Me! (Crescent Moon a.k.a. Elizabeth)

This is where I shall put all the pictures of me and my friends up! Hope they don't mind! Yes, my name is Elizabeth, and I'm 16 years old. I just turned 16 in January. I got to take Driver's Ed! And I get to take my liscense test in June! Yea!!!! If there's anything wrong with my page, e-mail me. Otherwise, try if you just want to ask a personal question. Bye-ee!

The pic above is of me (right) and my friend Dana (left).

These are four of my best friends. Dana's in this one. Aquamarine Angel is my buddy Nikki, and she's the brunette with the white Fila sweatshirt on. The other two are Rachel and Bekah Bekah has the glasses on and Rachel is at the top. More will be up soon! -Crescent Moon a.k.a. Elizabeth

Isn't this cool? I found it while doing some stuff for school.

July 3 is National Compliment-Your-Mirror Day!!!!!!!!!

That's me when Bekah played with my hair really quick. My hair is long, in case you're interested.

Look!!! I'm married to this hot Bishounen man!!! Isn't that cool?? I'll have a link up in the Linx as soon as I can. Enjoy drooling over the hot guys there, okay? -Serena pops up-
Serena: Elizabeth, do your parents know that you're married?
Me: No....... Is that a problem?
Serena: Well, my dad has a shot gun and about two acres of bare land ready. What about yours?
Me: .................

Guess what I found???? Another hot anime man to drool over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's none other than: Cardcaptors' Tori!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's Sakura's older brother, and he looks like Darien a bit. And................. HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!! NONE OF YOU CAN HAVE HIM!!!!!! I SAW HIM FIRST!!!!!!!!! and that's all i have to say.

This will be up soon!


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