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Hello, anime fan! This is one more adopt site for anime sites. but it's a different one, we don't have pets either cutties (are you sure they're not cute?) to adopt. Here you can adopt a soccer player, a coach, a supporter and even the players' relatives!
Oops! I almost forgot to introduce myself! I'm Munemasa Katagiriand I'm trying to organize this mess here! I hope you enjoy.
If you have an anime (no hentai stuff) or soccer site what are you watting for? You must read the rules first. After reading the rules (believe me, it's not that boring) you can choose the character you want to adopt, then you fill the form up and you are ready to take him or her home. I just ask you to place my banner near the character and link it back here. I just started that business, don't get angry if you find few characters here to adopt. I promise I'll put more in here!
Thank you for choosing Katagiri's Player Shop! We moved! Webjump was killing me!

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Read the rules first!

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