Sailor Moon Episode 85

Sailor Moon Episode 85

Episode title: Driving Dangerously

Original American Airdate: 6/14/2000

Original Canadian Airdate: 9/23/2000

"So glad when these study buddy torture sessions at Raye's are ancient history!" Serena said to herself as she walked home. As she came to the Game Crown arcade, she had to tell herself to resist. As she was about to move on, she spotted Mina inside talking to Andrew. She walked in and listened to what Mina said.

"It was so funny, Andrew." Mina said. "Artemis just can't resist caramels. So there he was, his mouth and whiskers just covered with sticky sugar goop." She and Andrew laughed. "It reminded me of when Serena tries to chew bubble gum!"

"What a riot!" Andrew said.

"They could've been twins." Mina said, laughing. Serena fumed behind her. "Except Artemis doesn't have a meatball head, and he can actually walk and chew gum at the same time!"

Serena finally blew, screaming at Mina because she was missing study time to get her out of the arcade. Mina laughed.

"My fault." Andrew said. "Mina came in because I was totally bored. I was standing outside hoping I'd catch one of you guys on your way to Raye's."

"Brain wrecker!" Serena shouted. "Our high school careers are riding on these tests!"

Andrew felt bad, but Mina got into Serena's face.

"Clap your trap!" She said, holding a fist to Serena's face. "Andrew needs a little female attention. And who are we to waltz right by a cute boy in need?" She turned on the waterworks. "What kind of world will our children inherit if we forget simple decency?" she cried. She turned and looked Serena right in the eyes.

"Besides," she said, "your brain could short circuit if you study too much. Right, Andrew?"

"Just keep me out of this one, please." Andrew replied. To counteract Mina's theory that their brains might short circuit, she dragged Serena to a race car video game. Andrew looked on.

As Serena and Mina played, Serena struggled with each and every turn. Mina laughed, and raced right past her, lapping her.

"I've been lapped by a rookie!" Serena exclaimed.

"Eat my dust!" Mina said with a smile. Serena became too competitive, and slammed on her gas pedal. Her car spun out of control, and finally crashed, ending Serena's game. Meanwhile, someone was walking into the arcade. Serena sat dejected at her race car seat.

"I can't do it, Mina." Serena said. "My pedal's lost it's metal."

"You can't give up!" Mina exclaimed. "I need an opponent!"

"That reminds me," Serena said, looking up at Mina, "we should be getting over to Raye's place."

"Raye's place, Schmay's place!" Mina shouted. "My Forumla One racing career is hanging on a very thread, and you won't help!"

"Shouldn't you get a driver's license first?" Serena said.

"I'll race you." A voice said. Serena and Mina looked up to see a blond man in a uniform with a brown jacket and green pants. He approached the girls.

"And I'll even give you a head start." As he stood there, Serena and Mina looked him over, blushing very brightly. With hearts in her eyes, Mina pushed Serena onto the floor, and invited the man to drive against her. He handed Serena his bag to hold while he raced.

"I hope it's not breakable." Mina said. "She's a real clutz today."

"Hey!" Serena exclaimed. "You pushed me!"

Mina and the man put their coins into the machine and the game started. This is my lucky day! Mina thought. This guy is a total hunk-a-saurus! Serena just groaned at Mina's blushing.

As the race started, Mina put her pedal down, and drove with great skill. She turned her head and noticed that the guy hadn't even started driving.

"Hello!" Serena said. "Planet Earth to Player B!"

"I know that we're on." The guy said. "It's just that it's a little bit more fair to give me a handicap before we start. I don't want to humiliate anyone."

Mina got angry and slammed down on her gas pedal. The guy finally started. As his car flew down the track, he passed Mina in a matter of seconds. Mina and Serena were amazed as he drove at 312 km/h. He pushed his car up to 375 km/h, lapping Mina. Mina's car crashed, and Mina lost. When the game was over, Mina buried her face, citing embarrassment.

"You shouldn't be." The guy said. "With a little more practice, you could be the prettiest formula one driver on the circuit."

Mina looked up and blushed again.

"Would you want to give me some lessons?" She asked.

