This page created: Thursday, March 2, 2000
Last updated: Thursday, March 2, 2000

Here it is - Doom and Voltron humor! What? You didn't THINK King Zarkon had a sense of humor? Well, anyone that would have a mug like his - whoops! Uh, well anyway here are some humorous off the cuff parodies that were stolen - uh - borrowed off of the WEP (World Events Productions) Boardroom.
At the moment I've only collected the ones I've done, but I'll see if I can 'persuade' fellow VIC members to submit their parodies..
Uh oh! Hagar's waving her staff a bit threateningly which could mean ANYTHING!!

Handler's Dilemma Some of of Doom's characters don't LIKE what a certain writer has written about them..

If Voltron Were Run By The Government Buracracy runs amuck as Lotor threatens the Voltron Force!

This Week's Episode: Enter The Pitney-Bowes Repairman Who do ya call when the Leader of the Alliance breaks down? Why - the Pitney-Bowes Repairman!

Voltron vs. Tiger Woods: Zarkon has a plan to defeat Voltron with - Tiger Woods?

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