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Menu Description

Luscious Lotor: Why, it's pictures of Lotor of course!

Big Bad Zarkon: The villain you love to hate

The Many Faces of Haggar: Our favorite witch..also includes some of Coba, her kitty.

Malevolent Merla: She later turned good, but she was very good at being BAD.

Villians Hall of Shame: Here are the miscellaneous villians of Voltron.

RoebeastO'Rama: All the roebeasts you could ever ask for are here.

Alluring Allura: Screenshots of our favorite Princess.

The Good Guys: Technically since this is a Doom page, they shouldn't be here but what the heck..

Supporting Cast: Coran, Nanny, the Space Mice and others who aided and abetted the good guys.

The Big Guy Voltron: Hey, it's self expanatory.

Arus Parks and Tourism: Various sites around Arus, including the Castle of Lions.

Doom Chamber of Commerce: Various places on Doom and in the Empire itself.

Wannabe Princes: This is the page where similar Lotor-like Princes reside.

"Lost Scene" Screencaps: Altered screencaps of Lotor and Allura we wish we had seen in Voltron.

Daydream Believer: These are screenshots of Lotor's daydreams about Allura - for which he had MANY! Also includes just screenshots of them interacting.

Miscellaneous: These are screenshots that don't quite fit in other catagories. See Zarkon and Lotor in a swordfight or see Hunk run over Keith!