mankind's only hope for survival is Evangelion, the
     multipurpose humanoid fighting machine developed and constructed
     by NERV a United Nations special agency. summoned by his father,
     the supreme commander of NERV, 14 year old Shinji Ikari climbs
     aboard Evangelion and finds himself thrown willy-nilly into a
     maelstrom of battle. 
    Video games 

    Why you ask do I like Castlevania so much. Well first the characters design is the best. Each enemy dies in a different way. Second the level design is grate and the back grounds are beautiful. Finally the game is just fun to play; isn't that the most important thing.

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