"You'd be learning from a pro." Said a voice. The girls looked up to see a girl enter. She had a green skirt and brown jacket. Serena and Mina looked on.

"Sorry I'm late, Amara." She said. "I had to run an errand."

"That's okay." Amara replied. "I got an easy game in." As he got up, her turned to Mina. "Good luck." He said. Mina's face got even more red. Amara said that maybe Serena could join in next time. Serena loved the idea. Mina hated it.

"You sure made friends with them fast." The girl said to Amara as they left.

"What's the matter, Michele?" She said. "Are you jealous?"

Michele giggled. As they left, Amara said that they were good kids, but couldn't drive worth beans. Serena and Mina resumed blushing and staring at Amara.

"Don't wake me if it's a dream!" Serena said.

"I don't know where he came from," Mina said, "but I'd like to visit!"

"I've seen them a few times." Andrew said. "They're the kind that are always together."

Serena and Mina looked up at Andrew.

"Hi, Andrew." Mina said. "What brings you here?"

Andrew as kind of disgusted at Mina's absent memory, while Serena realized what just happened.

Later, Michele and Amara were at a cafe, with worried and thoughtful looks on their faces.

"I had a feeling about this town, Amara." Michele said, staring at her hot chocolate. "The sea's acting up. I think something... big is going to happen here."

"Let's hope for good." Amara said, sipping her hot chocolate. Neither of them noticed Mina and Serena spying on them outside the cafe door.

"Look at 'em." Serena said, smiling. "Hot chocolate dates are so romantic!"

"Newsflash!" Mina said. She whispered into Serena's ear. "I think there's a special connection between Amara and me, like we're soulmates or something."

"Are you completely playing?" Serena exclaimed. "He's totally into Miss Perfect Hair and Skin!"

"Couldn't you feel it?" Mina said. "We had some serious chemistry going."

Mina gulped down a glass of water given to her by a waitress and asked about Amara and Michele.

"Aren't they sweet?" The waitress said. "They seem really close."

Mina quieted the waitress. The waitress just giggled.

Later on, Amara and Michele walked together through the city, with Serena and Mina in hot pursuit.

"Isn't spying kind of immature?" Serena remarked.

"Zip it, Serena!" Mina said. "We're conducting an investigation, but I can manage by myself."

"Sure, hunk hog." Serena quipped. "And anyway, there were chemicals between him and me too."

Mina turned to Serena with an angry look and said,

"Hello! Like you and Darien are over! This one's mine!"

Meanwhile, Amara and Michele passed by a car garage called Kameda. Michele went on, while Amara went in. Mina and Serena moved up to the door of the garage.

"Hi, Anthony." Amara said to the mechanic under a car in the middle of the garage. The mechanic slid out from under the car, and talked about getting the car fixed good as new.

Meanwhile in the sewers, Dr. Tomo continued his twisted work.

"Kaorinite, what news?" He said as he heated a test tube over a bunson burner.

"Good." Kaori said as she appeared from the shadows. "Target found."

"Excellent work." Tomo said. "At last, the chosen one with the pure heart is ours."

"Is your new creation ready to go, Dr. Tomo?" Kaori asked.

"Ready and rarin'." Tomo replied. He poured the contents of the test tube into a heated beaker. The ovum was pelted with white bubbles until it grew and burst the beaker open. The Daimon pod was sent out by Tomo, and quickly found it's host to create it's form - Amara's car.

As Amara and Anthony worked on the car, Mina and Serena kept watch outside at the garage entrance.

"Serena, Raye's gonna throttle ya if you don't show up!" Mina said to Serena.

"I'll take my chances!" Serena replied. "And anyway, they wouldn't want me to leave you without some kind of chaperone!"

"Hey, buddy." Anthony said to Amara. "What have you been doing with yourself lately? With your car in the shop, where've you been gettin all your kicks?"

"Here and there." Amara replied, spying Mina and Serena out of the corner of her eye. "Virtual driving at the arcade."

"Hey, did someone say the arcade?" Mina said, coming out of hiding. Serena came out with her. Amara walked outside the garage and over to a railing.

