Sailor Neptune
Kaioh Michiru

Name means:  Rising Tide
Birthday:  March 6
Astrological Sign:  Pisces
Blood Type:  O
Favorite Color:  Marine Blue
Hobby:  Collecting Cosmetics
Favorite Food:  Kikorage
Favorite Subject:  Music
Dream:  To become a Vionlinist

Sailor MoonS

Neptune Planet Power Makeup
Deep Submerge

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Neptune Crystal Power Makeup
Submarine Reflection

Michiru along with her partner Haruka (Sailor Uranus) show up in Sailor MoonS.
They're looking for the three talismans which when put together form the Holy Grail
that can be used to save the world or destroy it, in the right or wrong hands
As Sailor Neptune she is totally devoted to the cause and is willing to sacrafice
herself for it, but if Sailor Uranus is in trouble she often puts herself in
compromising situations to save her.  Sailor Neptune is the calm one of the
partnership, thinking things through, while Uranus acts on impulse.

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