Sailor Moon - Episode 73

Sailor Moon episode 73

Episode title: Lonely Amy

Canadian Air date: 11/07/97

"So sorry to interrupt your pedicure, Emerald," said Sapphire impatiently, "but you'd better get off your fanny and get to work! You haven't made any headway capturing either that wretched kid or the Silver Crystal, and there's still another Negative Point to be located. Prince Diamond is getting anxious."

Emerald laughed her trademark shrill laugh.

"The next Negative Point should be in the Albert Einstein School for the Gifted!" She said.

The night was calm, but didn't suspect the evil that tainted it. Emerald appeared atop the Albert Einstein school, dressed in the robe and other garments according to her pedicure, and threw down her Power Wedge. It floated just above the target, and began to harvest its energy. Under the roof, children were working on their assignments, and the room around them went dark with evil energy. It began to hurt the children, most notably Melvin.

"Show yourself!" Emerald shouted to her new Droido. "Mistrust!"

On cue, Droido Mistrust appeared. Her head had two antennae, and her clothes resembled those of the Sailor Starlights, as seen in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.

"You can always trust me!" Proclaimed Mistrust. Emerald laughed.

"As you can see," Emerald began, "the negative power is increasing steadily. It will reach its capacity by tomorrow evening. I want you to stand guard until then."

"Trust me!" Said Mistrust.

Serena, Amy and Molly were all looking at the marks for the students. Serena was proud that Amy had made number one yet again.

"I wish I could borrow some of your brain cells!" She said.

"I wouldn't mind borrowing a few zillion myself!" Added Molly.

"Thanks guys." Said Amy. "You're really nice. Everyone has their strengths, and this happens to be mine!"

Just then, some girls behind Amy began to talk.

"I'm so jealous. I wish I had Amy's marks." Said one girl.

"Oh yeah. But all she does is study." Said a second girl.

"So she gets good grades." Said the third. "Behind her back, everyone calls her 'Amy the Super-Nerd'."

Amy was feeling ashamed, and Molly proclaimed that the girls were just jealous.

"It's true, Amy." Serena said. "Everybody does call you a super nerd. But don't worry. I'll always be your friend, no matter what!"

"It's okay." Amy said, smiling. "I'm used to all the 'nerd' and 'geek' comments."

"Yeah, I can relate there." Replied Serena. "Except, it's that I'm being teased about being last in the class!"

"Hey, look what I found!" Shouted Melvin from a little ways down the hall. "Cheat notes in Amy's desk!"

Melvin showed the small sheet to another boy, who said that the handwriting was definitely Amy's. Melvin suspected that Amy cheated on every test that she had ever taken.

"Now, I get it!" Said one of the boys, when Serena and Molly were turning red from their fury. "Now I get it! I always wondered why someone as smart as Amy would want to hang out with someone like Serena, but now it makes perfect sense!"

"You're right!" Said another of the boys. "Anyone with any smarts wouldn't want to hang out with a marshmallow brain like Serena!"

Serena was shocked by the boy's words. The boy that Melvin showed the sheet to said,

"Well, Serena, I think you have to admit that it does seem a bit on the weird side. You're best friends with each other, and yet, she's always at the top and you're always at the bottom!"

"It's not weird at all!" Shot Serena. "Amy works really hard, and I don't try at all!"

"I think you're the one who's gone weird, Melvin." Added Molly. "You know darn well how hard Amy works!"

"I don't believe this, Molly!" Melvin retorted. "You're actually siding with a cheater!"

One of the boys walked up to the trio of girls. Lita got in the way, and he said,

"What about you, Lita?"

"What about me?" Shot Lita.

"I suppose you're gonna side with your cheater friend too!" He replied, running up to Lita. He grabbed her shirt, but didn't realize his mistake. In less than a second, the boy and two of his friends lay in a heap, courtesy of the Jupiter Champion. Molly complemented Lita on her strength, and Amy said,

"But Lita, you shouldn't use violence!"