"If you want to know something, just ask me." He said. Mina and Serena looked confused.

"You're following me." He said. "Or should I say spying?"

Mina and Serena tried in vain to deny it. Amara wondered why 'two pretty girls' would spy on her. Mina and Serena raised their arms.

"I know!" Mina said. "Maybe they wanna know what perfect hair and skin means to you!"

"Means to you!" Said Serena. Amara looked at the two girls confused.

"Are you guys an item?" Mina said. Serena reinforced Mina's question by repeating the last two words.

"It's not all 'seriouso', is it?" Mina asked.

"With Michele?" Amara said. "Is that who you mean?"

"Of course!" Mina said, holding up a small wipe to dry her tears (?). "We wanna know whether or not you're fair game."

"You're funny." Amara said with a smile. "But I'm afraid there's not any us."

Serena and Mina fell to the ground in dispair. Amara kneeled and looked Mina in the eyes.

"You know, you guys seem really sweet." He said. "And I'm sure you'll find your princes someday."

"Like... today...?" Mina said, looking back at Amara.

"There you go again, Amara." said a voice. "Giving love advice."

Amara and the girls turned and saw Michele approaching. Amara said hi to Michele.

"Amara's got this thing about people living happily ever after." Michele said. Amara stood up.

"And there's nothing wrong with it either." He said.

"Except that it only happens in fairy tales." Michele said. "If you ask me, anyone who's waiting for prince charming isn't living in reality."

"Here we go again." Amara sighed. Mina raised her hand and posed a question.

"Does that mean Amara isn't your Prince Charming?"

"A simple yes or no will do, thanks!" Serena added. Michele thought for a moment, and said,

"Simple no."

Mina suddenly felt elated, but reminded Serena that she was with Darien.

Meanwhile, Raye, Amy and Lita were at Raye's place studying. Raye sneezed, due to her hay fever.

"Raye's allergic to pollen, Serena's allergic to studying, and I'm allergic to wasting my time!" Lita said.

"I just hope nothing bad has happened to them." Amy said. "They're really late."

"Bad, Amy?" Raye said, blowing her nose. "If I know them, they probably got sidetracked by some cute boy they met at the arcade or something."

Amy giggled.

"No way Raye, they're not total geeks." She said. Only seconds later, they came to the exact opposite conclusion.

Meanwhile, at the garage, Anthony continued his work on Amara's car. Amara, Michele, Serena and Mina watched him from outside.

"Anthony is the best mechanic ever. His dream is to become a mechanic for a professional racing team." Amara said. "That would be so incredible. There's nothing better than hearing those engines roar to life, and watching those cars hug the race track. It must be magic to be behind the wheel of a machine like that."

"You're serious, huh?" Mina said, with a smile.

"It's always been Amara's dream to cross the finish line and see the checkered flag." Michele said.

"It was." Amara replied. Michele's smile disappeared, and she looked up at him. "Not anymore. It'll never happen. I'm not good enough."

Serena and Mina looked up at Amara too. They told Amara not to give up, but Amara knew that race driving was not her destiny. Serena and Mina took a second to admire Amara's handsome face.

Inside, Anthony closed the hood of Amara's car and went to start it. As he grabbed the steering wheel, the car turned into a Heart Snatcher. Before Amara could rush to Anthony, Michele grabbed her hand. With determined looks in their eyes, they lied in wait for the perfect moment. The car finished its transformation. It's body was in the shape of a formula one car. It fired four objects and Anthony was pinned against the wall. The Heart Snatcher then raised Anthony high into the air by four tendrils. Mina and Serena ran in to help Anthony, but slipped on an oil puddle and crashed into a heap of gas cans. The Heart Snatcher turned onto its back so it could rest on its wheels. The 'windshield' on the Heart Snatcher's chest opened, revealing a black star. The star shot a beam straight up at Anthony and extracted his Heart Crystal within seconds. Outside, Amara and Michele were gone.

"Sure it's pretty if a heart that's free of evil and negative forces is your thing." The Heart Snatcher said. "But who am I to judge?"

