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Welcome to Shinomori Aoshi's Oniwabanshu HQ! This is a page that is dedicated to "Rurouni Kenshin", one of the most recent and popular Japanese manga by "Watsuki Nobuhiro". In here, you will find a lot of useful info and other things that are relevant to the series. Please enjoy and thanks for visiting!


Alright, I finally decided to get rid of the long and tedious original intro of this webpage, since, frankly, most of the things I said don't really apply anymore ^_^. I was like "why is that still here??" I'm not sure if people actually read that even, if you want to look at the old one, you can click here. The chief purpose of this page is to share my RK fanarts w/ all the other fellow RK fans. I enjoy drawing as much as people who see them of course, so new ones will be featured here periodically as they come. As for the manga or Omake that I promisdd to draw a while ago, the project had not been thrown out of the window. However, I want to perfect my drawing skills first before I draw a story on my own, so that's another thing that you can keep in mind. Alright, now that's more precise and to the point, right ^_^?

Shinomori Aoshi

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  • July 11th, 1999 Hello again all my dear visitors! Believe in what you're seeing here, you're right, it's an UPDATE ^_^! Again I need to apologize for leaving this page unattended for such a long time *looks at last update below* The past half year had been hectic as usual, I needed to concentrate more on school and work, so...Other than that I've been reading manga constantly, such as "Ayatsuri Sakon", "Parasyte" (Kiseijuu), "Hunter X Hunter", "Houshin Engi", and the lateset RK in Jump of course. As a token of my appreciation, or apology rather, for all those who still come to visit frequently, yet found nothing new ^_^;; I've uploaded many pieces of new fanarts (about 15). Also I made up some buttons on the fanart page and grouped some fanarts into a category called "Other characters". It should now take less time to load the respective page. So hope you enjoy your stay, esp. in the fanart section (which is about the only thing that I seem to touch anyway ^^;), and thanks again for all who signed my GB and wrote me in the past months. Your encouragemants mean a lot to me!
  • November 16th, 1998 Hi, everyone ^_^!! It has been ages since I last updated this... one month and a half to be exact... The reason is that I'm so caught up in other personal matters, so please don't think that this webmaster has abondoned this page along w/ his drawing hobby. Enough of babbling, at any rate, I hope to compensate to all the visitors w/ my numerous new fanarts! I've added 8 new pics for Aoshi, some more new Battousai ones (If you've been to "The Battousai Shrine", you'll see that Miko-san had posted those long ago ^_^, shame on me ne *_*...), and some for the hitokiri Shishio too. Let's go to the the fanart section and check those out, domo :)!

  • In the char. info page, the manga pics are all scanned by me from my tankoubon. But for some char portraits, until I can scan them, I will temporarily use those from Kenshin's RK Resource Center, great thanks to Kenshin-san! So look forward to more high quality Kenshin pics as they are available!
  • Credits -- soon I will add this section to give credit to whom it is due. As Misato-san says, "goushinpai naku ^_^!"

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