"Big toad heads deserved it, calling me Marshmallow Brain!" Said Serena. Lita pointed to the pile of boys, and said,

"More importantly, they called Amy a cheater when we all know it isn't true!"

"I don't care." Said Amy calmly. "I know that I'm innocent."

Serena said to Amy that she believed her. Molly made a second to the notion, and Amy said,

"Thank you guys. But right now, I'm wishing I'd got perfect scores! I mean, really! Why not? They all think I cheated anyway!"

Molly and Serena couldn't help but be amazed by Amy's so-called enthusiasm.

That day, Serena, Amy and Lita were all walking home.

"I just can't believe that low-life slimeball Melvin could turn on you like that!" Said Lita.

"Yeah." Said Serena. "I always thought those guys really liked you, even though you are a super nerd."

"But they're nerds too!" Replied Lita. "They go to the same genius school you do!"

Just then, Rini ran up with Luna, saying she was confused.

"What does cheating on an exam mean?"

Serena wanted to know what Rini meant. Rini, making large circular motions around her eyes said,

"Some boy with humongous glasses says Amy was cheating."

Amy was hit by that remark, and Serena was furious. So was Lita, who wanted to "slice his spineless body into feticinni".

"Hey, calm down." Said Amy. "It's okay. Really, it is! I'm just glad the people who count the most still believe me! But, thanks for your enthusiasm!"

Lita and Serena just looked in shock. Amy ran off, and Lita, Rini, Serena and Luna all looked on.

"I think Amy must be in shock, or something." Said Lita. Serena agreed.

Later on, Amy was walking to her school, and heard a group of two girls and a boy nearby.

"There's the cheater!" Said the boy.

"Yeah!" Said one of the girls. "Little Miss Innocent! We've gotta make sure she doesn't get away with it!"

Amy's nerves were becoming frayed. Finally, she began to run, hearing the word 'cheater' called out to her over and over. She ran into an alley, and sank to her knees, crying. She thought the situation awful. She recalled Serena's words -- "I believe you" --, and she was suddenly elated. She picked up her book case, and began to continue, but saw a poster advertising her 'genius school'. She remembered Lita saying that the people making fun of her went to the same school. Could that be it? Amy pondered. Everyone that's turned against me goes to Albert Einstein's School?

Amy arrived at the school, and went to one of the classrooms, to find it empty and black. Suddenly, she felt the evil power, and outside the classroom window hovered Mistrust.


Mistrust (Who sounds a lot like Anne from the Alan and Anne stories) was amazed that Amy was one of the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Mercury, in the classroom, called out to the monster that she knew awaited her. She got out her computer, and used it to contact the other Sailor Scouts.

"No way!" Said Serena in disbelief. "Nega-dweebs at the Frankenstien school! Wow!" She and Luna ran off to help Sailor Mercury.

Mistrust created multiple images of herself, and sent them into the classroom. They all charged Sailor Mercury, shouting "Doubt Yourself!"


All of the clones were frozen, and disappeared. Mistrust created more clones, and sent them in to attack the lone Sailor Scout.


The new clones froze as the last did, and disappeared. Yet more appeared, and Mercury thought, I get it! These harpies are just clones! I guess I'll have to find the real one to stop them!

As Sailor Mercury began to look around, Mistrust saw that the Sailor was more powerful than she looked. The clones disappeared, and Mistrust tried something different.

"Now, come here, Sailor Soldiers! Come to Mistrust!"

Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus, along with Artemis, caught up to Sailor Mercury at her darkened classroom. Sailor Mercury told them that the room was swarming with clones, and Jupiter couldn't see anything.

"Sailor Jupiter, you have to believe me!" Mercury pleaded. "The Negamoon has taken over my own school, and that's why Melvin and the others believed I was a cheater! It was the power of the Negaverse!"

Jupiter understood, and she, Venus and Mars stood defensively. Outside, Mistrust noticed that there was one Sailor Scout missing. It didn't matter. She straightened her antennae, and the ends bent. They shimmered, and Sailor Mercury suddenly stumbled, feeling some sort of power crashing into her. The others took notice, and were worried about Mercury. Sailor Mercury looked at the three other Sailors. They were frowning and making fun of her.