The Heart Snatcher, in its car position, jumped off the railing outside the garage's doors, and sped off down a trench. Inside, Serena and Mina got themselves out from under the gas cans. Serena looked and saw Anthony, still suspended in midair.

"I'm thinking a mechanic needs a heart to be able to fix cars!" Serena said. She was almost knocked over when Mina burst out of the pile.

"Here I am, Amara!" Mina exclaimed. "Amara! My Prince! He didn't come save me."

"Newsflash, babe!" Serena said. "You're a superhero! You're supposed to save people!"



Meanwhile, the Heart Snatcher sped down the trench. Behind it, Amara and Michele sped after it via motorcycle.

"Time for that car to get a flat!" Amara shouted.

"Let's do it to it!" Michele said, going only slightly retro with that remark.

Amara sped up the bike and drove up on the side of the trench. She was able to make the bike jump high into the air so that it would land on the Heart Snatcher. As the bike came down, Amara and Michele weren't on it. The bike and Heart Snatcher crashed into a wall. As the Heart Snatcher recovered, it looked up at the sound of a bicycle bell. There stood Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus.

"Where'd you learn how to drive?" Sailor Moon said.

"Your license come from a cereal box?" Venus shouted. Both of them descended into the trench.

"I am Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice! I will right wrongs and triumph over Evil Kneevils! And that means you!"

Venus just griped that she had to pedal so hard and didn't get to do a speech. The Heart Snatcher, in the meantime, sprouted blades from her tires and challenged the Sailor Scouts to a fight. Before anything could happen though, two forms appeared.

"Why don't you try us on for size, you jacked up jalopy!" They shouted. The Heart Snatcher looked at the two forms in wonder.

"I'm the knock in your engine! I am Sailor Uranus!"

"Now give back the heart crystal, or you'll feel the wrath of Sailor Neptune!"

Sailor Uranus was decidedly taller than Neptune, and had short blond hair. Neptune's was shoulder length, and more wavy. Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus looked amazed.

"They're Sailor Soldiers?!" Venus exclaimed. Sailor Moon said,

"Just how many of us are there?"

"Too many if you ask me!" The Heart Snatcher shouted. It began to spin its bladed wheels.


A huge energy ball containing the power of an earthquake hit the Heart Snatcher hard.


Another energy ball, this time with the power of a submerging ocean hit the Heart Snatcher. The monster almost dissolved into nothing, but was able to stay alive.

"Finish the job, Sailor Moon!" Sailor Venus shouted. Sailor Moon nodded.


The Heart Snatcher was destroyed. It reverted back into Amara's car, which stood on its back bumper in perfect balance. The Daimon pod came out of the steering wheel and burst, releasing the black spirit inside it. Sailor Neptune and Uranus inspected the Heart Crystal. It wasn't what they wanted, so they gave it to Sailor Moon to return it to Anthony. Sailor Moon watched as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune turned and left.

Later that day, all the girls had gathered at the video arcade. Mina told them about the attack, and how they hadn't seen Amara since that point.

"Pity." Raye said. "But you realize that we waited for you all afternoon, and now it turns out that you were chasing some new guy around."

"But Raye," Amy said, "the important thing is to find out what happened to those two new sailors."

"Artemis and Luna are looking into it Amy, so don't worry about it." Raye replied. Lita chimed in.

"This rules! I can't wait to find out what Neptune and Uranus are like."

Just then, Michele appeared and said hello.

"No, it can't be!" Mina exclaimed. "Is it you, Amara?"

"Of course." Michele said.

Just then, Raye jumped onto Mina's back, looking eagerly around for this handsome new guy. Raye's back was soon occupied by an eager Lita, who looked around too.

"We give up." Mina said. Michele gestured to Amara, who was right next to her. No one had recognized Amara because his jacket was off. He looked at the girls dumbfounded. As it turned out, he was a she.

"Sorry if it bursts your bubble that I'm a girl." Amara said with a smile. Mina sank to the ground crying. Amy just said,

"And you blew study buddies off for this?"

"I knew there was something fishy right from the start," Serena said, "but, Mina wouldn't listen."

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