Sailor Pluto
Meioh Setsuna

Name Means:  A moment in Time
Birthday:  October 29
Astrological Sign:  Scorpio
Blood Type:  A
Favorite Color: Dark Red
Hobby:  Shopping
Favorite Food:  Tea
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
Favorite Subject: Physics
Least Favorite Subject:  Music
Dream: To become a designer

Sailor MoonS

Pluto Planet Power Make up
Dead Scream
Dark Dome Close
Time Stop
(The last two are forbidden powers.  Dark Dome closes the gates of time
and Time Stop stops time.
She used them once or twice and got in trouble for it, I believe)

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Pluto Crystal Power Make up
Sailor Pluto is the oldest of the senshi, and in the anime, she doesn't show up
a lot.  Most the time she's guarding the gates of time and she's not supposed
to leave them.  Unlike all the other senshi, Sailor Pluto was not reincarnated
after the destruction of the Moon Kingdom.  She was put in the gates
of time so she would be safe.  So she was pretty alone for about a thousand
years.  Because of all this, she is the most mysterious senshi.
Sailor Pluto is also the only outer senshi to show up in Sailor MoonR.
Her first appearance is episode 75 in the japanese, and episode 68 in the
North American.  It's the episode where Rini is plagued by evil nightmares
and Sailor Pluto shows up in her Luna Ball and tells the senshi they have to
go into Rini's dream and save her.
There are arguments to whether Sailor Saturn or Sailor Pluto is the most
powerful senshi.  Yes, Sailor Saturn can destroy the world, but couldn't Pluto
just stop time and save the world?  Who knows?

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