"Hey, guys." Said Sailor Mars. "Check out Sailor Mercury! She is such a has-been! What a look! I mean, check the hair! Is this girl due for a makeover or what?"

"You're just joking, right Mars?" Mercury said, discouraged.

"Joking?!" Jupiter replied. "You're a complete fashion disaster! The fashion cops should hand you in!"

Sailor Mercury was becoming heavily discouraged, and said,

"What? You too, Lita?"

"Oh, please!" Said Sailor Venus. "Stop with the goody-goody routine! You, who are always bragging about how smart you are!"

"What are you saying?" Mercury replied. "You know I never brag about my grades. I'm really careful about that! But, if you feel like I have, gee, I'm really sorry!"

"Stop pretending to be so innocent, Miss Super Egghead!" Shot Mars. Mercury could barely take it. She covered her ears, and couldn't believe that her friends would rip her apart like that.

"Go ahead, hate them all!" Said Mistrust from her viewpoint. "They're not your friends! They're happy!"

The Sailor Scouts looked in worry at their friend. Jupiter began to approach Amy to aid her. All Amy saw were three Sailor Scouts with evil looks in their eyes, telling her to get away.

Meanwhile, Serena, Rini, Luna and Artemis arrived at the school. They saw Emerald's huge Power Wedge, and Mistrust floating by Amy's classroom window.


"Do it now, Sailor Mercury!" Mistrust goaded. "Destroy these conniving so-called friends!"

"Not today!" Called a voice. It was Sailor Moon.

"I stand for love and justice! I'm Sailor Moon!"

"Well," said Mistrust, undaunted, "don't we think we're special?"

"Only a mean-hearted hag like you would turn a whole school against poor Amy!" Said Sailor Moon. "You and your evil mind games are all washed up! I'm just the one to pull the plug! Game's over, and in the name of the Moon, you're old news!"

Mistrust's antennae had curled, so she straightened them again, to trick Sailor Moon. All around the Sailor, the world went into a void, and she heard the voices of the Sailor Scouts.

"What a joke you are, Sailor Moon!" Said Mars. "A cockroach is smarter than you are!"

"You're a complete loser!" Chided Venus.

Sailor Moon began crying, and Mistrust sneered. With a shout, she shook off the hallucination completely.

"Oh, alright! Give me a break! So I'm not Albert Einstein material, and I do flake out sometimes!"

Mistrust was horribly taken by Sailor Moon's words.

"I admit it, okay?" Sailor Moon went on. "See, I really don't care! I'm way used to getting badmouthed!"

"This girl's actually proud to be a flake?" Said Mistrust.

Mistrust created five clones, which surrounded Sailor Moon, and (without explanation - partially cut scene) knocked her to the ground. One of the clones was about to kick Sailor Moon, but was stopped by a streak of light. A red rose planted itself into the ground.

"Shame on you, Mistrust." Said the thrower of the rose, Tuxedo Mask. "Your lies and deceits have finally caught up with you. Calling an innocent girl a cheater, and turning friends against each other? Your evil games are coming to an end right now! So, come on! Hit me with the very best shot you've got!"

Mistrust, still undaunted, sent her clones to attack Tuxedo Mask. One tried to hit him in the face, but he knocked it away with his cane. He also hit another that tried to hit him, but was attacked from behind, and kicked in the air. He was hit several times before being thrown off of the five story building, and crashing to the pavement below. Sailor Moon ran to his aid, and Mistrust laughed. She then told Sailor Moon to watch as Sailor Mercury was going to defeat her friends. She turned her attention to Mercury. The Sailor felt the impact of the hallucination, and Jupiter and the others were really worried. What was happening, and what she saw (Indicated in italics) were two different things.

Sailor Jupiter asked Sailor Mercury if she was alright.

Sailor Jupiter told Sailor Mercury that she was a phony. Sailor Venus inquired as to if Mercury had always cheated, and Sailor Mars told her to fess up. Sailor Mercury clamped her hands on her ears.

