Haruka & Michiru's Gallery

Hi there! All the pictures here have Haruka and Michiru in them. I scanned most of the pics here which you can't find elsewhere.^_^ The rest are my favourite pics found in other sites. You can use these pics on you web page, but I will be really appreciated if you can drop me an e-mail (Don't worry, I just want to see how you use them on your page :P).

Horizontal Images
A really kawaii manga pic of Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru in real sailor uniforms. (108K)
Haruka and Michiru in Sailormoon S episode 92, when they appear in the Crown Game Centre. (61K)
Haruka and Michiru in a SailorStars episode. (61K)
*Haruka and Michiru in a park in their Mugen uniforms. This is absolutely one of my favourite picture. It is combined by me using Photoshop from two separate pics which was a really hard job because the two pics have different brightness, level of saturation and colour balance. (100K)
Haruka and Michiru sitting at the pool side. Michiru's eyes look a bit weird :P.(56K)
Haruka and Michiru appear in a lovers' contest. (38K)
Haruka trying to catch the transformation pen.(She doesn't know what that is yet). Michiru warns Haruka that if she takes the pen, she will not be able to live a normal life again.(64K)

Vertical Images
Haruka's hand on Michiru's shoulder. Both of them are in Mugen uniform. This manga pic is from Naoko's Sailormoon picture album vol.3. (80K)
* Super-deformed Haruka and Michiru with her violin. (40K)
* Michiru and Haruka in SailormoonS ep102. (24K)
The best fanart pic of Haruka and Michiru I've ever seen. Their eyes look a little scary though. (76K)
Haruka and Michiru as guests (or bride and bridegroom? ^_^;) in a wedding. (60K)

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