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Welcome in...

This gallery is dedicated to Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi. Feel free to navigate around in here & see various pictures of Nuriko-chan. You can also find an SD (Super-Deformed) Gallery in here. This SD Gallery contains screencaps of Nuriko and also other characters. Especially Tasuki. ^.^;; No information of the bishounen will be found in here. If you want, you can go to my links section to find out more about him.

Lastly, this site contains a lot of spoilers. If you do not want to see them, you can go away now. If not, happy navigating then! ^.^

Few words from me...

You are free to take the pics from this site. (That does not mean you can take ALL or too much ^.^;; If you do so, there's no point in me keeping this site. Hope you understand.) But please give credits where it's due if you're goin' to put them on your site because I have spent a lot of time enhancing those pictures to make their quality better. Last thing to note is...please dun take this site's design (background, buttons & etc...) and wallpapers because I've spent a lot of efforts into creating them.

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