The Sailor Scouts looked in worry at Sailor Mercury.

The Sailor Scouts approached Sailor Mercury, saying,

"You're a cheater! You're a fake, and a fraud! Cheater! Cheater! How could you? You're disgusting! You're terrible!"

Sailor Mercury broke through the crowd of the others, and stopped. Venus, Mars and Jupiter looked in confusion and worry at their friend. She looked at each of her "friends", as if to wait for their attack. Venus, Mars and Jupiter each climbed out of a window nearby, and ran into the court where Sailor Moon was. Sailor Mercury went to the window, and gazed out sadly at the people who were calling her a liar. They were insulting her, and she was remembering times when her friends had smiled at her, showing their pride for her, and congratulating her on a job well done. Now, they were telling her that she was a liar, and a cheater.

Mistrust told Sailor Mercury to destroy the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Mercury jumped out of the window (It's on the ground floor, so don't worry about them censoring this!). She glared at her new enemies.

"There's something very satisfying watching someone turn on their friends!" Said Mistrust, laughing. Sailor Mercury put her hands to her chest, to symbolize something that struck fear in the Sailor Scouts.

"She's going to use her 'Aqua Illusion' power against us!" Said Venus. Luna and Artemis told Mercury to stop. Sailor Moon ran up to Mercury, but Mercury emotionlessly slapped Sailor Moon, sending her to the ground. Sailor Mercury clenched her fists, and got ready to power up her attack.

"This can't be real!" Sailor Moon said, getting up. "Sailor Mercury, you can't hurt us. We're your friends! Hey, Amy, I believe you!"

Sailor Mercury's eyes were tearing up, but she placed her hands against her chest again. Mistrust descended from her aerial point of view, and told Sailor Mercury to attack. Mistrust kept goading Mercury, while the Sailor Scouts, Rini, Luna, Artemis and Tuxedo Mask all watched in worry of Mercury's next move. The next move made determined all that could be for the future of Earth. One to be ruled by the Negamoon, because only one of the Sailor Scouts refused to believe in friendship, or one ruled by peace and justice, because that Sailor chose to follow the heart she had been blessed with.

"You must punish them for what they say!" Goaded Mistrust. Sailor Mercury, turned to Mistrust, and shouted,

"I don't think so! I'll punish you!"


The blast of water froze, and eventually broke off Mistrust's antennae.

"I don't understand!" Said Mistrust. "Why didn't my hallucination power work! Didn't you hate your friends?"

"You don't understand what friendship's all about!" Proclaimed Mercury. "It's way stronger than all your stupid mind tricks!"

The Sailor Scouts cheered, elated that they had their friend back.

"Any time, now Sailor Moon!" Said Mercury. Sailor Moon replied accordingly.


Mistrust was reduced to a pile of dust, and her crystal went dead. All of Mistrust's clones disappeared, and Emerald's Power Wedge shattered.

"Nicely done, Sailor Scouts!" Said Tuxedo Mask. "Once again, now the Negamoon's been busted! Who would've thought friendship was such a strong weapon?" He disappeared.

Later that night, Serena and the others were talking with Amy.

"Amy, you were really fighting off that Nega-dweeb's mind trap!" Said Serena.

"Well," began Amy, "I had something on my side that was stronger than anything she could throw at me: Our friendship and trust. I mean, really! How could I believe all you guys had turned on me?"

"We didn't ever!" Said Serena. Just then, Melvin, along with all the other boys and girls came up to Amy, and asked her if she would study with them.

"So, now she's the hero?!" Said Serena. "I don't get it! Just ten minutes ago, you were all calling her a cheater!"

Lita told Serena to lighten up. She said that it was the Nega power talking, and even surmised that they had no idea what they said.

"Bet that cheat sheet was part of the hallucination too!" Said Raye.

"Hey, Serena!" Said Melvin. "Want to come to the library and study with us?"

Serena jumped back, screaming, and ran away into the night.

"Her worst enemy couldn't make her run that fast!" Said Luna.

Amy smiled.

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